Christmas Day 2011

One very tired Santa!
One very tired Santa!

Ho! Ho! Ho! andMerry Christmas!

Well, the reindeer and I are very tired!

It was a very long night.  But it was a very fun night!

I hope you had fun this morning too!

There are many people I have to thank for helping me.

I want to thank the elves and reindeer.  They are such good helpers.  Hurray for the elves and reindeer!

I should thank the grown-ups too.  Sometimes I wonder what I would do without them.  Hurray for all the grown-ups!  (I hope you thank the grown-ups too!)

Of course, I have to thank Mrs. Claus!  Hurray for Mrs. Claus!

But most of all, I want to thank all the kids!  I want to thank you for the nice drinks and treats for me and apples, carrots and other goodies for the reindeer.  Thank you for the great letters and emails too!  Hurray for you!

I hope everyone enjoys the presents that I brought.  The elves worked very hard making them just for you!

I know there are many kids I could not bring any presents to this year.  Or, I had to bring them a present different from what they wanted.

I am very sorry if I could not bring you what you wanted.  I know you really wanted it.  I am sad I could not bring it.  I know you are sad about it too.

But, I want you to always remember something.  Santa Claus and everyone at the North Pole love you very much.  It does not matter what Santa brings you.  He still loves you — almost as much as your grown-ups do!

The most important gifts are the ones that Santa cannot bring.  After all, Christmas does not come in boxes and bags.  It does not come from a sleigh or a store!  If you have people that love you and a warm, safe place to live then Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Did you like the presents ?  You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!

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146 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Day 2011”

  1. Dear santa I love you did you know I learned every thing on earth

    I really want since books math books art dolls. Arbies dresses-

  2. Dear santa thankyou for all of the presents and to you elves i cant wait untill next christmas I cant believe i will be 5

  3. Last year I was spending Christmas time at S.T Barths!I got Christmas presents early. On Christmas I got candy and some toys in my stocking that I brought with me to S.T Barths!!Last year was fun but now I moved!

  4. roof roof i am a dog can i haave a dog toy for christmas roof roof your the best….. merry christmas your the best… …send this comment on to your elevs roof from misty o i am 3 by the way by roof roof roof roof roof roof roof roof roof roof roof roof roof

  5. i “love you love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love you”!and your halpers and chrismas to!lol! “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”im an angle i love god!>”::) yes i mean every thing i said

  6. i want a dog this christmas im afraid to hunt i can’t play soccer or football what can i have else sincerley robert

  7. it is now alomst 2013 last x mas i got what i wanted and i hope this year i will get what i want to if you cant that is ok

  8. i loved my presents it was the best christmas ever but how did you build the treehouse in time and how did you know what tipe of clothes i liked mabye this year will be better merry christmas santa and everyone at the north pole and the elves i epricheate your hard work once again merry christmas.ho ho ho p.s you are write some of my friends have said things about you not katie or katlin they beleave in you p.p.s i cant wait to get a letter from you through my own door i am the only one in my class who gets a letter off you merry christmas everyone.

  9. I could not imagine how you would fell after going to each house WOW it is a big job hope mrs clause had a cup of tea ready or some cookies

  10. dear santa you got me every thing i wanted this year i want a kenct and an ipad this year. thnx for the nook with a camera it was fabo and the red guitar totally u r so awsome sincerly livi

  11. hi santa i really wont a tabelt the tuch pad ore a ipad ore a dog i loved 2011 last year this year i wot to be more exsited
    but i wont to see the santa tracker i like watching you fly across the wold/cuntry and last chrismas i watched you everuy day because i was so exsiuted sorry my meassege is so long and my mastaces at spellings lol im askin if i can sleep dawen stairs on chrismas eve ad chrismas to see if you come i really do wont to see you and i hope you enjoy your milk ad your cookies and rudof the carrots ore the wrice 🙂 biy the way it is the friday 26th october 2012 it is neally november yey by santa

  12. thank you santa for the candy and the rest of the stuff you got me! i still play with it now. that`s how much i love the stuff and everyone at the north pole!

    p.s i`m so excited or chrstmas 2012

  13. Thankyou for all the presents last year and over all the years3 they were great.I would like to thank the raindears for flying around the world all night.

