Christmas Eve – Santa’s Big Flight!


Hello boys and girls around the world!  There is only 1 more sleep until Christmas morning!  That’s right, only 1 MORE SLEEP until the best day of the year is here!  (Can you hear the elves cheer!?)

I am putting on my warm clothes.  Mrs. Claus made sure I have my special Santa Claus suit.  I have my boots.   I have my nice warm hat.  I have my mittens.   I am all ready!   The elves even put the nose warmers on the reindeer.

As soon as I finish writing this I will hop in my sleigh!  The sleigh is all packed.   And the reindeer are ready to go!  I just wanted to send you a special message first.

“Make sure you leave out,
A stocking or shoe,
And leave some room,
For a present or two!
Remember some goodies,
For Santa to chew,
And go to bed,
When the adults ask you!”

Oh yes, I have a special treat for you this year!  Make sure you visit tonight.  You can help “Elf Control” track me on my trip.   There will even be live messaging!  You can see what the elves and I are saying to each other!  It is going to be a lot of fun!

Well, the Head Elf is telling me everything is ready.  It is time for me to go!  I just have to give Mrs. Claus a big kiss goodbye!  <<SMOOCH!>>

And now I am on my way!
With reindeer guiding my sleigh.
With presents and toys,
For good girls and boys,
To open Christmas Day!

“Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!”

Santa Claus

P.S.  Tonight you can leave a message for me beside the milk and cookies and other treats!  Sleep tight and I’ll see you soon!

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198 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Eve – Santa’s Big Flight!”

  1. Hi! You are the best. I would like some candy In my stocking and………………
    anything else! You can surprise me! (I love surprises!)

    OMG! I can’t believe I’m talking to Santa!
    Have a Merry X-mas!

  2. If you see 1 or 2 grownups awake those are my parents. My dad comes from work kinda of late and he really wants to see if your real. ( My parents don’t believe in you but I do! So sad….).
    Have a holly Christmas! PS: Please leave some stuff in my stocking like candy and little things. If you can, I would like a sleeping mask in my stocking. Thank you Santa!
    Your Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Santa,
    I know I already sent you a email but I just wanted to ask 2 questions. How do you know where we live without us telling u? And what do u do when It’s not Christmas?

    I would like some candy and a sleeping mask and maybe other small things in my stocking. Bye Santa!

  4. Dear Santa,
    Hi santa(: i know its about 3 months until christmas but im soo excited! i just wish it was already December!(: this year im gunna leave out cookies milk and carrots for the reindeer(: and Mrs. Claus and elves are more than welcome to come to my house to help you out with all those cookies(:

  5. cant wait for Christmas Eve and Christmas when i open my presents i hope i get a doll wait was this lasts years im not sure

  6. we wish you a merry christmas!What time will you come to our house on christmas eve?we love you.

  7. Dear Santa,
    I can not wait till christmas eve.I will leave you the same goodies like I always leave you.Please tell Mrs.Claus,elves,and the reindeer especially Rudolph that I said hi.I will be asleep so you can come to my house and leave me presents.I hope you have a Merry Christmas.You are really jolly.The End

  8. Hi Santa,my elf took a letter to you just a couple of days ago.Can’t wait to track you down on Friday [Christmas Eve]!

  9. i khow that santa has 10 of them yes 10!!!!!! omg (oh my goss) bye x x x x x x x x x x x x x xxx xx x x x x x x x xx x x x xx xxxxxxxxx

  10. can you call me santa so i can talke to you and ruldolp. can you ask ruldolp if he wants to be friends. and do you want to be my friend santa. rite back savannah i miss you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much i could cry santa i wish i could see you real kwice on christmas eve

  11. Hi santa i hope you have a good chrismas.and i want to say to rudolph how are you doing good budy.ive got you some treats.and i hope your ready for your cookies santa.are all the elfs doing all right.santa thank you for a good chrismas.mary chrismas ho ho ho

