Christmas Eve 2018!

Christmas Eve Santa's in his sleigh
Merry Christmas Eve!


Hello boys 👦🏼 and girls 👧🏽 around the world!  Finally there is only 1 more sleep until Christmas morning!  That’s right, only 1 MORE SLEEP until the best day of the year is here!  (Can you hear the elves cheer!?)

I am putting on my warm clothes.  Mrs. Claus made sure I have my special Santa Claus suit.  Of course, I have my boots.  Then Mrs. Claus gave me my mittens as well as my nice warm hat.  Now I am all ready!  And of course the elves put the nose warmers on the reindeer.

As soon as I finish writing this I will hop in my sleigh!  After all, the sleigh is all packed.  The reindeer are ready to go also.  Before we takeoff, I just wanted to send you a special message.

A Christmas Eve message from Santa!

Make sure you leave out,
A stocking or shoe,
And leave some room,
For a present or two!
Remember some goodies,
For Santa to chew,
And go to bed,
When the adults ask you!

Oh yes, I have a special treat for you!  Make sure you visit tonight.  Then you can help “Elf Control” track me on my Christmas Eve trip and watch this year’s Santa Snooper!  The Santa Snooper is a special webcam I put on the front of my sleigh so you can track me on my famous flight tonight!  Of course, all kinds of funny things happen every year so I know it will be fun to watch.

There will also be live texting!  That is, you can see what the elves and I are saying to each other!  🔔 Jumping Jingle Bells 🔔, it is going to be a lot of fun!

Remember also to leave out your 😈 Naughty or Nice certificate 😇!

Well, the Head Elf is telling me it is Jingle Time!  Everything is ready!  It is time for me to go! I just have to give Mrs. Claus a big kiss goodbye!  💋💋💋<<SMOOCH!>> 💋💋💋

And now I am on my way!
With reindeer guiding my sleigh.
With presents and toys,
For good girls and boys,
To open Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Tonight, please leave your message for me beside the treats!  Merry Christmas!

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51 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Eve 2018!”

  1. hi santa i just love when you come round on your sleigh at night if its ok can you say that i said hi mrs clause and t the reindeers i thank you for the presents every year i would like t travel to he north pole myself like the move so i could see the hole village and shops and more it will be nice to meet your cute tin elfs what i would like for christmas this may be a bit early well i mean really early what i want for christmas is a notebook an pen and a new bag thank you santa from amelia

  2. hi santa i would like for christmas
    little mix new cd
    sarah brightman calender
    thats what i call christmas cd
    castleford tigers large shirt

  3. Santa, I’ve always wanted Christmas to be every day but now I know that Christmas is special so if it was every day it won’t be so I’ve decided to wait even though I have to wait I am super Duper excited!

  4. rode box bule talk to me on Christmas eve night
    elf rode wite talk to me on Christmas eve night
    say need all gife to me on Christmas eve paulshaw
    angel talk to me on Christmas gife
    god love you santaclaus elf mrs claus

  5. Christmas.
    Christmas forpaul
    Red cam. For Christmas
    Magical power. Santa. Bell
    Bulid house. Games. On the. Lap top
    Magic t. Paulshaw. Christmas
    Christmas for Paul. Shaw.

  6. Hi its me, one of your favourite kids in London! I hope you had a wonderful day! Ho Ho Ho!

    I wish all my luck to you! I promise I’ll will leave some delicious cookies for you on Christmas eve! Have a nice!

  7. I didn’t get what I want for Christmas:( Hope you bring me something magical this year:) Thanks For Coming to Massachusetts and taking the carrots! Love, Keitaba

  8. Hey Santa.Am sorry i didn’t leave cookies or milk.But what i want for Christmas is a skateboard for me and a bike for my brother on the next Christmas.

  9. Hi Santa I really hope I get a Xbox one in really exited to wake up tomorrow school starts soon again sad
    NEWS but I do like school I do I do

  10. Dear Santa I hope you liked my cookies last night. I tried to stay up and wait for you to get to Genoa but I fell asleep. I am 15 and I still believe in you. How do you come in my house there’s no chimney?

  11. hey santa sence you eat so many cookie and milk im going to give you soda and cookies this year we all love you and merry christmas

  12. Hello Santa! I got a b+on my naughty or nice list and I wish you,the reindeer,Mrs.claws,the elves,and Antwon else! I will be shareing my stocking tonight with my dog potato! I also have a note and a present for you and Santa paws.I got you a present because you never get any presents! and you never get to spend time with your family because you are always trying to bring presents for the good boys and girls. I thought you really could deserve that.‍‍‍✌️I really like sending emojis to!


  13. Me and my brother forgot our stockings at our house (we’re at our grandma and grandpa’s house) please leave the goodies that were supposed be in the stockings by the TV beside the Christmas tree.


  14. hi santa , me and my siblings wanted to say a big happy merry xmas for u your elves an mrs claus merry xmas i hope you have a good one byeeee

  15. Hi santa it’s Hannah your friend from Newmains Merry Christmas I hope you have a wonderfull Christmas and a happy new year

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