Candy Cane Limbo Skating Reindeer

Have you ever heard of candy cane limbo skating reindeer before?  Well, neither had I, until today!

Today was limbo skating day in the Reindeer Games.  Cupid had learned all about this strange sport.  People try to roller skate under very low things.  The winners get REALLY low.  They do the splits on roller skates! Cupid thought the reindeer could try limbo skating on ice.  Reindeer do not need ice skates.  Reindeer hooves make great skates!

Cupid had learned about a Guinness World Record.  It was for limbo skating under cars.  A girl from India limbo skated all the way under 26 cars!  Cupid decided to limbo skate under candy canes.  He made a long line of snowmen.  Each snowman had a candy cane to hold out.

Cupid was first to go.  He did the splits with all four legs!  He got under one candy cane.  He got under two candy canes.  He got under three candy canes.  Then BUMP!  He knocked down the next candy cane with his antlers.  He was out.

Dasher was next.  He started to skate REALLY fast.  He was skating REALLY REALLY fast on the way in.  Then he did the splits.  He got under three candy canes in the blink of an eye.  He got under three more in the twitch of an ear.  He was still SUPER SPEEDY.  Three more candy canes.  Then uh-oh!  SPLAT!  He hit a snowman.  But wait!  He did not stop!  “Help!” cried Dasher.  “I can’t stop!”

Dasher took a long time to stop.  He had limbo skated under nine candy canes.  And he had limbo skated through 18 SNOWMEN!  “It is a new Reindeer World Record” said Cupid.  Hip hip hooray for Dasher!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Can you do the splits?  What new sport would you invent for the reindeer to try?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have eaten er, written!

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21 special messages to Santa about “Candy Cane Limbo Skating Reindeer”

  1. Candy Cane Sleding that would be awsome!
    I’m sure the reindeers would love it tell them i’m for sure they’ll like it

  2. Reindeer sliding when the reindeer slide on ice into the water like penguins p.s. I have tried it before and it was really fun and safe

  3. hi santa how are u i saw your santa snopper and you should be getting ready for it talk to you later .P.S i have been really nice this year

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