  12. www santa elves please write back to me again and i will write back to all of you all again i love the north pole forever and i will be there at thje north pole one of my vacation all of you will be looking at me all again special delievery at the north pole again i was so good all of the years again and i want the elfs stuff pleaase thank you again at the nortrh pole again please pick up the letters at the jewel cosoc side please any days i put it there .p. s fransicas lottle is mall bad boy again wont not listen at all not say esme his self at all at all liear out of his mouth all again and bobo in the clothes looking at the bottie and buds take the blizers off on him and 12 5 all the last friends not my boy friend at all hear herd fransicas liear jame lottle he is not now where his house at all not take the drive ed class at all not no santa not no angel at all fransicas liear jame lottle not write on my back write on my nick getting at the bulls game every days not miss a day at all how are all of you all at the north pole friends forever and i want the gifts all again please i was so good all of the years again and i believe magice forever in all of your life and please remrember me at the north pole i was littie girl i believe in the magice the forever and i want to say i want to be christams party if you and the reaindeers with me please all of you at the north pole forever again .www to santa elves love santa special girl lynda mccullough

  13. Hello santa im watching Santa Claus 3 The Escape Claus cant wait till Christmas tommorow is the first day of December that means today only 25 mors sleeps till CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!Wish me good luck on all my test in school BYE

  14. Hello santa i all ready emaild you at email but at the end of it i forgot to say i love the world, animals and my family(of course):) just to let you know i think you know but landen as been acting up so make you chack on him more then you do us meaning me and braedon!! THANK YOU FOR BEING SO NICE:)

  15. i just finished watching To Grandma’s House We Go, it was such a good movie. cant wait until christmas this year santa ! xx

  16. Hi Santa how is everybody doing at the North Pole and how are you.I sent you a letter in the mail yesterday.I have sent you a email I sent it to you last night so you might want to check it.What time do you come to our house on christmas eve.If it is not to late i might stay up and see you.WHO are the elves in Sharon.Well i got to go making cookies.HO HO HO!!!!!!!

  17. HI Santa how are you doing.How is everybody at the north pole.I am sending you a letter tomorrow in the mail.Cant wait until christmas eve.We wake up at 6:30 in the mornin.Love You

  18. you having fun at the nourth pole have i think your awsome if you wernt with us we wodent have chismas

  19. hay did you get it haves santa got 8 or not like molly it sayed i know you got the leter the service is very quick! like that you see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dear santa claus i cant wait til mornin. i will leave cookies and milk for you. i also will leave the reindeer food.



  22. Hi,santa
    I know you read my letter!!The service is very QUICK ha!ha!ha!
    I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Molly xxxxxxxx

  23. girls and boysCan you tel me santa have you got 8 reindeers?. I think there is only 8 but i wont to be up to date.pleese tell me soon thanks caroline.

  24. Santa you must be tierd you had a big flight you rock xoxoxo p.s BFF(best freinds forever)love Tara xoxoxoxo

  25. santa, tell mrs. claus i said hi. santa christmas is my favorite holiday. you are the best santa we ever had because you are the bomb and no one can replace you. so i want you to know that to me christmas is your birthday. in 33 days happy birthday santa. you are the BESSSSST.

  26. Hi santa cant wait for christmas me and my 5 year old sister believe you are real come to our house pleas ewe are really good kids

  27. hey santa
    please dont forget to come to my house and wake me up if you come. how long dose it take you to get round every house in the world

  28. Heyy Santa Still Waiting For The Days To Go By Till Christmas I Really Want A Black Berry Bold 9700 For Christmas And A Ed Hardy Case Please Make Sure Ill Get It I’ve Got Lots Of Nice Goodies For Yhoo And The Reindeers Carn’t Wait Till Christmas Well Bye Santa

    From Georgia 😀 p.s Make Sure My Older Sis Gets Nothing Shes Selfish (I Know That Sounded Harsh But Its True)

  29. dear santa,

    this year i have been a very good girl and i hope you have a very good christmas eve.

    p.s.enjoy your cookies

  30. Hey if Johnny bubbles is reading this I want to say that I love you and I missed you all year. I hope that I see you soon and I really want to bless you for all the things you have done.

