Chat with Santa

Merry Christmas!

I thought I’d surprise everyone with a quick chat!

Just write your message in the Comments box below and click on “Post Comment”. Then I’ll reply!


P.S. You may have to refresh this page to see your comments and my reply 🙂

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1,288 special messages to Santa about “Chat with Santa”

  1. yay!!!!!!
    soon I will draw something Santa can you give me ideas of what to draw

  2. hi Santa. I love writing to you and this is a dream come true to chat with you. some of my family thinks you are fake but I do not think that.

  3. Dear santa i have been such a good girl this year so i hope i should still be on the nice list this year.

    Merry Christmas love Chloe

  4. Ya the world is great for meeting new friends and family and people who love this place and I love this app and it the best app in the world and back to the blog and around the world to . And I hope you have an awesome day today and every day and night ☺️ to you Santa I love you in every way too .and I’m an amazing person and you TOO AND HOW ARE YOU FEELING TONIGHT AND TODAY FEELING BETTER? HMM AND OH SAY HI TO Rudeolf door me to and how’s miss claus going to and how are you doing today good morning to all of you

  5. It’s my dogs birthday and she is 1002018 years old today yay and she not going to die . Yay and it’s really nice dog it’s a great girl dog she a lovely girl puppy and what are you going to get her for her birthday today ? I know what I’m going to get her a message from you

  6. How much is a dog I’m sosososososososo happy yay! How are you feeling today? And I’m feeling happy that I get a treat from my Mummy

  7. Hi am Maleah and I’m 11 years old and I was feeling so much better today then yesterday I’m feeling happy today now and I’m just feeling so good about myself. And how do you get to my house in one hour or two minutes

  8. ‍♀️⚖️⚗️✉️✉️I love you so so so much too thanks for the update too

  9. hi Santa
    this is the best app ever
    for Christmas can I get art stuff
    or do I already have too much art stuff

  10. I I love you so so so so much so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so AND sossososososososoososososososososososososossososososoossoso
    I I love you so so so so much so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much and. You Get the point . How are ?you? feeling tonight? and how are your elf’s going tonight? How do you get in the world in one night and how are you feeling today and how are you Elva I hope you feel better today I love you guys you’re so sweet and how are you ? . How do you you go Sweet sweet sweet pea sweet sweet sweet pea I love you mummy from the best mum ever joking I’m a girl

  11. Yes Maleah, wish your Mum happy bday from me! I still remember bringing her very first present. She liked the box more than the prezzie!

  12. Dear Santa clause i love you so much and all your elfs and Mrs clause so much Santa Clause i really want to become really real Santa Clause not Santa Clause person but Santa Clause the Clause because that been my child hood dream I love the North Pole so much will you write new letter and new contact so I can be next main men take your place when you retire I believe in you and elfs and Mrs clause so much I love you so much

  13. Under my name that is Maleah the best place to get my car back in the car back to my house

  14. Hi hiss message me back to the email address and number and how are you Santa this weekend I love you so much I hope you have an amazing night and I hope you had a great weekend love you so much and I hope you had a wonderful birthday too

  15. I love you so so much and I hope you have fun today and how much do you think I can do for you can I live with you with my family in your home

  16. Together do you know that song . . . . and do you know the song middle and do you know what the plan is?

  17. Life is not bad it’s good for me but I love you so much I hope you have a wonderful day see. You soon

  18. Well my friend Jude he’s. a bit of a problem and he’s sososososososososososososososososososososo sososososososSOSOSOSOS AND SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO BAD he’s the naughtiest kid in the world he’s bad he’s needs to learn how to be good with me and ivy his friends and his sister is Ivy O Roke and she’s sososososososososososososoososososososoososososossoossoossoosososossososososoososososososososososossososoossoosososososososoSosososososoosossoososososososossoosossososo Good like me But not Quite Jude sorry for that . I love you so so so so very much and I hope you have an amazing night and day

  19. What dads can you chat Santa claus ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⛄️⛄️❤️⛄️❤️⛄️❤️⛄️❤️⛄️❤️⛄️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⛄️❤️⛄️❤️❤️⛄️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⛄️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Decks the and. Fun game but it is a little slow

  20. How much do you think I should have for Christmas how are you going to be able to get me at :y home and for a holiday weekend and how’s the elf’s going? Hmm did you see the message that I sent you? And message me back now pls I’m not demanding you to think about it when you get home . And how many people are in the world?a When’s your birthday and miss claus I love forever and always love Maleah how are you guys doing this weekend hi my friend said that she would like a little more than a couple of
    Cats and dogs and pups and how are you feeling today and are you saying that I am not going through a bad time because of my dad how are you feeling now I’m just going to get some happy new year’s time for you and happy birthday to your family and family that are going well

  21. and I were talking about you guys and my dad said he hates Christmas but I love Christmas so much it’s the happiest place in the world

  22. Thanks for asking Shayne! Everyone here is safe and healthy. We had a bit of a Covid scare before but all the elves are wearing their little masks now and being careful. Hope u r too! Be safe!

  23. Well, I think Sherlock Elf will be watching you a lot more closely there lillie!
    (P.S. saying “die santa” isn’t exactly a great way to get on the Nice List 😉

  24. hi santa cluas i been bad thiss yaer pulling off wallpeaper and saaaying bad word to my freind s bye lillie behanxx and die santa

  25. Its ❤️ interesting to read my comment on the chat with Santa and pls 0n the 12th pls. Come on Monday morning for your lunch break and then we can go to the park and then we will be there in about five hours so we will need a cap sunscreen lipstick and food and soder so pls write it back to me now so bye love you oh and if you do not want to come over again just let me know when you’re ready ok ,

  26. Hi my name is summer rose I’ve seen I was on the nice list
    Thank you for getting me on the nice list bye for now and don’t feget 260 sleeps until Christmas bye from summer rose histed

  27. Hi Santa Claus, How are you doing Santa Claus. How is Mrs.Claus and Scherlock elf Santa Claus. Also rhank you for all the presents they were awesome. Thanks To Santa Clause From Aiden Witham

  28. Please please please please write me a messages back to me now and your th Ebert BFF I know And Ivy too

  29. Hi santa, i love you so much and i want a : My American Girl Doll plus, for you to drop by at WestWood Pool here in Norman for my birthday.

  30. Hi Santa, I hope my elf, Chilly, is doing okay without me. I really miss him so please send him back this December. Also, please tell him to write me a letter with a drawing please! I saw his drawing last year at december and wanted to see more!

