Blitzen had an accident playing reindeer games!

Blitzen hurt his leg
Oh deer! Blitzen hurt his hurt leg!

The North Pole is a fun place. Everyone loves to play and be silly, especially at the reindeer games.  We always enjoy that. But sometimes we have accidents, and those are no fun at all!  This week, Blitzen had an accident.

Blitzen was playing Jingle Ball in the reindeer games. Jingle Ball is like soccer. It is played with a giant jingle bell for a ball. Blitzen tried to kick the giant jingle bell into the net. He slipped on some ice and hurt his leg.

Oh deer, first Dancer started feeling a bit sad and now Blitzen is hurt!

The reindeer vet came right away and said that Blitzen’s leg was sprained. He would have to wear a cast and not play Jingle Ball for two weeks! Blitzen was very sad that he couldn’t play Jingle Ball with his friends. He needed to let his leg heal so he could help pull my sleigh.

All the reindeer went home after the reindeer games, and Blitzen limped home with me. I could tell he felt sad about missing a Jingle Ball game. The next game was the championship! The winning team would get a big trophy. Blitzen felt like he let his team down.

I told him that his teammates wanted him to feel better. He was still an important part of the team. He could cheer for his team to win and be excited for them.

Blitzen thought about it and decided to go to the championship. He was his team’s biggest fan! He cheered when they did well and encouraged them when they messed up. All the other reindeer were happy that he came.

Blitzen’s team won the game by two points. They got the trophy! Even though he didn’t get to play, Blitzen helped them win. The team was glad that Blitzen came. They wanted him to be better in time for Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus

P.S. Have you ever missed something fun because you were sick or hurt? Do you have any special messages or Blitzen? You can click here to tell Blitzen or, scroll down to see what other people have written.


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73 special messages to Santa about “Blitzen had an accident playing reindeer games!”

  1. hey blitsen i am sorry you got hurt but do not worry everyone loves you i mean i broke my 2 arms the first was from my dog bruno he triped me but i was soon ok. my last one was when i was swinging and i fell on a bunch of legos i hit my arm real bad i kept telling my mom but she thought i was lieing and few days later it was so swollen my mom took me to the docter in the middle of school we took xrays and it was buckled i could not play gymnastics the lady made me do exersizes like push ups and gess what my baby brother sprained his leg a week ago get better buddy ok xoxoxoxox everyone loves you!!!!


  2. yeah, I have got my finger slammed in a car door, and I need my finger for parts in gymnastics like bars and beam and floor so I had to miss out but I felt better soon.

  3. Get well sooooooooooooooooooon Blitsin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tell Him Straihgt away Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Santa tell Blitzen you might of been hurt but you can still have lots of fun too and remember you will always be special and everyone loves you

  5. Hi Santa and Blitizien (Sorry it I spelled it wrong buddy!) I wanna say feel better and goes your leg! Also I’ll leave something for you and the other reindeer!

  6. once I missed out on a school class game because my knee hurt and I didn’t feel like bending my knee ,but yours sounds worse than mine . from : Wesley [ 2017 28th September Thursday

  7. Hope Blitzen is all okay, hope his leg get better soon before Christmas Eve 2017. Get well soon Blitzen, love from Laura Cooke, English and Tippett family x

  8. Hey Blitzen, I can understand your situation. Hopefully you will get better by Christmas. I just know it.

  9. I am sorry you have hurt your leg. Hope you get better by Christmas!! Don’t worry, you will be alright!!

  10. In 4th grade we got fake money for being good and every quarter we had a store with toys we can buy. At the end of the quarter we were going roller skating and have that store. I got sick, thru up, and missed all that fun because I had to stay home.

  11. hey blitzen i hope you feel better and i am sorry you could not play yes i had to miss out on something fun because i hurt my foot and my rist and my finger i jumed my fingerand twisted my ankle and broke my rist and my arm looked up so i could not move it and my mom and dad had to take me to a hospital to get better and i cird and cried and cried my mom was like it is ok it will get better soon i am sorry baby girl.

  12. hi santa! i hope blitzen feels better soon. come on blitzen! you can get better soon!

    dear blitzen, hope you feel better! if i was there with you i would be cheering with you! go team blitzen! WOOOOOO!!!!