  31. Dear Santa
    i love xmas so much that i wish it was xmas every day. cant wait to see u soon
    thats why i love xmas so much x x x

  32. thank you santa for all the presents every year (: i love you lots and lots like jellytots (elves) (: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. Thankyou for my letter i am really pleased and grateful you replied i can’t wait till christmas you are the best.

    Love from Jacey-j-Caddell xxxxxx

  34. I’d rather have you ive all my gits I’ve ever gotten to kids that never got gifts. But at the same time i love to open gifts on christmas day. Especially a new ipod touch. I would really love that. I wih I could give you and all the elves a gift, but I dont have that much money. I’ll always beleive in you no matter how old i am. Even though if Im 12. Haha. Merry Christmas. 🙂

  35. Hi santa. I hope you are having fun making presents cause I know it would be hard for me to make gifts for every one in the world(except the naughty ones). I hope you have a Merry Christmas. The gifts don’t matter, what matters is being with your family

  36. Hier again I’m so excited wahoooo I love christmas day and christmas eve there the best days ever i promise to leave food out for you and your reindeers

    Love Shelby,kelly,simon ,alfie,ozzie and roxy

  37. i cant wait till it is christmas eve when u come and again i thank u a whole bunch for the presents u give me and everybody else i wil give u lots of cookies and milk and oh what kind of cookies do u want and i hope the raindeer and u dont get tierd and tell the elves i said HI***** and thank u again and can i please get the computer and the black wii if that is no problem** **i love ur new blog **

  38. Santa I am excited on december 24th
    love you. I want to see you live righ now can Parveen!!!

  39. dear Santa
    you are the best and i can not wait
    Un til christmas i love you


    love Amy

  40. christmas is 85 sleeps away but i am already in the christmas sperit.i like wating but i also like it when it is christmas eve.when ever i think about christmas i get butterflys.everyone sez that it is too eraly to think about christmas but it is so not love u ,shealyn

  41. good luck going around all the big countries.i hope you have a good time and you diliver all of your presents in your given time.

  42. I cant wait for Xmas!! Even though it is ages away, it might go quick! Like most children, they stay up to see if they can see santa claus but I dont! I think that if you sleep it will be quicker to wake up to christmas! On christmas eve i am so exited and cant get to sleep. My nanna and grandad always come round on christmas eve, because my grandad vidios me opining my presents! I always get up early on christmas day (round half 7 to 8) because i just want gto open them!!!!

  43. hey santa! hope you are having a wonderful time in The North Pole! just wanted to take the time to say hi! how are you doing? how are the reindeer and elves? hows Mrs. Claus? we are doing just fine. Just wanted to see how you were doing.

  44. Are you getting ready for the big night? i know it’s kind of far away, but it’s better to start early! What’s it like traveling the world? i’ve always wanted to see your sleigh flying around on christmas eve night, but it never happens! maybe i’ll see you this year! talk to you later santa! 🙂

  45. I am already on countdown for cristmas santa and I cart wait plese can i have a lego airport a lego truk and a lego cargo plane for cristmas hope you lice the fings i leve you evry cristmas i mean the food and drink and reindeer food i will go on the intenet to emele you i am on cristmas blog this moment

  46. Hi Santa,
    I’m so glad it’s Christmas Eve! I always get to go to my aunt’s house today and once I saw Rudolph’s nose glowing! I’ve been a really good girl this year so can you please get me a laptop thank you!

    p.s. my sister doesn’t believe anymore unless you get me the laptop so please do!

  47. santa is it good down at the north pole hope you do not get to chilly do you play snowball fights with the elfs and rudolf do you make snow angels hope you have a good time dilivering the next lot of presents lots of love hugs kisses love from shannon ps the one who sent you a letter about 20 minutes ago i wont be sad if i dont have all what i want i am not spoilt lots of love from shannonxx

  48. I will be sleeping when you come on Christmas Eve. Remember 223 more sleeps till Christmas. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

  49. santa i wud luv too cum on the sleigh with you and eat cuckies and drink hot chocolate and say Merry Christmas too all and too all a gud nite from dillon o connor in ireland.