  31. Hi Santa, I hope my elf, Jingle, is doing okay without me. I really miss him so please send him back this December. Also, can you let Jingle have a sugar cookie, please? He really liked the ones I made. Thanks!

  32. hi santa everything is not good with coronavirus if you could santa would you make it go away I wish for everything to go good and we go back to school and get hole bunch of toys can forget that


  33. hi santa i wish you can come here so we can have some fun i will wait for you until 12;00pm

  34. hey santa can we see the ester bubbys thracher ps.plese and tank you from leeela and christytignor love christy

  35. Dear. Santa’s I believe imight be aelor ibe one ine day wantpointed ears and superpowers and whothe elf I wouldbe married!

  36. Santa.
    How many presents have the elf’s made .I’m guessing there is 313 days till Christmas Eve and that is a long time for the elf’s to make presents. Max and me want to go to the North Pole so can you please ask Charlie if we can. If he says no then can you ask him if we can go next year .This year we’ve watched a lot of Christmas movies if we watched them that means we believe in you a lot.Also are we on the nice list

  37. Hi Santa we want to be a elf we wanted to be a elf last year but you didn’t let us can you please make us a elf this year

    Max and Luke

  38. hi santa!!
    how are the elves doing are they making a lot of presents?
    Love, Mackenzie C.

  39. hi, this is William I know I have been really bad but I promise to be good the rest of my life love William p.s santa

  40. Hi I’m back for a chat with my BFF called Santa claus I love you and you are my beautiful BFF forever ♾ love from Maleah can can you send one to me now

  41. Hi Santa I miss you and the rain deer too love from Annie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooooooooooo❤️

  42. hello santa i miss you so much i want to see you soon in camera please.
    I love you so much santa.

  43. Hay guys and girls and boy and Lady and elf s and they I’m Maleah I’m about to get a order for Santa Santa Nicklicls sant Nicklicls I love you and. I want a pet cat and a dog and a happy Christmas Eve amd a happy Christmas Day for the world and a happy new year so I believe in Santa and all the other people and elf’s and snowmen and Reainders I’m a good girl and I’m on the top of the list for good peoples and Christmas is the best I love Christmas Eve. By by santa

  44. I love Christmas I was the girl who messaged you I saw that Rudolf and Clarice are getting twins I picked the names Snowflake and Buddy

  45. Hello, Santa! Thanks for leaving me a reply to my real paper letter on Christmas! That was very nice! Best regards, Katie

  46. Hi Santa, its me again. this year can you pretty please give me a elf? Thank you SO much. love you.

  47. Merry Christmas Santa and l want a very big magical and adventures book set and a new beautiful diary . Please Santa give me. I love you Santa . I am waiting my gift.

  48. Hi my name is charm and I love playing with my sisters and brothers and I really want to get a rabbit

  49. Hi my name is charm and I’m a girl ok and I’m a bit shy of the other girls and boys that are not dating and I want to be dating Luis

  50. Dear Santa how are you well hello there I will chat with you every day but you’re amazing and plz i would love a job at the north pole

  51. Dear Santa,

    I know this year has been monstrously difficult for a lot of people, but I encountered your blog just a bit ago and have been delighted by your stories. They were a welcome spot of warmth and good cheer during a very stressful holiday season. I wish you and yours all the best up at the North Pole- best regards from eastern Washington!

  52. Dear Mr Santa Claus & Ms Claus
    Merry Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2021. How many reindeer do you have? I really love all the reindeer names. HO HO HO Merry Christmas!!! We Wish You A Merry Christmas We Wish You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!

    From Elf SydneyNoelCho

  53. Hi Santa, Happy Boxing Day & I want to tell you miss out delivering presents to me and my twin sister…. I want to tell you miss out delivering presents to me and my twin sister….

  54. Merry Christmas Santa I have the milk and cookies ready. and I have carrots and oats for your reindeers. it’s at the back of the house where the gass tank is. It’s on the gravel and the oats let’s spread some Christmas Joy God bless us everyone
    P.S. it’s 6:58 in Indiana

  55. Merry Christmas Santa I have the milk and cookies ready. and I have carrots and oats for your reindeers at the back of the house. I can’t wait for Christmas day let’s spread some Christmas Joy God bless us everyone

  56. Happy holidays Santa! Super excited! I hope you bring me a new laptop. How are Rudolph and Frosty?

  57. Dear Santa, My name is Tylee thank you for delivering this year because of covid19 so I left some cookies that haven’t been touched and there is more than one thing on your plate and they haven’t been touched either so ya!!!!!!

    P.S the cookies are really good Hope you like them
    P.S.S could you hide the presents and leave clues for us to find them like a treasure hunt PLEASE!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  58. Santa will you come if I’m not asleep? I have trouble sleeping and I want you to come deliver presents

  59. hay Santa it says that you are coming tonight in 12 hours can i meet the dobre brothers for a gift please santa

  60. dear santa i have been trying to call you are you around the world face time me on christmas day see you on face time see you soon cute santa guy i miss you so much santa this is your little girl named shelby as karen dear santa i have been sleeping in my bed with frosty the snowman i love you so much santa claus love shelby do,nt forget to face time me on face time love frosty the snowman love shelby as love elf on the shelf merry christmas frosty please face time me on christmas i love you so much frosty the snowman merry christmas i miss you so much frosty the snowman i have seen your movie before i like to play karen you know why i ask santa for a karen costume with ear muffs with white flowers on them and i what a karen costume with karen boots merry christmas love shelby merry christmas frosty please come to chatsworth to pick me up to take me to the north pole frosty the snow man on christmas day face time me merry christmas

  61. In case you’re wondering what I’m doing, I’m checking the Santa Snooper for the millionth time. Only 14 hours until you arrive at my house! I’m super excited! I hope you enjoy the cookies and milk I left for you. Tell Rudolph I said hi!

  62. our family already puts presents that they buy under the tree, but you need to put more because theres only a few and dont think you already visited it! the stocking need more things too.

  63. I’m tracking you while I’m making Apple pie, they say your in Fiji, is that right? When will you be at my house? What will you bring me?

  64. santa for christmas I want a real pet blue kitty cat a phone for my sister and a ps5 a skateboard with a skull on it.I also want stuff to make comic books and I also want a omnitrix from ben and I want a kid scooter.

