Dancer the reindeer – Santa has great news!

Dancer the reindeer

Dancer the reindeer is happy again!

Dancer the reindeer has been a bit sad for a while.  But I have great news! Dancer the reindeer has taken flight once again!

He flew all around and over the North Pole last night. His hooves left the snow at sundown. He didn’t land until all the elves were tucked in to their beds and dreaming of candy canes and mistletoe.

I took your advice. I decided to talk to Dancer once more. A couple of the reindeer came with me to show him that we love him. We wanted to remind him of all the friends he has here in the North Pole.

We helped him see that sometimes others can be mean. Sometimes people pick on others because they are sad too. Sometimes they are mean because they think it makes them look cool. Continue reading “Dancer the reindeer – Santa has great news!”

Bake Christmas cookies with Clumsy the Elf

bake christmas cookies

Bake Christmas cookies for a happy Santa!

I could see that Clumsy the Elf was sad. Do you remember all the times he has tried to help bake Christmas cookies? I watched him from my window. He was walking through the Christmas tree forest. His head was hanging down low. He had a frown on his face. He kicked the snow as he walked. I felt sad too. When one of my elves are sad it makes me very sad too.

Suddenly, he stopped.  He picked up his head. He jumped up and down on the spot. He danced a little elf dance. He strutted straight towards the kitchen with a smile on his face.

I talked with Clumsy later. He told me this was the moment he chose to never give up. He chose to bake Christmas cookies that were yummy, no matter what!

Would you like to hear what happened next? Continue reading “Bake Christmas cookies with Clumsy the Elf”

Santa stuck in a chimney – a true story!

Santa stuck in a chimney

Is Santa stuck in a chimney, again?

Today the elves wanted me to tell them the famous “Santa stuck in a chimney” story.

Everyone wants to know how I fit down a chimney. I’ll tell you, it is tricky. Chimneys today are smaller than they used to be (or maybe I’m a little bigger, ho ho ho). So here it is, my famous “Santa stuck in a chimney” story. Continue reading “Santa stuck in a chimney – a true story!”

Spicy cookies for Santa – I wonder what happened this time?

Santa eating spicy cookies

Santa tries spicy cookies

Christmas cookies are so delicious.  They aren’t yucky cookies.  They aren’t cookies that give you hiccups.  They aren’t spicy cookies.

Oh, how I wish I had some nice Christmas cookies. Every time Mrs Claus has tried to bake me cookies lately it has gone wrong.

Do you know why that is? Yes, my dear friend Clumsy the Elf has tried to help. Each time he has tried to help, something has gone wrong! Continue reading “Spicy cookies for Santa – I wonder what happened this time?”

Santa painting – Santa’s newest hobby or a disaster?

Santa painting

The famous Santa painting!

I think you know that the elves at the North Pole are very creative and artistic. They all love to paint and build.  So, I decided to try a little Santa painting as a hobby. I didn’t think it could be that hard.  After all, the elves are always painting!

First I got a piece of paper, then some paint and paint brushes. I grabbed some blue and red paint and squirted it onto my paper. I started to mix the colours with my paint brush. To my surprise it made a beautiful purple. Continue reading “Santa painting – Santa’s newest hobby or a disaster?”