One, Two, Bye-bye Boom!

One day all the elves were busy making Christmas presents in the North Pole workshop. All of a sudden there was a bright flash of light and BOOM! Everything shook and even the Christmas lights went out for a second. Mouse the littlest Elf came running to me. “Santa Claus” she said, “I’m scared!”

“Its ok Mouse” I said. “Its only a thunderstorm”. There was another flash of light and then BOOM! Mouse quickly grabbed hold of my hand.

“Mouse, would you like to help me make the thunderstorm go away?” “Yes, I would” she said, still scared.

“OK, the next time we see a flash of light we’ll start counting until we hear the thunder go BOOM!”

There was a flash of lightning right away so we started to count: “One… Two… Three…” BOOM!

“Now”, I told Mouse, “lets count again the next time we see lightning”.

We waited and then, FLASH! “One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six…” BOOM!

“Santa” Mouse said, “We did it! The thunder is going away! We counted all the way to six that time!”

So Mouse and I counted every time we saw a flash of lightning until the thunderstorm went away.

Now whenever there is a thunderstorm Mouse the littlest Elf is still a bit afraid but she always helps me make the thunderstorm go away by playing “One, Two, Bye-bye Boom!”

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Are you a little afraid of thunder like Mouse the littlest Elf was? What do you do when there is a thunderstorm? (You can tell me by leaving me a note. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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307 special messages to Santa about “One, Two, Bye-bye Boom!”

  1. I have always wondered…isn’t hard to keep track of everyones names? Wel I think you rock SANTA! (smile) (lol!)

  2. I always just shut the curtains andturn on the lights and turn the TV up loud and stay with my mum. I’m still scared!

  3. Please can you help my brothers girlfriend get better for Christmas she has got the dreaded Cancer disease and she is doing a wonderful job to help fight it. I wish her the best.

  4. I have never been scared of thunder but my little sister is terrified and we do that and it always turns her frown upside down. Also I have a question…
    Do you have an elf called Molly?

  5. I’m scared of thunder a little, but I’m also scared of rain. Why am I scared of rain? Because I sprained my wrist trying to jump over a big puddle.

  6. i love when the power goes out but not too long i hate thunder storms ecspecialy a tornado.merry christAS SANTA!!

  7. I used to be afraid of thunder. Last year, I ran out of my room screaming.But then my dad told me a funny story. I am learning Greek mythology in school, so my dad told me that thunder means the gods are bowling. I laughed and laughed, and even though I don’t believe that story, I’m not so scared anymore.

  8. I hope that mouse figure out about thunder storms some times i get scared when i am in the dark.I love what happens in the north pole.

  9. I am abit scared of thunder, for example if it struck our house and it fell down. IMAGINE!!!…

    And I go into my tree house when I was little because I didn’t realise that trees could be struck. LOL.

    But now just sit in my living room and watch T.V.
    Thanks for reading my Comment.

  10. dear santa claus

    yes because i was at my first day at sandcross and a streak of lightning shot down i was the only person that screamed cringe in fro

  11. I sit in the basement where i can not see the flash of lightning! I turn the T.V up loud so i can not hear the thunders BOOM!

  12. Im so exicited for christmas watched polar express 4 tmes the past week πŸ™‚ merry christmas everyone:)

  13. I used to be scared when i was younger, but i remember my mum told me to get my gel pens i got for my birthday and draw (i drew a rainbow dog! πŸ˜€ ) then i realized i wanst scared anymore, now i cant wait for the next thunder storm! πŸ™‚
    Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚


  14. Santa!
    Tell her it’s okay! When a thunderstorm comes to my town and blows off the lights and shakes my house I wake up and go get my mom and she then sleeps next to me until it goes away. πŸ™‚

  15. I used to be scared of thunder but now i’m not scared of thunders. Back home in the Philippines I was scared of thunder and I had to cry and all sudden the power went out and my babysitter lit up a candle to not make me scared then the powers came back up. Thank goodness me and my family were safe. I am a big girl now and I am not scared of thunder anymore πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ onlu my siblings are.

