Bake Christmas cookies with Clumsy the Elf

Bake Christmas cookies
Bake Christmas cookies for a happy Santa!

I could see that Clumsy the Elf was sad.

Do you remember all the times he has tried to help bake Christmas cookies?

I watched him from my window. He was walking through the Christmas tree forest. His head was hanging down low. He had a frown on his face. He kicked the snow as he walked. I felt sad too.

When one of my elves are sad it makes me very sad too. But keep reading to find out what happens next!

Suddenly, he stopped.  He picked up his head. Then Clumsy jumped up and down on the spot. He danced a little elf dance. He strutted straight towards the kitchen with a smile on his face.

I talked with Clumsy later. He told me this was the moment he chose to never give up. He chose to bake Christmas cookies that were yummy, no matter what!

Would you like to hear what happened next?

Clumsy went to the kitchen. He decided to bake Christmas cookies for me all by himself. This was not going to be easy. He believed in himself. He believed he could do it.

First he got a bowl and…

… he almost dropped the bowl.  But he caught it!  Whew!

Next he scooped some flour. He walked to the bowl. HE TRIPPED! The scoop of flour flew up into the air and…

…landed in the bowl. Whew!

Then he got an egg. Carefully he walked to the bowl. He lifted his hand and the egg DROPPED. It missed the bowl. It fell towards the floor and…

…Clumsy caught the egg on his elf shoe. He picked it up and cracked it into the bowl.  Whew!

Bake Christmas Cookies With This Secret Ingredient?

It was at this point in our story that Clumsy forgot exactly what he added. He did tell me that he almost dropped each ingredient. Luckily he got them all into the bowl.

The last ingredient was chocolate chips. He picked up the bag of COAL CHIPS. The bag of yucky COAL CHIPS. The bag of super yucky COAL CHIPS. He walked to the bowl. He tipped the bag. The COAL CHIPS fell out. Towards the bowl they fell. Clumsy read the bag as they were falling.

He screamed. He threw the bag. And then he kicked the bowl. The COAL CHIPS landed on…

…the table. They all just missed the bowl.  Whew!

But, the bowl fell off the table. It flipped once. Nothing fell out. It flipped twice. Not one drop was spilled. Then it flipped a third time and…

…landed on the floor, but everything was fine!  Whew!

Clumsy managed to get the cookies into the oven and bake them for me. As I write this story for you I am eating Clumsy’s cookies. They are the most delicious, super yummy, amazingly awesome Christmas cookies I have ever tasted.

Mrs Claus asked Clumsy for his recipe. But…

… guess what? He forgot to write it down.  I had better enjoy these cookies before they are all gone.

But, Clumsy the Elf did not give up and you should never give up too.  (Especially to bake Christmas cookies for Santa! 😉 )

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you remember a time when you had to do something very difficult like bake Christmas cookies that are extra yummy? Can you remember a time when you did not give up? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people wrote.

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19 special messages to Santa about “Bake Christmas cookies with Clumsy the Elf”

  1. Santa Can you please Sotho out on Christmas Eve and say thank you for all your presents please site so I could see your life we could just talk for a little second incentive to be possible

  2. Do I know one of my elves names? I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Cause I went to chat with Santa and I asked if you can tell me my elves names and it Replied with ho ho ho! I can’t tell you but you already know some of your elves names. So now I’m confused. So I know some of my elves names?

  3. dear santa, I didn’t bake Christmas cookies but I helped my mom with the cake and it was so good you should try it. ok and by the way its Allison. ok. so um I should feed that to my dolls but one time that was a mess and my mom freaked out. and she said ahh get it out of here. so i’m gonna go ok. I have to get ready for bed so goodnight and see you in the morning.:) goodnight.

  4. I made 5 batches of cookies over this weekend. It was lots of work but I love to bake so it was fun. I made a batch of chocolate caramel pretzel cookies and peanut butter and chocolate. They were phenomenal. love you Santa

  5. hi santa I’m lena darcey I have keep getting izey off the tee I am sorry please please come oh and last chrismas was awesome thank you

  6. i tried to make my boyfriend happy by saying i love you he said the same thing and we got into a fight and then he said the next day that we are breaking up he had treas in his eyes and i had treas in my to. He was like don,t worry we will get back together soon so don,t cry. but i did cry and he cried to he his my friend but i miss when we were dating. santa how do i make him happy

  7. Well, even though I never baked Christmas cookies before, I’d like to at least try. But I bet those cookies made you feel like you were in cookie heaven. And, at least nothing went wrong like that time Clumsy the Elf accidently bumped into Mrs. Claus and dropped the fire thingy into the bowl to bake! But I feel happy that you finally got to taste yummy cookies from Clumsy the Elf!

    Merry Christmas,

  8. I learned to ride my bike without training wheels. It used to be my sister’s bike, but it’s too small for her now, so I get to use it. It was really hard at first but I kept trying. Mommy helped me and I kept trying on my own too. I didn’t give up and now I can ride on two wheels!

  9. When I tried swimming and fell on my head, and it hurt really bad! I think I can still feel the bruise. But I didn’t give up! My family helped me learn, especially my Nana and now I am good at swimming and jump off the diving board! My cousin Megan taught me how to dive.

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