  65. so you’re arriving at my house in 13 minutes and i don’t have any milk and cookies what should i do

  66. Hi santa I’m so excited for Christmas tomorrow .I have tried to be on my best behaviour I really hope you can come with this whole covid 19 love from ellie mai

  67. Hey Santa. It’s Leah.My kids were adopted from Babyland General Hospital in Georgia.I have 19 girls and 12 boys.My kids can’t wait for you to come tonight Santa.They can’t wait to see the gifts you leave for them.Next year I want to bring my daughter Brianna to have her picture taken with you at SmithHaven Mall.Brianna was living with my Aunt and Uncle up in CT but,they sent her down here to me.She has been living with me for 3 years and 8 months on January 4th.Brianna does not want you to forget that she is living with me and not with my Aunt and Uncle.
    My kids have been very very good this year as have I.

    Being a full time mom is not easy.taking care of my kids,and the condo on the inside is a full time job.

    we will leave the Christmas tree lights on in the Living Room for you.we hope you will love our tree.There will be cookies and juice for you on the table and a carrot for Rudolph.

    Please be careful I have a security camera on the wall on my terrace close to the front door. if anyone goes by my front door from outside it rings into my cellphone.

  68. To santa
    I live in Queensland and I am at my dads first chismas instead of mums I also love your work I hope you are doing good

  69. I am in India and it is 24 December and it’s 2:25 pm noon here I will leave biscuits and pudding with carrots on my terris also my house doesn’t have a fireplace ( chimney)
    Also I have my christmas tree on terris

  70. Hi. I have a question or more. Did you get the information of what I wanted for Christmas or my maybe ideas that(I think my Dad may have gotten me a newer idea that I thought of for him to give me for Christmas) I believe it was on this website? ( I was looking for one craft thing yesterday evening at one store to build something for here at home, but I didn’t see it, I think it was gone. Also, do Baby dolls, even if they’re grown ups or adults that have the Bay doll/s write Letters to you saying what they want for Christmas? Lol I was just wondering. I should have done the email thing when I wrote a letter saying ideas of what I wanted for Christmas so that I could have sent it to my Dad, shouldn’t I have? Do you know if my sister’s package to me had ended up with you, the post office thing had that it’s in Transit or on the way to the next distribution facility or center or on it’s way here? ( The post office thing has that they gave been having delays because of nowadays, if they weren’t my sister’s package would have been here by now, a while ago, actually) Did my Mom’s package to me end up with you? I should have called Home Depot or Lowes about the front door replacement asking them how much it was, shouldn’t I have? ( My Dad mentioned yesterday that after Christmas we would get that done, I t really should have gotten some or asked about a while ago, that’s why I mentioned it for Christmas as one of my ideas. I know some things it might be a little late for, maybe even too late, but one I tried to tell my Dad and he started to say we already have, but it things that we or I don’t have, unless my Dad got it for me a long time and I didn’t know it, some of the other things were different things of that kind or more of it.
    Have a nice morning.

  71. Frohe weihnachten meine tochter kiara möchte gerne wissen ob ihre wünsche in erfüllung gehen

  72. hi Santa, how are you? I would imagine quite stressed. well if you are, try stay calm and have fun! just to let you know, thankyou all of us kids appreciate you 🙂

  73. Hello Mr and Mrs Claus and elves wishing you a Christmas Eve Please Santa don’t forget to bring my gifts

  74. Hi Santa
    Which is the most trusted tracker?
    I know norad is not as the web has not been up for 60 years meaning that has to be fake.

  75. Hey santa i am going to leave a mince pie for you and a jaffa cake for rudolph and magic drink and i really want a PS4 see you tonight

  76. Hi Santa I have been writing to you a lot it’s because I love you and you are really kind to give every one gifts I’m so thankfull thank you . From ivy. Xxx

  77. Hi my name is Ben(Rexy),
    I am 9 years old
    I have a cat called Thor(Mr Meow Meow)
    I have two sisters called Holly and Poppy

  78. Hi Santa I can’t wait till you come to the house my brothers can’t wait to see you when you come my family had been nice all year
    Merry Christmas -The family

  79. Hello, Santa! This is an 11-year-old nice girl Rohnay from NY, USA. Do you know where my house is? What I want for Christmas is a Hess toy truck, Now That’s What I Call Music 9 CD, Empire Carpet Guy Bobblehead, a cell phone, and a package of blank cassette tapes. Also, can Mrs. Claus bring me cookies, please? Can I come out of my bedroom to see you? See you then!

    – Rohnay (Age 11)

  80. Hiya santa!! Is there a noughty and nice list for pet reptiles? I wanted to know if my pet lizard and turtle were being good little scalilys this year. They say they want some big fat worms for Christmas to eat!! <3

  81. Hi santa! Merry Christmas eve! Has my pet lizard been good? I cant tell. all it does is look ADORBZZ!!! Just to check, My lizards wants some worms for Christmas, big FAT jucy ones!! <3

  82. Hey Santa this is Dominique People from afghan Need your help kids don’t have a Christmas eve or day need u more then everyone in the world but kids in colorado are Homeless two i like a IPod touch and a iPad we are going to share i pad so please santa claus Give people in afghan best christmas eve There are always remember we love u santa claus Merry Christmas and a happy new year

  83. HI SANTA
    I wish could meet you and the reindeers and the elves but that could break sos secret of Santa
    I got that from Santa clause 2 or 3 I don’t remember!! Merry Christmas Santa and a happy new year! p.s I sadly will not have cookies this year mom is too busy this year so sorry Santa and will try to do something about it though. And waiting for you to come to my house!!

  84. Hello Santa! I just wanna say Merry (early) Christmas and thanks for making Christmas amazing!

  85. hey santa claus i really want a IPod touch and iPad And I wish you a A merry Christmas and a happy new year to u and ms claus And All Colorado kids are being really good this year They will hope to see you soon

  86. Santa I am Akshara I already wrote a e-mail to you but I forgot to ask what chocolates do you love

    With love Akshara

  87. Hey Santa, am I getting presents? If so will it be dropped at my front house because I don’t have a chimney. Also, Do I need to give you milk & cookies to get gifts?

  88. Hi santa its Jada and when you and George leave can you tell him that i love him and miss him thank you!

  89. HI Santa! I would like a golden retriever puppy for this Christmas. I really like dogs. I hope that I you can give me one. I wish you a nice trip.

