Christmas Spirit in Santa’s missing sleigh?

Santa's missing sleigh is full of Christmas Spirit
Santa’s missing sleigh is full of Christmas Spirit!

Merry Christmas!  Christmas is counting down fast and Mouse is still on her adventure. She’s still trying to find my missing sleigh. Thank you for the help in choosing the right cave. If you chose the one filled with bugs and dirt then well done to you. This is definitely a place where someone who does not like Christmas would live. I would not like to live there. I just love the Christmas Spirit too much! Continue reading “Christmas Spirit in Santa’s missing sleigh?”

Santa’s missing sleigh and Mouse the Littlest Elf

Santa's missing sleigh would look like this
Santa’s missing sleigh would look like this

Hello again. Do you remember I was telling you a story about Santa’s missing sleigh? My sleigh has gone missing and Mouse the elf has gone to find it. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. Mouse has told me that she would have been too scared to go on this adventure without your help. She has also told me that she needs your help again, I will get to that soon. Continue reading “Santa’s missing sleigh and Mouse the Littlest Elf”

Christmas presents are ready but where’s Santa’s sleigh?

Santa in sleigh with reindeer
Christmas presents in Santa's sleigh
Christmas presents in Santa’s sleigh

Hello again children, I hope you are all getting very excited for Christmas and Christmas presents! I know I am. I just love to make the toys. I love to wrap the toys. I love to put the toys in my sack. I love to put the sack in the sleigh. Oh that reminds me of a story that is happening as we speak. It is about my sleigh and Mouse the Littlest Elf. Continue reading “Christmas presents are ready but where’s Santa’s sleigh?”

Christmas excitement – Robo-elf has a new name!

Santa's bulletin board
Christmas excitement for Robo-elf
Robo-elf learns about
Christmas excitement

Ho Ho Kids!  We have some Christmas excitement at the North Pole.  And it’s not just because we’re counting down to Christmas!

I want to thank all of you for voting for Robo-elf’s name. We had so many votes we almost needed Robo-elf to count them only we didn’t want to ruin the Christmas excitement and surprise. So Clumsy and a couple of the other elves and I did the counting. We couldn’t wait to tell Robo-elf.

After we counted all the votes twice to make sure we had it right we called Robo-elf into our counting room. (It was really the kitchen but counting room seemed more official.) Continue reading “Christmas excitement – Robo-elf has a new name!”

Holiday cards from Santa Claus – read one now!

Santa Claus loves holiday cards
Santa Claus loves holiday cards!

Holiday cards are one of the things I like best about Christmas. I get to send holiday cards to all the people at the North Pole I love and tell them how much they mean to me. This year I made my own Holiday cards. I used card, paper, scissors, glue, fabric, glitter and some small pieces of wood.

I am sending a holiday card to Mrs Claus. I love to send it by North Pole post and then see Mrs Claus’ face light up when it is delivered to her. I always tell her how much I love her in the card. She is a very special person in my life and if it was not for her I would have a much harder time getting everything ready for Christmas. Continue reading “Holiday cards from Santa Claus – read one now!”