  14. thank you santa for your presents you gave to me last year this year i know you will not dissipoint me cause last year i loved it 😀

  15. how long did you take to travel around the world? how old are you? how many elfs are there? if you remember my email addres which is {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!}
    then send me emails and the answers to the questions.

  16. Santa i can still remember last year Christmas and soon i am going on November the 5th on Monday to Disneyland Paris in Florida and there are 35 days until Florida in Disneyland Paris love Laura Sarah Davis xxx

  17. i loved my prsents thank you everyone santa please do not be sad it is okay if you do not bring me what i want i will aways like it thank you

  18. Yes, I loved last Christmas, but 2010 was my fav, with all that snow, we never get snow! I can’t wait till this Christmas 2!

  19. hi santa you do a very good job at being santa you bring my little sister and brother prezzis that they have dreamed for and so have i hip hip hurry to santa.

  20. I loved my super mario galaxy game I have loved it ever since and I was begging my parents that I wanted to go downstairs but my dad said not until my mum gets up (which took 20 minutes)But I also loved my stoking presents I like the stocking presents and the tree presents all the same. but I do not mind if Santa brings me some presents I did not put on my list because every present is special because it came from Santa and Santa knows me very well.

  21. i love my prsents it does not mater what you bring me as long it is everyone at north pole i will allway love it do not be sad santa because i am not sad i like my present each and everyone of them thank you everyone love bailey

  22. thanyo for all of my many many presents i loved each and every one of them so much i hope you where not to tired and that you like my milk cookies

    hohoho merry christmas
    ps lol thakyou s very much santa
    from emily

  23. I hope you had a good travel! I have a question. How many houses do you visit?

    Enjoy your very nice break from your flight!

  24. Dear Santa last year and every year you bring the best presents even if they are not on my list but I don’t like tombs greedy so I don’t put all the stuff I want on my list so I will of still loved my gifts

    Love you lots Anna

  25. Hello Santa I sent you LOADS of emails and I Still have to send you a thank you letter from last christmas. Anyway GREAT blog I really like it. Thumbs up!

  26. Santa, I Thank You for bringing wonderful presents to me and my siblings. To be honest, I didn’t list the painting kit in my Wish List but it’s really helpful at times when I need help especially the brushes and different color paints. I promise I will do everything I can to be a good girl this year and Thank You once again.
    P.S. I got straight A’s in my report card so I’ll show you later in my Wish List 🙂

  27. i thinkthe people that say hey dont elivin santa really do but hey think ifthytel any one they will ak un ot o them xxx

  28. i allways will like what you bring me and i will not be sad because i know that you all love me and i do not care what you bring me because i know it is from all your hearts besides you allway know what i want and i love it love you all forever and allways

  29. Thanks soo much for the presents you brought me this year, and every year for that matter. I really like that you have been putting more posts on you’re blog all year long because I love christmas all year long. And i love to look at other people comments too because i thought i was the only one who does christmas stuff in may, right now i’m watching elf, so gotta go 😀

  30. Santa you are wright Christmas is a little bit more than just presents Christmas is about family that you spend time with and the ones we all true love …

  31. oh santa i loved the prents but most of all im sorry i dint leve you a snack but that night i left you a caret for rodof and milk love lauuren

  32. i love you loads santa and thank you for all the lovely presents you bring me every year i dont love you only for your presents but lots of other things to im sure you know so xoxoxoxo for all of you. bye bye

  33. christmas is my favorite! not only because of the gifts, also because it celebrates god’s birthday! i love him so much he’s my invisible friend! santa clause is also about to be my invisible friend,too! p.s, sorry if i’ve been naughty this year!

  34. Hi santa how are you. I am great. i am just sitting down on the couch sending a letter to you.better let you go


  35. In that picture Santa sure look tired I sent an email to him if you don’t belevie you can go to email santa .com and dear santa my first name is

  36. sarry but i need to know when tris birthday is plz tell me i realy need to know when so i can have him a birthday party

  37. Hey Santa How are you doing? i liked the purple hat that you gave me for christmas with the with pompom from you and the ski jacket from mrs claus Thank Your for the the purple hat with the white pompom and the ski jacket from mrs claus I had a good Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Birthday To Santa and mrs claus and the elves and the reindeer From Camryn Have a good time at the North Pole Have a Happy New Year

  38. Santa you must of been very tired going all around the world for little girla and boys, and in the morning your back to normal because you can see the smiles on each and everyones face in the world!