  90. Merry Christmas Santa! My name is Thomas Liu and I am 13 years old. I have a brother named David and a sister named Mary. We now live in Hong Kong. We moved from Sai wan Ho to Mongkok. Our house now is bigger than before but it’s still not that big. So my father bought a new house on Lantau Island. It is really big but a bit far, so he bought a new Tesla car. I really like it because it can drive itself and also play games. We are planning on buying a second-hand Model X soon so that we can carry more people. But if we moved there, then I can’t play with my friends here, so I am a bit sad. Every day, my friends and I will go to the football field next to our house because I want to become a footballer when I grow up. Due to the covid-19, we aren’t allowed to go out and play football. But it’s really fun and I want to do exercise. We got chased by the police 2 times and it’s really scary. The football field is now closed again and we can only play for 1 hour because they are not going to open the lights so we can’t see. I hope that you can tell God to stop the pandemic.
    This Christmas, I would like a Golden Retriever puppy as a Christmas present. I really want a dog but my dad said that our house is too small for a dog. However, since he bought a new house I can finally have a dog and that’s what I really want. My brother and sister like it too but they want other presents. I hope that you can make my dream come true. I remember that when I was young my dad chose a Christmas movie and the kid wanted a dog and he really got it. I didn’t believe it, but now I think I do. I really hope that I can have a dog.
    I really liked what you sent us last year, it was a really good idea, but the only bad thing is that it’s so hard to find. At first, I was really scared because I thought that you didn’t send us the present. But one day my mum found it beside a chair. We were all surprised. My mum also said that you are really smart combining all our gifts into one so that we can share with each other. My brother David and I built it straight away after we found it. It took us about 3 hours and it was really fun. It’s one of my favourite gifts from you. we all like it. If you come to visit us this year you are definitely going to see it. I hope that this year you can put our present under the Christmas tree. Hopefully, the puppy won’t wake me up!
    Also, I hope that you can write a letter back to me so that I can prove to my teacher that you actually exist. I remember that you wrote me a letter when I was 8 but I lost it. I wish you have a nice trip around the world. I have one more question to ask, How many Santas are there on Earth? Thank you for all the presents you sent us. Merry Christmas!

    Yours Sincerely,
    Thomas Liu

  91. I hope you will be alright it’s very windy tonight hope you still comes to my house even though I don’t have a chimney

  92. Can my dog mya get a dakpets furblaster brush for Christmas and stuff to help stop eating her sisters poop .

  93. Omg Santa I love you so much I hope I get a ourfeneration bunk bed for my doll ariana this year and also a new chew toy for Sophia and coco they would he so happy your the best also any thing Disney theme

  94. I am Sikh before Christmas oh no santa claus when are you coming to my house
    Love Cherry

    Merry Christmas

  95. Hi could you please send me the pink and black Fila shoes and the MP3 player and the light up shoes for Christmas on Friday night please and thank you

  96. Hi Santa Claus my name is Lyndajia Wright and I am so excited for christmas Eve and christmas Day and have you left the North Pole yet?

  97. Hi Santa we celebrate Christmas on 24th and my kids would like to know if your almost here in Barstow CA ? They would also like confirmation that they have to be asleep and have a clean room , cup of milk and cookies for u to come ?



  100. Who is your favorite reindeer? Mine is Rudolph, but out of the original eight it is probably comet or dasher.

  101. Santa, what color is your toy sack, and gloves? In some shows your bag is either red green or brown, and your gloves are either brown or green? And does your belt beckle have SC on it?also did you ever get/read my Christmas list, that I had my elf on a shelf(elfy) bring to you? Do you have any questions? Thanks


  103. Hi,santa and . How is your sleigh? Do you have any prep and landing elves like in Disney’s prep and landing?

  104. Maleah, your family does not hate you forever. I want u to go ask your Mom right now if she hates you forever and tell me exactly what she says. Remember no fibbing (because that will put you on the Naughty List and then u can’t come to the North Pole).

  105. Can puppy paws wake me up on Christmas morning? And can he possibly stay with me if it’s ok with puppy paws? I really want a friend for Christmas, i also want elsewhat’s on my list that I sent to you, please ? I like to have a happy Christmas, a favorite Christmas this year, ok?

  106. How was your year p.s. give mrs.claus a kiss for me and the elf’s a hug can you tell the girls elf’s come and visit me

  107. Hi Santa When will you go to Australia and what does Rudolph likes apart from carrots .From Stefan

  108. santa im leaving out delicous homemade cookies and milk for you tommorow and carrots for the reindeer! wish you goodluck on your big night – on your big flight!

  109. I now I have been BAD but can you get me some of these?
    Drum set
    Elf on the shelf
    A lot of chopsticks

  110. I am in AS at my grandma’s house. Can you find my siblings. I have been BAD so I do not think I should have presents.

  111. Hi Santa
    How has this year been for you due to coronavirus I hope everyone is ok
    I forgot to send my letter this year
    I am happy with anything something that I really like is a spa thing to put your feet in and clothing or make up
    I wish you good luck
    Love from molly b

  112. Merry Christmas Clarissa, Jonathan and Sammy! I’m excited for Christmas too! I’m also glad you keep the real reason for the season close to your hearts. ❤️

  113. Hi Santa! I have two 6 year old boys anxiously waiting till Christmas day come!. More so, they are eager to receive your presence and presents. Their names are Jonathan and Sammy. Tomorrow, Christmas eve we will learn about how Christmas symbolizes the bring of Jesus Christ.

  114. Hi Santa I know it has been very hard this year but we can make it and I try to help this year to and I want the most is a omg doll cause they look very cool and I want one or more ok stay safe Santa and if you can let my elf taco stay and see us on Christmas morning I got him an idea for a present for him so stay safe and be careful.

  115. Santa I’m so so so so exited for you to come visit my house tonight

    i baked sugar cookies and i only have almond mink hope that that’s ok

  116. please give johnny depp presents he deserves it after all he has been through will amber heard

  117. hello im new here :/ santa do u know that im a big fan of johnny depp if you do please tell Warner Bros to hire him back please

  118. Dare santa come to Sharon see house tomorrow love Santa see come in the room
    Santa call Sharon m Duba
    Good sister
    Sharon ❤️
    Call Santa Claus call Santa clause

  119. Hi Santa I know you’re coming to our house tonight because it’s Grandma’s Merrick wants to know where you are and how soon he needs to be in bed could you see if you could tell me how soon you’re coming?

  120. hey i just wanted to know when the tracker for you would be tonight or tomorrow night and i was also looking online to see if you were real and it kept giving me these websites and the didn’t tell me anything though and it made me mad.

