Chocolate Santa – yummy & a funny story too! Click to read it!

Chocolate Santa
Chocolate Santa! Yummy and a funny story too!

I love chocolate.  Do you want yummy chocolate in your stocking for Christmas?  How about a chocolate Santa?

I like chocolate Santas.  It is silly eating candy that looks like me!  Uh oh, I just took a bite of my nose.  Ho ho ho.  It is also silly how chocolate Santas started.  It has a little to do with Clumsy the elf and a lot to do with ice skating.

Clumsy was helping in the chocolate factory.  He thought the work was too slow.  The baking elves had to drop small spoonfuls of melted chocolate one by one.  Then the chocolates were put in a big fridge.  The last step was to wrap up each chocolate in pretty Christmas candy paper.  It took a lot of elf power.

Clumsy’s idea only needed one elf.  A rope lifted a big pot of melted chocolate in the air.  Then an elf pulled the rope to tilt the pot up and down.  This dripped chocolate drops on the trays.  It worked great.  Good job Clumsy.

Now comes the part with ice skating.  Did you know reindeer like to ice skate?  Their hooves are natural ice skates.  They love it.  Well, all except Blitzen.

I was ice skating with the reindeer on the frozen pond.  Rudolph gave Blitzen a friendly push.  Blitzen started skating too fast.  “Watch out, Santa!” everyone yelled, but it was too late.  BOOM, Blitzen thumped into me.

The First Chocolate Santa!

We didn’t crash and we didn’t fall on the ice.  Instead, I ended up riding on Blitzen, backwards.  Blitzen didn’t stop.  He was still skating fast.  He skated off the pond.  Now he was running down the hill.  I was hanging on by his tail.  Guess what was at the bottom of the hill?  The chocolate factory.

Surprise!  Blitzen crashed through the door.  I fell off his back, BONK.  Then Blitzen’s antlers hit the pot of chocolate.  KAPOW, the pot tipped upside down and melted chocolate spilled all over me.  A cold wind blew in from the open door.  The soft, runny chocolate got stiff lickety-split.  Everyone laughed, but me.  My mouth was glued shut with chocolate!

The elves cracked the chocolate off and it was a tasty escape.  It gave the baking elves a great idea.  Chocolate Santa!  Well, chocolates in Santa shape.  Of course, smaller than the real size.

What Christmas candy do you like best?  Is it a chocolate Santa?

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think of my chocolate Santa story?  Is it funny?  What Christmas candy do you like best? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other Christmas candy people like to eat!

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19 special messages to Santa about “Chocolate Santa – yummy & a funny story too! Click to read it!”

  1. I love eclairs.tots amazing also they aren’t really for Christmas but sometimes they just appear on the dinner table at Christmas.also Nia are you called Nia cordy-mckenna also say “lol I love pigs” if you yeah its so far away from Christmas and even further away but my birthdays

  2. Hey you so cool I can’t wait for Christmasbecause Christmas is all about family and friends not all about present Am I White Santa love your firend Kate-Lynn

  3. Hi santa!
    My favorite candy is reses peices. they’re so good. And please put a chocolate santa in my stocking!


  4. Hi, my favourite Christmas candy is chocolate! I can’t get enough of it. I still have an Easter egg left! I hope you are ok. Hope the elves and Mrs Claus are good, too! Have an EXCELLENT Christmas. Can I also have a blade builders light saber for xmas!

    Lots and lots of love,


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