  16. Dear Santa-
    I am a little afraid of thunderstorms, too. I just wait and wait and wait. Now I’ll count 1,2, bye bye boom!
    Thank you Santa for that story.
    Love, Jinga

  17. hi santa i hope little mouse feels better i like thounderstorms at night because ifs it at day time i cant play outside with all my toys and i like all the history you wrote on ur blog

  18. hi santa my friend is beside me her name is sarah but we prtending sarah is ivy but my name is ivy so shy is sarah

  19. hia santa im so exited for cristmas eve
    hope you and raindeers and elves are doing ok oh can i have the 77hits thank you santa a merry cristmas and a happy new year

  20. i think that story was sad i am cring loads of people died so well done for dieing for our country.

  21. hello Santa and the Elves in the north pole a big merry Christmas and a happy new year i am looking forward to opening my presents on Christmas day.hope you are keeping well

    love from holly

  22. hey santa i am afraid of thurnderstorms and every time we have one i go and hide cause they r so scary

  23. I sometimes make a fort for like a little shelter and play a game where i turn off all the lights and use a flashlight its kinda fun

  24. hey santa its me johnteas i think your awesome and i would love to get to know what your doing write back when you get a chance

  25. Thank you for the letter santa, i hope you have a safe trip. I am sure the reindeer dont mind trying on the clothes Mrs. Claus makes. They look real cute I am sure…Have a great night

    Love Hailie

  26. When there is a thunderstorm, I go to my mom or dad, or I go to my bed. Maybe when I get older, I might read a book while in bed.

  27. I ignor it and if my house shakes I sing song like Hossana and How great is out God. And i will say aso say a prayer so that everbody would be safe!

  28. I don’t get scared, so i don’t do anything but i think it is cool that the storm went away when you guys were counting

  29. hello my name in madison rose roveto and i think that u did a great job with his one two boom bamm i think and who ever u are i think u did a gret job wow i said it own two times


  31. I loved the story.Is mouse really real?Ok the story was a little scary for me travels love Clare.

  32. Well that same exact thing happend to us here in Phoenix…but there weren’t any mice. Instead my dogs started to bark like crazy and it kept me up ALL night!!!!!!!!!

  33. i am a little scared but now i am not when i got too 9 years old!also now they dont really come back to much anymore so that is good.bye bye BOOM

  34. I love thunderstorms. Whenever Mouse gets scared again Santa you should shut the blinds and give her some ear plugs. I hope Mouse will be okay next time there is a storm. Tell her Hi for me and my brother.

  35. i am scared of thunder but my daddy taught me that trick and now whenever there is a thunder storm i can be brave like Mouse πŸ™‚

  36. So cute! You could maybe ask Mouse if she wants to post something on this website! I’m sure everyone would love it!!

  37. once it was bad and i ran to my downstairs so if woundn’t get me and it worked i count all the time i also play a flash light game where you play hide and seek but with a flash light for the tager

  38. hey my name is victoria .i am 17 .i just want you to know that i gave santa my list to you know what i want thank you

  39. Dear Santa,
    I think Mouse is probley a lot like me. I don’t understand why but that is always how I acted when I was about 6 or 7 years old!!!!! I’ll email you right after I write this. Bye bye

  40. i pretend the clouds are bowling and when the thunder hits its a spare and when lighting it a strike

  41. well….i think this blog is absolutly amazing cause i mean look at it it looks pretty kool too me hahaha and i lke to blog its all i ever would do to be honest with you.. .hahaha well getting ready for chritmas so goodbye!!! Merry Christmas ever body hahaha or should i say hohoho hohoho .. .haho

  42. Dear Santa,
    Well I kind of get a little scared of thunderstorms. But, whaat helps me is that the thunder is a bowling ball and the lightning means it is a strike or a spare! So sometimes I might think,”I guess it is bowling night for the Angles!” So… it is OK to be scared, so it is no need to worry!

  43. Hello I have never talked to you.
    I am sometimes scared but not always.
    Love Rohan.
    mk429pj only santa you knowwhat it means.