  13. dear Blitzen, one time I fractured my wrist and had to wear a big cast so I missed my gymnastics big mini meet, but it heeled fast and when they take of the cast it TICKLES. 😉 heal soon P.S. Don’t be offended by my nickname, I like Dancer!!! 🙁

  14. I was sick on my birthday. Tell Blitzen to relax and stay off his foot. Feel better Blizten!

  15. Hi Blitzen! I’m sorry you hurt your leg. I hope it gets better so you can help Santa bring toys! from Lainey

  16. I once has strep throat and had to miss school. We’re going to leave out some carrots for you, and I hope you feel better soon, Blitzen!


  17. Hi it’s Caleb Gallagher of Pittsburgh PA I’m 20 years old I not very long ago broke my right hand but its all healthy it happened when I was in a boxing match 4weeks ago

  18. dear blizen i hope you get better soon and can pull the sleigh for christmas eve. hope you get better soon

  19. One time I got the flew and it was the day that my class was going on a field trip and I was really looking up to going even more than going to the zoo in kindergarten… But I healed that lifted my spirit hope you feel better blitzin!

  20. Dear Blitsin,

    I so sad that this happened. One time I was iceskateing and I fell and I sprained my ankle. I couldn’t skate any more I was sad. But then I waited and I heeled. So that’s what’s important that you heel. I hope you feel better. I love you

  21. Dear Blitsin I also had a very bad injury this summer and I had to were a boot. I was very sad but then I recovered. That’s all that matters. Anyway I hope you feel better. I love you

  22. Dear blitzed one time I was gone from school and my class went on a field trip and one time I sprained my sin left and missed the championship of my soccer game but I still cheered

  23. Ouch I feel bad for blitzed and I had a broken finger and I couldn’t play in like 3 softball games so I cheered them on like blitzed cheered on his team

  24. Blitzen, I hope that you get to feeling better soon and in time to help pull Santa’s sleigh. I’m happy that you cheered on your team in the championship game and that y’all won.

  25. Please tell Blitzen that I hope he gets better in time for Christmas eve!:):):):);););););):>::

  26. i’m so sorry to hear about Blitzen! i hope he gets better soon. it would be terrible to spend Christmas with a hurt leg!


  28. Blitzen, I know you were feeling bad at first, but I’m glad you got better in time for Christmas Eve. I know! Tell Santa to send a short message to me about what you eat, and i will leave it for you. just a little treat for you. Also, tell Santa to tell me what amount of your favorite food you eat, and I will leave that amount for you. I hope you wont get a leg cramp when your flying!

  29. Once I had Camogie at school but I was sick and I missed out playing Camogie with my friends

  30. i understand what you mean,once i came in late and i felt embarrased. tell blizten i love him

  31. one time i got sick and i had to miss spirit day at my school,i felt sad,but there were lots of other spirit days at my school,even though it was a year away. But it was fine

  32. Hi santa I feel bad about blitsen but the vet has its orters etlest he will be abel to pull your slay soon well by see you probre never agen. by.

  33. Dear Blitzen,
    We are sorry for your broken leg. It is ok if you get hurt, you will still be a part of the team! We hope you get better soon, so you can make it to the next game. Your leg will be ok, if you sit down and relax. We need you to get better, so you can help make the sleigh fly! We love you!
    Mrs. Hunn’s First Graders

  34. Dear Santa
    How are you.Tell blitsin that hes not the only one missing out on all the fun games.I broke my finger at school playing hurling but knowing that my team would’nt stop caring for me means that they truly do want u to rest for next years event but just make sure you rest it for chritmas eve or you won’t be able to cary the sleigh .oh and santa thank you so much for all the presents last year . oh and tell blitsin that ill levae a very special carrot out for him.
    Co.Clare P.S say hi to the elfs for me

  35. hey blitzen its all right dude i now how you feel cause last summer i was swimming and scraped my knee at the bottom and we had to leave hope you have a merry christmis and hope you can play ball again

  36. Santa, I can hardly wait to possibly see you this year (I am hoping to anyway). If you don’t mind, could you let me help you on your journey this year? Because it’d really be an honor as I always wanted to do that.

  37. oww that sounds bad i’m glad Blitzen still went to the games and cherred o n his team. I hope he feels better soon so he can pull your sleigh

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