  121. Hi I’m excited for Christmas Eve yay for me go Santa go pick me up at 1 I’m going to be home

  122. Clarissa(Hi Santa Claus I heard an elf in my house yesterday and Merry Christmas Santa!) Natalia(Can you wake up me and my big sister and take us for a sleigh ride but not too fast.)

  123. hi santa im soooo glad that i get to talk to you i love you soooooooooo much and i can not wait until i get my presents i hope you do amazing on christmas and i love you bye:)))))))))

  124. Hi Santa or Mrs.Clause I’ve was just wondering if you guys would like to be at my birthday ima be 12 year old on December 30th just saying! P.s I’m really hoping I get those stuff I ask for!

  125. Santa I think I heard an elf in my house yesterday and I drew this for you. Merry Christmas Santa

  126. Hi santa how are you good I hope this year i sent you a letter and ine of your elvs named mallissa replied w

  127. Hi Santa! I sent you a letter earlier and I really want to wish you a Merry Christmas! I have a really good treat for you!!! Bye!

  128. I cant wait to get my gift from u in 2 days and this is my first year being at home for christmas and ! am 9 and have never had christmas at home

  129. hi can you get me this fake Kitchen and a iphone and Maybe a hover board can you please get me this stuff merry christmas

  130. hi santa so i know its only two oclock at the north pole but where i live its six ocklock that means six more hours for christmas eve here

  131. Hey, You know that I as so caring last year and the years before but I just want to tell you I love you

  132. Hi Santa!! How are you doing? I’m doing pretty great and excited for Christmas I just wanted to let you know that I want a new phone, room decor and basketball stuff for Christmas thank you very much Santa and have an amazing day

  133. My computer is very slow and the screen freezes all the time. It drives me crazy, especially in the age of remote learning. Can I please have a new laptop? Thanks, and I hope you like the cookies I made you!

  134. santa did you hear about how the bethelham star is showing itself for the first time in 800 years! aka the christmas star

  135. Do you like being tracked by NORAD, meaning do you like being followed by those planes?how accurate is norad? Will you be doing the live chats tomorrow too?

  136. Just so you know Jada has been REALLY good this year and should receive everything on her list (:

  137. it is me jaelyn after this letter I have to go but my sister does ask pretty good questions !One way I was nice this year is because Jada forgot to mention something she wanted really bad so on my letter I told you what she mentioned so that you knew what to give her!

    With love, Jaelyn merry Christmas & a happy new year! Bye!(:

  138. also from what my elf on the shelves wrote back to me they said im on the nice list and that you would consider getting me that one thing i reallllllllky wanted is that true?

  139. It is me Jada agian i have one question when you leave to go deliver presants where do you go first

  140. Did you see the picture of my outdoor display,its not. My whole display, but its some of it, there’s some more out front and back. hopefully you like it tomorrow.I’d like to get some Rudolph outdoor decor and add it

  141. Hi santa I live in Australia my name is Lachlan am I on the nice list are you actually going to deliever presents to my house can I track you for real life

  142. santa I have been aching to know how many raindeer do you really have beside the 8 raindeer you take every Christmas

  143. VERY Merry CHRISTMAS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Julia!

  144. santa im gonna leave a note in my fireplace because my family is good with having a puppy and a elf!

  145. Merry CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  146. Hi it is me jaelyn AGAIN when do you always leave on Christmas and how do you get down the chimney!?!?!?

  147. Hi Santa! It’s me, Jaelyn! I hope you get my letter I wrote you online today! I forgot to mail my letter =(
    Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Claus and Happy New Year!! I can’t wait for youto come tomorrow night!

  148. Hi Santa! I’m Jada and I wanted to wish you and Mrs. Clause a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  149. Hi Santa how are you ad the elves and the reindeer? I am good!
    P.S. Did you get me a polaroid camera??

  150. hi Santa this is Krissy and my brother carter what are u doing right now i cant wait until christmas to get all the toy

    happy holilday

    from krissy and carter : D

  151. Hi, Santa! Have a great time going to deliver gifted! But you won’t come to my house tonight because Christmas is Friday not Wednesday!

  152. My dogs Macy and yogi are waiting for you, Macy a white German shepherd, and yogi an English cream golden retriever.

  153. Santa do you remember me? I am Lakshya Gupta and I wrote you a letter today. Will you really deliver presents at my house?

  154. Hello Santa it’s me again.

    I’ve been exited for Christmas tomorrow, and who knows who’s house you will go first!
    I have been a good this year. I hope you will give a lot of people present’s and not a lot of coal.
    Have a safe trip!

  155. Hi, Santa! Hope you are safe on your way. Please make my whole family healthy and happy in the new year.
    I’m just making cookies 🙂

  156. hey santa can you pretty please send an elf? even my friends who believe in santa will be so happy and i understand if no

  157. Well, Leah, sometimes you can’t convince people if they already have their mind made up. What’s most important to me is that YOU keep me in your heart forever and always. ❤️

  158. Hi Santa! I have been getting a lot of emails from you Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Mrs. Claus. Tomorrow is Christmas eve and I bet you’re going to be busy (or even supper busy) and it look like there is 14 hours till you take off.

    well I hope you have a happy chrsitmas and a happy new yea

  159. santa can you send a elf over when you can? i want to prove to my friends that santa and his elves are real to them!

  160. Merry Christmas to Anthony in Portugal! U know I’ll do my very best, but even if I can’t make it (it’s a very crazy year after all) I want u to know that I still ❤️ u VERY much

  161. Merry Christmas Grace! Mrs. Claus ❤️’s the name you’ve chosen for your kitty! You know I’ll have to check to make sure it’s ok to bring u a kitty

  162. santa my sister leah is being very nice! can you please deliver what she asked for in her letter?

  163. dear santa,
    please can I have a kitten this year. A ginger one called ginger-snap. That’s all I want for christmas.
    from Gracexx

  164. Hello Santa how you are, my name Anthony and I live in Portugal and I am 7 year old.
    Ar you coming to my house this time.


  165. Hello Santa! I can’t wait for Christmas day! I hope you are doing well! When can I meet you? Also say Hi for Mrs.Claus for me! 🙂

  166. Merry Christmas Leah!
    Everything is right on schedule. We did have a MAJOR snowstorm yesterday, but everyone helped out and we’re ok now.
    The Santa Snooper will be starting in just a few hours.