  44. did anyone else get scared besides the mouse? i hope you and the elfs are ok. it sounded like it was pretty scary. was everyone ok in the thunder storm? did something good or bad happen. please send me a message back. thank you santa you are a angel on top of the tree and you are also a star on the tree to i love all the reindeers names. i love christmas. and i also love santa because he is the star on top of the whole world. sincerly yours Alayna

  45. Today I filled the advent calendar and then my cousin came.We played in the snow and we made snow Angels.IT WAS THE BEST DAY IN THE WORLD!

  46. When there is a thunderstorm, I go in my room, I put my head in my pillow, I put the blankets over me, and I say “Go away thunder” as many times until it goes away!

  47. I liked reading your BLOG about your story and house Mouse after that thunder storm that night? hope shes ok now thank you

  48. It’s a good,good story. I love it so much i could read it over and over and over again.

  49. Freakyy ! I could only read the begginning! First comment! Love you Santa, and the elves, too, of course!

  50. Good suggestion santa will try it next time we have a thunderstrom but we dont have many, which i am glad about!! πŸ™‚

  51. i am not scared of lighting but my dog and cat are my tropical fish dont even know whats happening lol let it snow let it snow

  52. One two bye bye boom is although silly but why would thunder be in the north pole i meen its so snowy.

  53. Dear Mouse and Santa,

    You mouse don’t need to be afraid of the
    Thunderstorm. sometimes I get afraid because the news say to stay away from the window when I go to bed I sleep by the window and I also get scared of tornado’s.

  54. When there is a thunderstorm i dont really get scared only if it is close. It is really loud. I normally build a small den and hide in it because i get scared or if i am in bed i go under my cover. Sometimes i cry because i dont like the noise because i think i am going to die or something. Even though i am 12 years old it is still frightening to me. Love you lots SANTA !

  55. im not realy scared of thunder storms because i live in arizona so we need rain for the ground. sometimes i go out and play in the rain. its allot of fun maybe the raindeer can play sometime.

  56. i’m really looking forward to christmas day. and guess what my 10th birthday is two days after christmas (the 27th) xxx

  57. If i’m scared of the thunder or lightning i just go and hug my mum or if it happenes while i’m in bed i hide under my quilt untill i go to sleep or untill it stops.

  58. I love Christmas especially spending time with family eating giant turkeys!!!
    opening presents lots of christmas trees and lights.I love that feeling so so so much

    How are you Santa???

  59. i cinda am afraid of thunderstorms but what i do when i get scared is i hold one of my sibling hands or i go in my parents roomand snuggle in with my daddy you no thank you for asking me that
    ps thunderstorms are cinda cool too but then agian scarry

  60. santa its me you said you really wanted me to see your christmas blog well now i am here!!write me back

  61. hope u can see me when it is xmas i love u loads i carnt wait untill xmas what u and the elefs what have made and deliverd i hpoe i am on the good list

  62. Hi Santa,

    I have always loved your presents every year..! ANd i am really thankful..! Some people don’t have anything..! I hope you love my special christmas cookies this year

  63. hi santa i thought that was a pretty good story. mouse sounds so cute could you ever send me a picture of him with all the other elves and mother clause and if posible, mabe even you. my email adress is {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!} thank you very very much. i hope you can send me a picture
    love madison

  64. once there was a thunder storm were i live and the lights went out and i got realy scard but in a minute they were back on. everyone gets scared mouse at times !!!!!

  65. hi santa
    i dont really like thunder storms either to tell the truth
    hugs and kisses from elisabeth

  66. when i here thinder and lightin i shake a little bit but i ignore it bcoz i kno that it wont harm my house

  67. dear santa that was very funny and tell mouse there is nothing to be afraid of i hope you have a safe and a Merry Christmas

  68. I was scared whe I was 4 and under but not now im 7 now!Mouse must be really young because she is scared of thunder and she plays one two three boom!

  69. A thunder storm is nothing but giant lights in the sky to me I even, how you would say, exiting i love the power cuts!

