Christmas excitement – Robo-elf has a new name!

Christmas excitement for Robo-elf
Robo-elf learns about
Christmas excitement

Ho Ho Kids!  We have some Christmas excitement at the North Pole.  And it’s not just because we’re counting down to Christmas!

I want to thank all of you for voting for Robo-elf’s name. We had so many votes we almost needed Robo-elf to count them only we didn’t want to ruin the Christmas excitement and surprise. So Clumsy and a couple of the other elves and I did the counting. We couldn’t wait to tell Robo-elf.

After we counted all the votes twice to make sure we had it right we called Robo-elf into our counting room. (It was really the kitchen but counting room seemed more official.)


Robo-elf rolled into the room and asked, “What can I help you with?  What is all the Christmas excitement?” We all looked at him and smiled. “I love seeing your smiles, but your smiles do not answer my question. So I repeat what can I help you with?”

I walked over and patted Robo-elf on the shoulder. I looked him in his electronic eyes and said, “We called you here because we have good news for you. The kids have chosen a name for you!”

Robo-elf started spinning and clapping at the same the time. He also kept shouting “Yahoo! Yippee!!! Yeah for me!!!!!” He stopped spinning and clapping. He looked at me. “Wow that was fun! Now I know what Christmas excitement feels like!” He tapped himself on the head. “But I’m sure it’s not nearly as fun as learning my name. Please tell me what the kids chose?”

Christmas Excitement Is In The Air!

I grinned and told him, “Jingles….Your name Robo-elf is now Jingles.”

“jingles, Jingles, JINGLES,” he said, pronouncing it louder each time.

“Do you like it?” Clumsy asked.

Robo-elf shook his head. “Nope….”

“What?” we all said.

Robo-elf’s face became a giant smile. “I LOVE IT!” he shouted, while leaping into the air. He calmed down and took a deep robotic breath. “Please tell the kids I love, Love, LOVE the name!”

“Will do my friend,” I told him. So kids from now on Robo-elf will be called Jingles the Robo-elf. Or just  Jingles  for short! Great job kids.

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you like Robo-elf, oops, I mean,  Jingles  new name?  Do you like your name?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people wrote.

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14 special messages to Santa about “Christmas excitement – Robo-elf has a new name!”

  1. I love Christmas! Don’t you Santa?I already asked you for my wishlist so please do not forget to bring them!ThankYou in advance!

  2. Hi, am I to old to love Christmas and still believe in Santa. Well, I don’ care. I have an elf on the shelf named C.J. You probably already know that, though. I am 12 years old and can’t wait for Christmas!!

  3. Dear Santa,

    I can not wait for Christmas because i am spending it with my dad and them.Can you send a elf on the shelf to are house please send one . How are the elfs doing are they beging as jolly as they are sopposed to be. love

  4. Hi Santa I would just like to say that thank you for delivering all of my presents that I have always wanted for the past 6 years love you Santa.

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