  167. Hi, santa before you go on your trip I wanted to show you a picture of what I made for you. I’m not sure if you can see the picture .but its hoods golden eggnog cake, with hoods golden eggnog glaze. With red and green sprinkles. I will also have a roasted carrot for each reindeer, a few candy canes for the elves, gingerbread and sugar cookies, a little bit of water for the reindeers and 2 glasses of milk for you.

  168. Hello Santa how are u I hope you are ok please get me 1 Nintendo switch 2 Samsung Galaxy watch 3 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra thank you Santa it will be lovely

  169. Hello Santa, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!! I’ am so excited for your trip to visit the house!! Tell Rudolph I said hi and that I love him very much!!

  170. Hi Santa! Thank you for sending peppermint the elf over! Today I’m going g to bake cookies for you! And I cleaned most of my room too! May you please say ‘Hi’ to Mrs. Claus, Holly Berry the elf, and Celebration the elf too please? Thank you! I love you so much!

  171. Hi Santa, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year I’am very excited for your visit to the house!! Tell Rudolph I said hi and that I love him very much!

  172. Hello im talia i will be tracking you tmr night and im so excited and want presents under my tree bc u put light in my eyes


  174. Hi Santa it’s Christmas eve today I’m vey excited I love Christmas. It’s currently 2:24am in Australia I’ve been up all night just waiting for it to be Christmas eve it’s extremely hot outside here be careful you don’t want to melt. Make sure to wear a mask everywhere and put hand sanitizer on all the time be safe Santa.

  175. Hi Santa it’s Christmas eve today! I’m very excited for you visit tonight it’s currently 2:20am in Australia remember to wear you mask everywhere you don’t want corona virus

  176. I tried my very best to be nice this year. I am very very sorry if you think that I have been bad this year. You know Sometimes I try to behave but it just goes wrong. Can you please forgive me? Merry Christmas Santa and I hope you have a Jolly flight!

  177. to santa mom want a bird is green and white peppers and suh they want a bones i want barbie thank you santa i love you

  178. Hi Santa! Today I’m going to clean my room without being asked, bake cookies, and do some crafts! Thank you for sending Peppermint over today too! It made me really happy! I love you so much and have a wonderful day! Also, may you tell Mrs. Claus, Holly Berry the elf, and Celebration the elf I say ‘Hi’ please? Thank you!

  179. Hi Santa, I am really exited for Christmas! This year I get to spend it with my cousins, Grace and Paige Berlin! Today we’re making you’re Christmas cookies! They’re moving to Atlanta before Christmas though. I hope you can deliver their presents (if they’ve been good of course.) I have a question though, are you going to deliver presents with a face mask on? I hope this year I can have miraculous ladybug barbies, and a toy car I can drive, even though i’m 9. PS. My brother acts like a girl, weirdo

  180. hi santa can I pls have a launchpad for christmas and a dj set pls because I want to be a dj pls and I want to get loads of dj stuff pls santa thanks

  181. Hii Santa Claus merry Christmas ❤️can’t wait for you to come to my house tomorrow night coz I’m excited about what you’re bringing me and my brother anyways I wanted to say I’ve been really good this year and not bad on naughty list so I just wanted to let you know that and two I’ll have some carrots out for Rudolph rednose reindeer if he gets hungry or anything like others. ps

  182. Hi Santa I’m wondering if what time do you deliver your presents to the other side of the world meaning Russia and others?

  183. Please can I see you this year Santa! Merry Christmas to all the elves, Mrs Claus and certainly you! Can the reindeer eat candy canes? What is your favourite drink? Can`t wait to see you, Bye!

  184. I’m not sure if the picture that I just took, worked but its supposed to be my white German shepherd Macy, please say hello to her when you come, she loves gingerbread cookies and reindeers.

  185. Hello Santa,
    I hope you, Mrs. Claus, the elves, Rudolph, and the reindeer are doing well. I love you so much with all of my heart ❤️❤️ . Thank you for all the joy and holiday cheer you bring us every Christmas. I really appreciate that. I am trying very hard to be good. I hope you have a merry Christmas!

  186. Did you get my Christmas list, I had my elf on a shelf bring to you back in November? Did you read it? My elf on the shelf is named elfy. Please bring me Tmnt threezero bebop and rocksteady and some Tmnt action figures.

  187. Hi, santa have you seen the Christmas chronicles ? I thought Kurt Russell was great, I remember when he was on gilligans island as jungle boy and the fugitive as lt Phillip geralds son. It would be nice to get the complete series of the fugitive starring David Janssen on DVD for Christmas, best episode was the finale judgment day.

  188. Hi, santa do you like being tracked by norad? How good is norad, Ive always tracked you via norad?. Norad says that you leave for your trip tomorrow which is Christmas eve at 2am in united states eastern time, is this right? What time do you think you’ll be at my house, usually you come between 12:00 and 1:30? Could you please give me a hint, at what I’m getting for Christmas? Also I enjoy watching your videos on norad like when you get to London England or Boston Massachusetts or new York new York.

  189. How do you get the reindeers to take off, do you say on dasher on dancer on prancer and vixen on comet and Cupid on dasher, on donner and blitzen, and Rudolph?

  190. Hi and , really excited for your big flight, getting ready to put out . I’m hoping for ⛄❄. While your coming I will have the in the roaster oven, cooking over night. I wanted to ask you, what is the name of your head elf, is it clumsy? What does a head elf do? Lastly have you ever seen Disney’s prep and landing, I love that movie?. Do you have any elves that does prep and landing? My eggnog cake is in the oven, has about 5 more minutes to cook, and then I can do the glaze in a little bit. I will send you a picture of it later. Will you still respond tomorrow or just today? Oh, remember back in 2008, my grandfather took me to the Christmas parade,where I lived, And after the parade my grandfather took me to see you, and we talked about redsox, then after I got a Sam the snowman from Rudolph plush.
    PLEASE RESPOND, as Id love to hear from you, thanks.

  191. Hello, santa claus merry Christmas ⭐ I wish you talk to me and reply me I live in lndia


    CHERRY ………

  192. What color is your toy bag,sleigh and gloves? Since I don’t have a chimney, you do use a magic key to get in the door right?

  193. Hi Santa Claus it’s me Lorelai .I was wondering if you visit every country also stay safe and don’t eat too many cookies .

  194. Hi Santa! I know you are very busy right now getting the sleigh ready. I hope you have a safe trip around the world. I am praying for you big day to go really good this year. I want you to know that I love you so much and wish you a Merry Christmas! I know that you know that as you travel around the world at 200 times the speed of sound as you pass through cold air pockets and then move into warmer air and then eventually hot air in some areas I hope you have a thermal suit that adapts accordingly. I love you, Merry Christmas!