  70. Hi Santa,
    I like your blog! Very funny, How big is mouse? The size of a mouse?
    bye bye! Oh, And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  71. I just want to be the first one to comment so here i go …
    hello this is a great blog ! i hope your not spending all your time on here instead of making presents go on go make some presents for all the good boys a girls and make some coal for the bad boys and girls ..
    Best Wishes
    Your sincerley

    RΓ©me x

    hope you have a great christmas
    hope your all very excited and cant wait for the big day !

    anyway i have to go now so i will speack to you on christmas eve ! x

    i use this website EVERY year !!
    love you

    best wishes
    RΓ©me x

  72. poor little mouse i bet she was scared i once hid in a cupboard when a big flash struck over our house so i dont blame mouse!

  73. im a bit scared as well but tell mouse there nothing to worry about when you have best friends to look after you

    love oliver xx

  74. I really like you santa and on christmas Eve could you wake me up so i can meet you please and could i have an xbox please thank you love you bye

  75. This sounds illy but I block my ears, scream and hide under a piece of furniture when its like and exploion sound but when it’s normal i just dont worry and sometimes block my ears when it make me jump.

  76. Nice blog santa clause! You are very creative. I always have time to check out your blog! Speaking of thunderstorms, it was rainning outside when my mom and I were decorating our CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I can come back tomarow. Bie-Bie!

  77. I know this is a really common phobia. I used to be petrified about thunder storms! But now I’m not scared at all! I love to stand in my garden and watch the lightning and listen to the thunder.

  78. it was so funny i could get on fly like crazy!but good thing mouse is ok.she kind of got me scared for a momet.

  79. I am not afraid of thunder or lightning. I put earmuffs on and I can’t here anything. From Alyssa

  80. Poor mouse.I am scared of thunderstorms’s hard to get over it but my mommy helps me.I have to get over it though it’s not gonna be to easy

  81. wow that’s a good story when i was young i was a little bit afraid of thunder storms but I’m glad you found away that mouse wouldn’t be as afraid of thunder storms and that was an amazing story maybe i can try that with my dog cause he’s afraid of thunder from, eva

  82. That is so funny my sister Jordyn when she hears thunder she runs up to me and grabs me and screams then I tell my sister it is only thunder:)!

  83. You know Santa I can see where that little elf is coming from, because if your small like me big things can scare you I mean im 13 and I’m still a little scared of thunder and lighning

  84. I ma kinda scared but not as much sense I was like 4 years old it gets realy anoying I do get over it thoe!

  85. Santa when I hear thunder I count to 10 and cross my fingers then hope for the storm to go away.

  86. Santa i think that the thing i want the most is a toy Star Wars slave 1 ultimate battle pack. tell the elves Rhett says “you work so hard! i appreciate you!”

  87. When there is a thunderstorm I hide under my bed or I go in the basement & chew on my fingernails!! That’s gross, I know, but that’s the only thing to do when there is a thunderstorm. I shouldn’t chew on my nails. I will try your suggestion next time!! Thank you Santa!!

  88. i wouldnt blame her . but how does it thunder storm there oh well Santa would never lie i love everyone at the north pole

  89. I am not scared of thunder storms, but I like watching them light up the room. I can also sleep right through them. My friend says, “No I am not 1 bit scared of thunder storms. Although sometimes when I hear thunder and lighting it startles me a little.”

  90. Mouse is like me.When there`s a thunderstorm and the lights go out I get scared too.And I know it is`nt fun.

  91. Thunder storms really scare my 2 puppies.My 3 year old puppie crawls over my Face!Silly Isn’t it!

  92. If I was Mouse , I would have been scared too.I don’t like thunderstorms one bit! But now they’re not so scary. Isn’t Mouse you’re baby? Even if she isn’t , say hi for me. Thanks!!!

  93. Hi Santa,
    I can’t believe there is only 28 more days till Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday and it is so special because of you!! Tell all the elves, the reindeer, and Mrs.Claus hi for me….. and tell them how great of a job they are doing….same with you!! Thank you so much!