  39. I loved the presents that you brought me. And I get what you are saying, Christmas does not come in gifts or bags it comes in love from your very own family!

  40. Omg u sent such awesome stuff. manicure set, stuff from bath and body works! Hersheys chocolates in Chicago when i live in India and the best an IPOD TOUCH.OMG OMG OMG. Tanx a many!

  41. i had an amzing morning.
    ps: thankyou for all my lovely presants it’s even better than what i put on christmas list!
    hugs and kisses

  42. Hi santa! its jessica sauka i just went on your blog um you allmost got evrything on my list but not miley cyrus pone number i was disaponted but i liket christmas it was fun i know it was just christmas but could you please call me please ill do anything oh and could bonnie the elf call me too please? bye santa love Jessica

  43. Thanks so much for all the presents! I love each and everyone of them! And thanks for leaving all the presents at my grandparents house!( sorry I forgot to tell you not to leave presents at my grandparents house for me there!)

  44. omgosh thanks Santa I love my Ipod nano and you just knew that I wanted it in PINK! my sisters loved their presents too wow you knew what we all wanted Macey was so happy to see her hoola hoop and Sarah was surprised to see a keyboard! , thank you sooooooooo much ,

  45. Thank u thank u thank u 4 what u gave us.
    I luv the Harry Potter Legos.

    Your BFF(best friend 4-ever)

    P.S.HO!HO!HO! 🙂

  46. Thank you for every single one of my Christmas presents I love them to bits. I use my ipod touch every day to communicate with friends and so on….I love you Santa xxx

  47. santa you are cool but my cousin stayed up and was on his phone so i was asleep and he just stayed awake #1 fan love wanda

  48. I only got 2 presents from you and my little sister KAylen got like 5. I like what I GOT BUT I Did really want a kindell fire

  49. i love the gifs i got but also the gif from my brothr chris baxter toke me to chrmimnigfaire far on chrismas eve day to see dsanta ands his reindeers

  50. Dear Santa,
    Thank you so much for the Tangled movie. I love it sooooo much. Also, thanks for the horse calendar. I haven’t placed it up in my room yet but I know I will. Got 2 run. Hope you come to my house next year


  51. hello santa i loved the presents that you brought me they were sooooo nice i realy do thank you for doing all that work for all the good boys and girls and sending those presents from the north pole to places around the world

  52. omg i woke up and saw a 3ds moter scooter dolls feathers for hair and lots of train and car and even mario cart tracks and outfits pj,s and lots of outher stuff thanks for that santi claus we were not good all year (anost) but yer a nice person

  53. omg Santa I adored the presents:) I got everything I wanted even when I left the note saying I wanted a big teddy bear I got one:) well that’s another Christmas season over for this year YOU ARE THE BEST AND THANK YOU FOR THE TOYS

  54. Thank you Santa for my iPod touch I am on it right now and the colored speaker I found out and it was really cool.i also wanted to thank u for the Barbie u left me and headphones I was soooooooooooo happy . Once again thank u for the presents and candy . Thank u

  55. i love love love my new compter!!!! i am using it write now! do my elves have to leave? i miss them so mutch i almosted cryed this morningi when they were i left them. give them a big hug and kiss from me!!! i saw my raindee! i named it jamie!!!! i love you!

  56. I loved all the presents you got for me..Even if I did not get all the stuff I wanted.Thank you for doing all that hard work.I love you!! !Alana Harris is my name

  57. dear santa I hope you and mrs claus have a happy new year. p.s. I did not get any thing for christmas but I now that it is not your that you try to so I hope next year I will have someing for you and the reindeer next year ok love you all form jeff

  58. Dear santa I hope you and the elves have a happy new year I did not any for christmas year Ihope next year i am sorry that I did not have any thing for you this christmas I will try to have some thing for you next year ok love you all form jeff

  59. I love you Santa and I would like to thank you lots for the new cell phone and all the minutes!I hope you enjoyed the cookies,I made them myself!

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