  195. Dear Santa, Can you leave extra presents for my cousins in California. My cousin Jason passed away and I want their kids to have a Merry Christmas and not a gloomy day. Same with my friend Debbie. She just lost her mother. Her girls need something special for Christmas. Add another one to the list. Is my friend Pam. She needs a great Christmas not full of cancer ugly. Ps. Can you put something special in my brothers stockings their everything I have left.

    Thank you Santa

  196. U r right Vanessa! Very busy getting ready for the big night. Actually I have to go — Clumsy the Elf just told me he can’t seem to remember where he put a few presents (we usually find them in the sleigh 🙂 Merry Christmas! ❤️

  197. Hi Santa its Claire do you remember me?
    on Christmas night im planning on recording you and im also steating up traps for you
    and why cant you touch an elf and cant i call you?

  198. Dear santa I what power rangers beast x morpher p.s I got cook and milk for you I what for white Christmas I am good boy

  199. i want to see you on christmas eve i will save my famous jello for you and carrots for the reindeer tel rudolph i said hello

  200. Hello santa Iv been good this year and even though it’s been a sad year for everyone I’m so glad we still have christmas to brighten everyone’s sad faces

  201. hi santa this year i haven’t been a very good listener, but santa i would like a hoverboard, a pair of roller blades i am a size 9 in women’s , ice skates which is also a size 9, a baby doll, barbies (boy), workout gear , a new bike(pink for me 24 in mountain and my sister wants a pink camo bike 20 in), and a new car for my family to go places a truck would be nice not to high up i need heated seats in the front and back gas not disel sun roof back up camera ac remonte start keyless entery running boards

  202. Hey Santa ,I hope that you will stay safe on Christmas Eve and don’t get the COVID-19. Please take good care of the reindeer .

  203. Hey Santa!I hope you’re safe, happy and well! I hope everything is alright up there at North Pole! i hope you have got everything ready for Christmas Eve tomorrow! I live In UK and now it’s Christmas Eve Eve. If that what you call it haha.
    Please have a safe journey tomorrow! Elves be good please! I love you all.
    I really fancy mrs clause cookies now haha. I bet its amazing.
    Many thanks.
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  204. DEAR, Santa claus I can’t wait for you to come and I know u can’t wait to get them cookies and milk! only 1 more day unit chirstmas eve!!!! AND U WILL ALWAYS BE MY FRIEND
    Love tekyahi❤

  205. Hey Santa this is Ava here from New York City and I was wondering if I was on the nice list if you know which you probably could and see if you can bring me the presents I asked for because I already made a list by the Christmas tree ,love Santa

  206. Dear, Santa
    How does your reindeer fly, is it magic feed corn?like you use in Santa Claus is comin to town. Do you have penguins like topper that live up there? Is winter warlock up there? I got Christmas santa hats for my white German shepherd Macy, whom lives gingerbread cookies candy canes and snowballs, and my English cream golden retriever yogi.I’ve been collecting neca year without a Santa Claus plushes(which I just completed),stuffins santa Claus is comin to town (just need Santa Claus and burgermeister meisterburger) ,stuffins frosty the snowman (just need frosty and professor Hinkle), and Rudolph stuffins( need Yukon cornelius, hermey, boss elf, the gun that shoots jelly, santa, Sam, king moonracer, boat,bumble)there is also Tmnt stuff that I’d like but I will tell you in an email tomorrow.

  207. Nice dear Santa good Maisha Carey toy cookies carey pretty sweet for you love you Santa good Maisha Carey you love you Santa good Maisha Carey NC

  208. Santa don’t forget to come to Vinton Va , we have been very good this year. We have milk ,cookies, apples for the reindeer, and even have magic reindeer food.

  209. Hi Santa , i’m so excited for Christmas and for 2020 to be over because its been so hard with the pandemic going around and stuff but I hope that situation doesn’t get in the way of your trip around the world ☺️. I just want you know that you don’t have to bring me everything that i asked for on Christmas because I know that its probably a lot of pressure having to bring all of the stuff for the boys and girls : )

    From : Skylar

  210. Hey, Santa. My name is Miah and I am 16 years old. I live in Firestone, Colorado and have 2 cats along with 1 dog. I want some planners and notebooks for Christmas this year. I would love it if my Christmas wishes came true.

  211. Dear Santa,

    This is Skylar Jane and for Christmas I would like a big fluffy teddy bear please. I have been a very good girl this year and I would really appreciate it.

    Skylar Jane 🙂

  212. What’s your favorite Rankin bass Christmas character, mine is a toss up of Yukon Cornelius, winter warlock, and snow miser?. What is your favorite Christmas song, mine is zat you Santa Claus by Louis Armstrong?. What is the name of your head elf, what does he do? I will email you tomorrow morning sometime, between 6-8am probably . do you like buddy the elf?what is your favorite part of elf, mine is when buddy takes the beard off of santa in gimbles?. What is your favorite and least favorite place to go on Christmas eve?

  213. santa i know i have been naughty this year and i don’t deserve presents but please grant me this 1 wish for covid to go away

  214. Dear Santa. My little brother and I have been very good. We have also made you cookies and got the carrots for the reindeer. Love Sophia-London and Austin

  215. Sant a can u please bring me my presents with cherry on top


  216. Hi Santa! Today I baked cookie but they didn’t turn out so well so I have to make new cookies for you, I don’t want you having dry cookies! I’m super excited for Christmas and I’m trying to paint something for you, hopefully I finish it in time! I’m super excited for Christmas like I said before! I love you so much, Santa! And may you tell Mrs. Claus I said ‘Hi’ please? Thank you! I hope you and Mrs. Claus, and everyone else in the North Pole have an excellent day and week! I love you!

  217. Hi Santa! i love everything in the north pole! and hope your reandeers are ready to fly at christmas!

  218. hi santa claus it liam saying hi to you and he hopes you are still come by the house on early christmas eve night.

  219. Hi santa im happy i really want a puppy but im not sure im ready i left u a note in my chritmas tree!

  220. Hi Santa Claus I hope you are having the best holiday ever I’ve been so good this year and I been so nice to my family and friends and my boyfriend too and I’ve been helping my family a lot this year have a happy Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2021 and tell the reindeers that I said hi and the red nose reindeer too and Ms. Clause stay safe and happy holiday.