  94. I love thinderstorms at night because it makes me fall asleep quickly, but I hate them when it is during the day because I would rather be outside. When it gets really bad that is when it gets scary..

  95. That’s so sweet Mouse. I’ll have to try that next time there’s a thunderstorm. It’s very interesting.

  96. Thats what i do when there is a thunder storm and now Mouse knows what to do when there is another BOOM πŸ™‚

  97. Dear Santa,
    I am really excited that Christmas is almost coming. But what I wanted to tell is I really want to see how it feels like to ride on Santa’s sleigh.I love Christmas.

  98. dear santa my Brother and me our exicted for christmas xxxxxxxx tell yor with dat I lic yor dres
    xxxxxxx … xxxxxxxx

  99. dear santa my name is called Charlie santer who lives in fleetwood with my sisters Emily my mum Debra and my dad William.I would like you to send me a letter back please and I love you so much cause of your nice costume
    bye bye give your wife love from me Charlie xxxxxxx xxxxxx

  100. Hi Santa, I’m scared of storms only when there really big and trees look like there anout to fall down. When it’s only rain and little thunder i like it, it makes me really sleepy. Did you know that when you and Mouse counted to six that means the middle of the storm was six miles away, my dad told me that, are you scared of storms? Have you been in a bad storm on Christmas while you where giving out presents what wass that like?

  101. On Friday the 26th of October I did a play and I was in the wife swap part and I was narrator two Cheryl cole and I was really scared but I didn’t minde then I did it and it was all over by the end of the day and I said to my self least thats over

  102. Poor mouse. My dog Parker is afraid of lightning, too. Uhhhhhhh i am SO bored today.

    Merry Christmas,

  103. I am so glad that your alive.I love evrey thing you do.Excpesely leave presents under the tree.I love you so much!!!!!!!!

  104. Dear Santa Claus,

    I am not afraid of thunderstorms but my dog is.I tried your “One,Two,Bye-Bye BOOM!” game with him and it worked! Thanks for the help! Im sure Adam isnt that afraid of thunderstorms anymore.
    Thanks πŸ™‚


  105. yes i am a little afraid of lighting because when i was on my bus to school i didn’t see lightning but i did see a house that had been strucked by lightning and it wasn’t pretty. When there is lightning i always try to be the smallest. because lightning hits the tallest point.

  106. I go down stairs and bend over like an armodilla and say ” please don’t hurt me” I am silly!

  107. I do the same as mouse the littlest elf the more numbers you count the far away it is

    bye bye santa

  108. I every one! When there is a tunderstorm
    I go to my bed and sit there and whach t.v and hug my pellow and if the light goes out I get a flash light and put it on the table and make shadow pupits! I also still hug my pellow! Hope you like my ideas! Hope the mouse and the little elfs like my idea!

    Bye Bye BOOM!


  110. Hi! I’m scared of them too! What I do is I get my fav stuffedie then get a movie I love watching and then I don’t feel so scared.
    I love Christmas!!!!!!!!

  111. It is fun having two elves watching you.they always get into mischeif.once they tried to climb up my chimney.

  112. I am 11 and I am still scared of thunderstorms I have to cuddle up to my mother. Santa today is my birthday

  113. the story reminds me of my dog when we have thunder storms and we if it didn’t stop by the time we go to bed she gets in bed with me and my mom and she has a thick fur coat so she keeps us warm all night.

  114. i wish everbody a happy christmas and santa and mrs santa to so have a happy christmas everbody

  115. wow sounds scarry.i hope i does not happen again because i sounds like Mouse was really scard

  116. I’m scared when there’s a thunderstorm because I am scared it will hurt me.
    I scream when there is one!! he he

  117. Hello, Santa, Elf’s, and reindeer !

    I hope mouse gets over her fear of thunderstorms(i sometimes get scared as well, shhhhh):) the fact about thunderatorms is everytime the second hand gets to the twelve thats when either lightening strikes of the thunder clashes i cant remember out of which one it is πŸ™‚ frommm charrlleeyyyy xxx

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