Christmas Cookies Reindeer Games!

Santa with gingerbread cookie. Santa loves Christmas cookies too!
Santa loves Christmas cookies too!

The Reindeer Games turned into adventure games today.

It was Cupid’s idea.  She really wanted to try bungee jumping.  Her idea was called “Cupid’s Christmas Cookie Challenge”.

You will never guess where the reindeer had to bungee jump from.  It was from the very top of the North Pole Christmas tree!  There was a huge bucket of cookies at the bottom.  Mmmmm!  Chocolate chip Christmas cookies.   Mrs Claus had baked a batch of extra big ones.  They were also extra gooey.  Yummy!

The winner of the challenge would be the reindeer who got the most cookies. The Christmas cookies had to stick to their antlers!

Cupid was the first to go.  Everyone did a countdown before she jumped. 3-2-1!  Her bungee jumped from the top of the tree.  “YIPEEEEEEE!!”  Her nose disappeared into the huge bucket.  BOING!  She bounced out again.

HOORAY!  She had four cookies stuck to her antlers.

Vixen was the next to go.  She dived from the top of the tree.  “WOOHOO!”  Her head disappeared into the huge bucket.

BADOING!  Out she bounced.  WHOOPEE!  She had six giant Christmas cookies stuck to her antlers.

Rudolph tried next.  He leapt from the top of the tree.  “GERONIMO!”  His whole body disappeared into the huge bucket!  He bounced out again.

Can you guess what had happened?

Christmas Cookies Are… Fun?

HHHOL!  He had cookies stuck all over him.  He had six Christmas cookies in his antlers.  And he had four more on his back.  And there were two more on his tail.  But the biggest and the gooiest cookie of them all was stuck to his bright red nose!  SLURP!  Rudolph licked it off.  YUM!  YUM!

“This is the best reindeer game ever,” said Rudolph.  “Three cheers for Cupid!”

Everyone clapped and cheered, “Hip hip hooray!”  And then everyone tucked in to some yummy scrummy Christmas cookies. Ho! Ho! And Ho how delicious!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What is your fav kind of Christmas cookies?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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39 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Cookies Reindeer Games!”

  1. My Favorate Christmas Cookies are the ones with the Christmas tree with the green frosting on it and the red little dots for the ornaments and the red or green little tiny sprinkles on top or on the top, Well I can’t wait to see all of the presants under neeth the Christmas Tree, Well bye

    Love you Santa Claus, Love your’s troughley Parker Noel Ragon

  2. OK someone…….. where can i get the elf on the shelf i want it so when i put it on my shelf it will move YAY so exited for christmas

    Merry christmas everyone and a happy new years

  3. I like plain cookies with sprinkles on them. P.S. Elves, if you get my letter please make my little sister a kite, and my little brother a skateboard. But make mine a surprise.


  4. Hi my name is hannah and i just want to tell santa i have been a little bit bad not alot and my favriote cookies are fudge and santa i am leaving out egg nog and choclote chip cookies out this xmas love ya xoxox … xoxoxo I LOVE SANTA!!

  5. My favorite kind of cookie is chocolate chip with frosting. And what kind of cookies do you want me to put out for YOU???

  6. My favorite kind of Christmas cookies are
    peanut butter and sugar cookies.I like peanut butter cookies because they are extra yummy with Hershey’s and they are just plan yummy without the Hershey’s. Thank you for reading my letter!

  7. My favorite cookie is this cookie with a lot of cofect sugar and its in the shape of a moon. I miss when my Oma used to make them for me.

  8. speaking of cookies santa I did something bad ok so just as I was setting those delicious chocolate chip cookies on the table I may have eaten them by accident of course

  9. I love you Santa!!! I want to take a picture with you to proove to my friend Kimberly that you are real.She dos not believe that you are real and she told me that she has been a very naughtey girl.

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