  221. Hello Santa !! Merry Cristmas!! Can i asck somethin pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese ! I wonte LOVE (my name is Tim I am 10 years old)

  222. Hi Santa Claus I am always happy and grateful for everything that you have done to help everyone else around the world and to help people get at least one present on Christmas Day your the best and so is Mrs Claus your both best friends of mine and a wise person told me that I should always be greatful for everything I get this year I can’t wait for you to come on Christmas Eve.

  223. Hey Santa am I on the good list ? Peppermint told me to stay on the good list !! Have a good Christmas !!

  224. Hello santa Im Damon Im I on the Nice list or Naughty list let me know Plese thank You santa i heard clusmy the elf is he doing good and Armchair As riandeer

  225. Hello santa Im Damon and Im 11 Im i on the Nice list or on the Naughty list Plese tell me thank You from Damon Ok thanks . Santa well Done i think Im on the Nice list my dad siad and my grandad did You get my Letter Ok have You tell me thanks santa see You soon xxxx thank You Ok santa thanks i like You and talking to You i belview You thanks santa Ok santa cluas and rianderrs and rudolhp and miss cluas hope Your doing good and have a good day Ok thanks Ok internet is fun and i hope they get Rid of the virus but Theres a Naughty elf here Ok and rianderr i dont know a Naughty riandeer so have a good week Im exticed for christmas i feel happy and santa thank You ill leave Your favtorite Cokie chocolate chip i find out on internet thanks

  226. Hello santa Im Damon and Im 11 Im i on the Nice list or on the Naughty list Plese tell me thank You from Damon

  227. Santa I drew this for you and I will leave all kinds of cookies for you because I don’t know what kind of cookies you like!(Also sorry if I’m posting this again)

  228. Santa I drew this for you and I will leave a lot of kinds of cookies for you because I don’t know what kinds of cookies you like

  229. Merry Christmas Santa I can’t wait!!!Can’t wait for Christmas day so excited!

  230. Hello Santa Claus!
    I hope you, Mrs. Claus, elves, and reindeer stay safe this Christmas! I cannot wait to receive my presents under the Christmas tree that me and my family just set out yesterday!

  231. hey santa did you get my letter i hope you like it and that promise i mean it and i will make sure it happens

  232. Can u bring me a real apple iphone 12 pro max for Christmas because I am being nice this year helping my parent out

  233. Merry Christmas santa and mrs claus I am being good this year can u bring me a new apple iPhone 12 pro max please.

    Thanks you so much

  234. dear santa you know me shelby the elf will you call me on christmas day i just looked at my big christmtmas tree there where no gitfs under my big christmas well i better get off here frosty the snowman your melting do worry bye santa don.t forget to call me on christmas we can face time other bye see you on face time bye

  235. Hi Santa !!!
    i wrote a letter to you and even got a reply 🙂
    i was just wondering if you would like a quick chat…….would you ?

  236. Hello Santa Claus,
    I love you so much with all of my heart ❤️ Thank you for all the holiday cheer you bring us every Christmas! I really appreciate that. Please tell Mrs. Claus, the elves, Rudolph, and the reindeer I said hello. I will always believe in you no matter what. I hope you can visit me on Christmas Eve.

  237. Good morning Santa,I am excited for christmas love you santa and Mrs.clause
    can i pls get a 1phone 12 or iphone 11

  238. Hi santa i dont know if you can do this but for Christmas i want to be with my family and cousins i miss them. I also would like a new tablet because the one i have is really old lol. Merry Christmas Santa

  239. Hi Santa
    I want a few things for Christmas the first one i don’t if you can do but i want to be with my family and cousins for Christmas i miss them a lot. I also want a new tablet lol!

  240. I don’t know what to say! Just that I love Christmas

    On Dasher
    On Dancer
    On Prancer
    On Vixen
    On Comet
    On Cupid
    On Donner
    On Blitzen
    (Hey- who forgot Rudolph!)

  241. santa u are so very sweet and so is mrs claus and im going to leave out some sugar cookies for u and milk


  243. Please come to Park Avenue in England. I have been really good. I hope you’re OK.

    Be careful on Christmas Eve.

  244. merry christmas! ive been really good this year, im leaving you out carrots for your reindeers, milk cookies, and a hoods golden eggnog cake with an eggnog glaze. ive done a huge outdoor display for you. did you get my christmas list, did you read it? do you know what im getting for christmas? my dogs macy, a white german shepherd, and yogi, an english cream golden retriever, have been really good. please leave them something special aswell. also whats your favorite christmas movie/

  245. Come to my home tonight now I got more food for you guys tonight we had a lovely party and drinks and food and treats and toys and crafts and toys Christmas Eve adopt me a star is born have you seen it in the December one or now and how ar you can come over tonight we got lots of fun things to do and food

  246. Hi Santa, hope you have a merry Christmas! Do you know what I’m getting for Christmas? Did you get my list? I look forward to tracking you on norad. I have a white German shepherd name macy and an English cream golden retriever name yogi, can you bring them something special ? They have been really good.

  247. Hello santa I’m looking forward to you coming to my house. I will leave some milk and cookies for you

  248. Hi, how are you doing? I hope you have a merry Christmas, and a nice journey. How come you haven’t done any blog posts this year?Did you get my Christmas list? I’m leaving you out hoods eggnog cake with an eggnog glaze, I’m making from scratch. I got a huge outdoor display for you to come and see

  249. Maleah would love you to adopt her now bye she sad here and her family is so so not nice to her and dad is a very grumpy old person

  250. Good morning, Santa! It is 4:41 am and I am starting to get ready to go to work. I am looking for some suggestions from you, the cookie expert! I know that you do not have a favorite type of cookie, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions for what kind I should make this year. I really just don’t know what kinds I feel like this year! Thank you!

  251. I hope Santa that you have a Merry Christmas . Take care of yourself during this pandemic. If there is someone who deserves a present or gift , it is you , your elves and Ms Claus. All if you work very hard for all the jubilant children around the world , I wish I could repay you back. On Christmas Eve , I will give you 6 cookies and milk for you to enjoy. I will also give your reindeer a carrot. Please tell your reindeers that they are the best operative animals. Thanks for all your hard work

  252. Hi Santa. My wish to you is to ride in your sleigh even though I know that it is impossible but even though there I’d magic in the air I just wish I could see you face to face this Christmas.
    Amelia who is now currently living in Dorset now 23 years old.

  253. Santa i love you so much will you come to Ethiopia pls and are my gift ready and my sister’s and brother come pls