Present wrapping machine

Present wrapping machine
Present wrapping machine Halloween elves

Present wrapping machine makes Halloween Mummies!

Maybe you have been reading about those cheeky junior Scouting Elves?  They’ve been having fun getting ready for Halloween and practicing their Elf Skills.  But, there are only 55 days to Christmas, so they don’t have much time left now.

Today is Halloween at the North Pole (or, as we call it, Hallowistmas).  The elves all make the greatest costumes you can imagine.  But, the junior Scouting Elves have been having a hard time.  They can’t decide what to wear.  This will be their first Hallowistmas party after all.  They want to wear something special.

So, the junior Scouting Elves were standing around. Those cheeky elves were trying their best to think up ideas for costumes.  They were scratching their heads.  They were scratching their noses. Those silly elves were even scratching their toeses.  But none of them had any ideas.

🎵 Then they heard someone say “Whee!”
So they jumped up to see,
What and where could this sound be?
Then they saw Clumsy,
wrapped head to knee,
waddling out from the present wrapping machine!

🎵 We have! We have!
The junior elves shouted with glee!
We all know just what we will be!
So they jumped one by one
by holly, jolly gee
Right inside
the present wrapping machine!

🎵 Those junior elves
were wrapped to a tee.
They came out like mummies
dressed up for the elves’ Halloween party.

What a sight to see!

And boy, what a Halloween party it was!

Happy Halloween!


P.S. What did you dress up as for Halloween this year?

Mission Impossible Halloween Elf

Mission Impossible Halloween Elf
Mission Impossible Halloween Elf

Mission Impossible Halloween Elf!

Christmas elves love candy, candy corn, candy canes and syrup.  They’d eat sweets for breakfast, lunch and supper if Mrs. Claus would let them!

But junior Elf Scouts in particular love sweets.  Junior Elf Scouts also have to practice their elf skills before they get to go to people’s homes just before Christmas.

One skill junior Elf Scouts have to practice is being sneaky.  Of course, it doesn’t take these scamps long to figure out that being sneaky is a really good skill to have.  And it is a really, really good skill to have at Halloween.  Especially when Mrs. Claus starts putting out the Halloween candy!

So, the Grumpy Elf was walking down the hallway looking for his tumshie. Mrs. Claus had a few candy bowls out getting ready for the big Halloween party.

Out of the corner of his eye, Grumpy thought he saw something move.  He stopped. Grumpy stood very still. Grumpy took a few more steps. Then he thought he heard someone giggling.  The giggling stopped as soon as Grumpy stopped.

Grumpy started walking again. But this time, he turned quickly and took a photo of this junior Elf Scout doing a “Mission Impossible Halloween Elf”. The Scout Elf snaffled up as many candies as he could and then quickly disappeared up to the ceiling.  There were lots of giggles coming from over Grumpy’s head.

Even Grumpy “snickered” a little under his breath.

Happy Halloween everyone!


P.S. What kind of Halloween candy do you like best?

Halloween Games – elf hiding

Halloween games elf hiding
Halloween games elf hiding

Halloween Games – elf hiding in a pumpkin!

The elves’ countdown to Halloween continues.   While the junior Elf Scouts count down the days to Halloween and the days to Christmas, they are practicing their scouting skills.

A very important junior Elf Scout skill is being able to hide so no one can spot you.

Today, the elves had lots of fun carving pumpkins for Halloween.  The elves carved all kinds of pumpkins. They carved scary pumpkins. They carved funny pumpkins. Then they tidied up their mess and toasted pumpkin seeds.

When the elves came back, they found this pumpkin.  But the other elves know that the junior Elf Scouts are always practicing their scouting skills.  That is because the junior Elf Scouts have to be really good at their elf hiding skills before they can go to someone’s home for Christmas.

So, when the other elves came back from toasting pumpkin seeds, they noticed something. They noticed something funny. They noticed a little trail of footprints and pumpkin seeds going to this pumpkin.

Now elves love playing tricks on each other. So the other elves started talking very loudly about putting a candle in their new jack-o-lanterns.  They even got some candles and started to put them into this pumpkin!

The two junior Elf Scouts came running out from hiding in the pumpkin.  “No! No!”, they said.  That’s when all the other elves started rolling around giggling.

That’s when the two junior Elf Scouts knew they’d been tricked.  They started giggling and rolling around too.

Then they all sat down and had some more of Mrs. Claus’ fancy toasted pumpkin seeds.  They are very good with hot cocoa and those yummy imported marshmallows I bring home for her.

And now you know why elves never hide in pumpkins!


P.S. Can you find the two elves in the photo?  Are the junior Elf Scouts good at hiding?

Halloween games – elf tossing

Halloween games - elf tossing
Halloween games – elf tossing

Halloween games – elf tossing today!

Everyone at the North Pole loves Halloween!  It is so much fun while we count down the days to Christmas.

Today the junior Elf Scouts decided to try “self elf tossing”.

This is a good game for teaching junior Elf Scouts how to quickly run and hide before someone sees them.  They have to scramble and scurry as fast they can when I shout “Go!”.

When I shout “Go!”, they have to run and jump as quickly as they can into the mouth of a pumpkin.   If they don’t make the jump right into the pumpkin mouth hole, they have to clamber and climb to get inside as fast as they can.

All the other elves cover their eyes while the Grumpy Elf counts down from 10.  When he gets to zero, all the other elves open their eyes.  If one of the junior scouting elves hasn’t hidden inside a pumpkin, they are out!  The scouting elves keep doing this until there is a winner.  To make it harder each time, the Grumpy Elf moves the pumpkin mouths up higher and higher and further and further away.

The junior scouting elves love this silly game and it is good practice for when they go to people’s homes at Christmas and have to be quick elves who can jump on shelves!


P.S. What other things do you think the scouting elves have to practice before they go to people’s homes for Christmas?

Elves bobbing for apples

Elves love bobbing for apples
Elves love bobbing for apples!

Elves love bobbing for apples! It is a fun part of Hallowistmas at the North Pole!  (Hallowistmas is just a silly name we have for Halloween.)

Here are two elves bobbing for apples and trying not o get wet.  Have you ever played this Halloween game?

The elves love doing this silly game so much.  They like it so much they once tried it with a Christmas twist.

The elves were busy counting down the days to Christmas and chatting with Santa.  But, they were getting a little bit bored waiting for Christmas to come.  It was just after Halloween but Christmas was still a long way away.

Then Clumsy the Elf  got a silly idea.  A silly, silly idea.

“Why don’t we try to try bobbing for presents?” Clumsy said, “It would be fun!”


Oh, maybe I’ll tell you the rest of the story another time.  This story is supposed to be about Halloween traditions after all.  Anyway, you can only imagine what happened. 😊

For now, let’s just say that if you ever get a wet present for Christmas, you’ll know the elves were bobbing for presents again!



P.S. What do you think happened when the elves bobbed for apples?