A North Pole Thanksgiving Supper

Thanksgiving Supper
Thanksgiving Supper elf helpers

Well, Mrs. Claus and all her funny little helpers made a great Thanksgiving Day supper again!  We sure had fun!

If you had a Thanksgiving supper I hope it was fun too.  Would you like to hear about something funny from our supper?

We had a new little elf visit us.  Her name is Kissy the Elf!   I think her real name is Missytoe.  But she likes to be called Kissy.  Her Mommy told me it was because she did really good fishy-face kisses when she was a baby.

Well, after we had turkey, Kissy the Elf went to help Mrs. Claus.  Kissy came out with the very first piece of pumpkin pie.  She gave it to me.

A Thanksgiving Supper Belly Laugh!

I said, “Thank You, Kissy”.  Then, I gave the piece of pie to the Head Elf.  Kissy had a funny look on her face.

The Head Elf took the pie and said, “Thank You, Santa”.  Then, he gave the piece of pie to Clumsy the Elf.  Kissy had a strange look on her face now.

Clumsy the Elf took the pie and said “Thank You, Head Elf “.  Then, he gave it to another elf.   Now Kissy had a really strange look on her face.

Again and again, the elves gave the piece of pie to another elf and said, “Thank You”.   (There are a lot of elves at the North Pole after all!) And each time Kissy got an even stranger look on her face!

Well, I could tell Kissy could take it no more.

Kissy the elf jumped up on a chair and said, “It’s no use, you silly elves.  The pieces of pie are all the same size! You won’t get a bigger piece by passing this piece along!”

We laughed and laughed.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What things make you laugh?  You can leave a message for me by clicking here.  Or, scroll down to see what other people wrote!

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56 special messages to Santa about “A North Pole Thanksgiving Supper”

  1. there are some foods that make me laugh:pizza,lemonade ,cupcakes icecream,and uhh hm???i think that is all the foods that make me laugh.some times i think of make me laugh:my cousin forgot to write the n in the word random…. that is all i can think of at the moment.well santa,elfs ,rudolph love you all!!!
    love: Sophie

  2. sprouts and christmas cake and carrots and trifle and jelly cream and cabbeges and stuffin balls and pigs in plankets and parsnip and mash potatoes and rosties and gravy and christmas pudin and choclates

  3. My cusins came over for Thanksgiving and I was really excited when they got here. But now that their gone… I’m really,really tierd!!!:):):)

  4. did you have a nice thanksgiving hope you and kissy and raindeer did have a good nigh tell roudolf good nigh too 🙂 >3

  5. ha ha ha good story santa but what makes me laugh is when my kitten jumps in the christmas tree and climbs up the branches

  6. hi.. i tell you what makes me laugh …like ahhh….chores…. and when my daddy playes jokes on me…my daddy does love me ,,,,we have FUN…

  7. dear santa do u have a boyfriend less elf 2 b my gf if so let here no i have my sonicchu neckless and fanta waitng for her

  8. Santa,
    for Christmas I would like a b.f.c ink doll, a digital video camera, and a hot pink video cam. case. I hope you can get that for me and a letter from me is on it’s way!

  9. LOL! Santa you make me laugh. R u done making all the presents christmas is right around the corner! YEA! See you soon! Ill make more cookies for you!

    Bii Emily Ginley

  10. The things that makes me laugh are when my my dad says knock-knock on wood from solid, another thing is when he be making her funny faces (trust me his faces do be looking very very very funny!

  11. Well santa you know i had sent you a letter and i mean i am 11 years old and i still and always believe in you. and you sent a letter back i just wanted to say thankyou

  12. This makes me laugh is when my little sister used to gurgle in front of me. It was so funny. I hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving.

  13. the things that male me laugh are my family on cristmas eve, we all figh over who gets to help my nana wrap presents and who gets to decorate cookies (the ones we leave for santa of course)!!! its always a blast!

  14. hi santa i just wanted to say that you need to update the reindeer voting and i think you need to add a litle more to the site and email formatting
    sincerely a big fan in the spirit of christmas,desiree

  15. i dont really know what makes me laugh i laugh at things that aree not funny and i dont laught at them when they are i guess im weird santa oh well. Thanks x

  16. Well that’s good you had a good thanksgiving as well did I. How many elves are there? Well Happy Thanksgiving everybody and Merry Christmas!!! also Happy New Year too.

  17. Santa,

    You didn’t answer one question in my Christmas list that I really want to know the answer to:

    Do you want Santa face cookies or Reindeer face cookies?

  18. What makes me laugh? When I get tickled. Also when people put on funny faces. And my pugs make me laugh. And jokes make me laugh. Nothing else. Merry Christmas. Alex

  19. wow santa I’m glad you had a great thanksgiving but still you need to get back to work. You also need to lose those pounds you put on.

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