  50. santa whats it like living in the north pole and i cant wait till christmas

  51. i love you santa your my favorite guy of all your better than the easter bunny you know that right

  52. Santa, I know it may be a little bit late to be saying this– but Merry Christmas from a kid who loves you and is writing this in the middle of February!!!!!!!!!!

  53. remember me you called me four times and sent me a letter last christmas ,and i tracked you at! in google earth!!!! cool huh? how is bif to?

  54. Hey i cant wait until next christmas,last christmas santa actully called me!!!!! santa thank you so much and bif see if you can have time to call me ok you mite remember me remember us chatting well ijust cannot wait, santa how is the robot santa you remember charles you told me about that letter you sent me in the mailbox you remember well ok bye merry christmas!=)

  55. mighty thank you for all my gits can you wait to this years christmas
    is a sory
    the potato peple
    every friday jack’s mother works every friday jack spends the day with grandma this is grandma’s house
    they play hide and seek they romp roly- poly on the ground they read stories and they eat cake one friday the clouds were big and black and the rain dribbled down



  58. How do you make it in one night?!You are so cool!You do such a big job!I wish you Mrs.Claus and the elves a Merry Christmas!

  59. So sweet santa claus i like you and even your elves and work harder as you can in the north pole. By the way good luck work harder bye now!

  60. I hope you are ok in this cold weather.I hope all of the other reindeer are fine.Say hi to Mrs. Claus for me!

  61. hi santa claus i was wondering how did you become santa claus? P.S please tell the elfs,mrs.claus,and all the reindeers.


  62. hope you are careful and lots of good goodies!don’t lose eney toys!love you santa clause! lov,shanna, OR., Bandon

  63. Dear Santa,
    Thank you for giving everyone around the world a present or two. What do you want for christmas because you never ask for anything in return. Please write back soon.

    Cheyenne and Jade

  64. Santa i love it when i come down on christmas morning and see the presents under the tree! i am 11 and i still belive! please come to my house first in Canada!

  65. santa do the reindeer get sad when they cant see snow do you ever battle jack frost to see who is the best legendary figure guess what jack jack is not very nice you gave me that brother last Christmas can you take him back.
    PS your kinda a jerk for kissing some persons mom

  66. I am so excited it is christmas eve!
    i have spent the day screaming my head off. please come to my house i have been a good girl.
    merry christmas! i am going to leave you a mince pie and the reindeer are going to have the special lovely reindeer food they usually have . i hope they like it and my sister makes it

  67. Hi Santa, Do reindeer REALLY play monopoply? If so, I would love to play it with them! it’s one of my favourite games!!! by the way, if rudolphs nose nose needs polishing, then come to me! (and eat lots of carrots so you can see in the dark too!)

  68. Hiya Santa,
    I am 10 now so I know a bit more of you, and I would just like to say good luck for tonight and please let my house be the first house you come to in the north east of england united kingdom

  69. Please, Santa,I’m desperate! I forgot my brother and pets! I got my mum a seperate present, my dad, and my friends and family. I got my brother a present… but not a seperate one! If you could leave on for him in my ‘Bribe for Santa’ pocket as you take out the gift I made YOU, pop it in there so I can see it! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!1

  70. do the elfs get presant too becuase they work so very hard? Do the reindeer have time to play in the snow?

  71. Good luck, Santa, and Merry Christmas! May your holidays be filled with joy, peace, and happiness. Cant wait until tomorrow morning! =D

    – Carly

  72. Santa what envirement do you live in? I wish I could go
    to the North Pole to see you and eat cookies.

  73. Santa is it comfy sitting in the Sleigh? I wish I could go in the Sleigh with you with Rudolf and the other Reindeer pulling us!

  74. Does it snow all year in the North Pole? I bet everyone in the North Pole is happy on Christmas day!Do the Elves make snow angels and what type of games do the reindeer play?

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