Christmas Hints – What is one month today?

Christmas hints
Christmas hints

Everyone keeps leaving me hints today it seems.  Of course, at the North Pole, anytime anyone leaves a hint, we call it a Christmas Hint!  HHHOL!

But there’s something that happens one month today and I can’t remember what it is!

The elves have been dancing around with jingle bells and leaving Christmas hints.  They keep singing “Santa Claus is coming to Town” and saying “One Month Today!”  They like to point to the big pile of presents they have been making too.

Sherlock Elf keeps telling me “Lots of good boys and girls this year, Santa”.  And I’m thinking, did I forget to check my list and then check it twice?  But I just checked it twice this morning. So it can’t be that.

The reindeer have been leaving hints too – they keep prancing around with their jingle bells on and saying “One Month Today!”

Even Mrs. Claus is giving me Christmas hints!

Even Mrs. Claus has been hinting – she keeps pulling out my suit and brushing it and saying “One Month Today!”

When I look at her strange, Mrs. Claus just giggles and smiles and says “there is something you do every year, dear”!  And I’m thinking, did I forget to go to the dentist?  But I just went last week.  Hermey the dentist elf told me I have been doing a very good job flossing and brushing my teeth.   No cavities! Hurray! So it can’t be that.

She smiles at me some more and says “There’s lots and lots of milk and cookies coming your way!”.  And I’m thinking, did I forget to eat my veggies again?  But I just had a nice salad for lunch.  So it can’t be that.

I am stumped.  Are they leaving me hints about Christmas presents?  What could it be?


Santa Claus

P.S. Do you know what it could be you? Do you have a hint for me? What would it be? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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128 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Hints – What is one month today?”

  1. Ciao Babbo Natale una signora che va a scout con me mi ha detto che è stata con te e ha guideato la tua slitta e ha anche una foto e oggi me la fa vedere e quando sarò grande ti verrò a trovare!!!!


    1. Merry Christmas Leanne!

      Hi! I’m Santa’s Head Elf (I take care of his email accounts and his cookie supply). Thank you for writing!

      I did pass your wonderful message along to him. If you’d like to send your Christmas wish to Santa and have him reply, then the best way is to go to . I know he’s waiting to hear from you! (He writes much better letters than I do and replies much more quickly too!).

      If you tried to send an email to Santa using the link above and for some reason it didn’t work, please let us know what happened so we can help you! And most importantly…

      Merry Christmas!

      Santa’s Head Elf

  2. its almost christmas, thing i really really would like is a puppy,people keep saying you do not bring them and that christmas is ages away but it is only 32 days+ people in my class say you are not real but you are

  3. Dear Santa
    I would like a laptop for christmas I cont wait till christmas I love opening my christmas present I would like a computer for christmas
    I been very good this year I wold for getting to leve a carrot out for the
    Raindeer and some milk for the raindeer and a drink for Father Christmas love from natalie

  4. So Santa where do you get your suit cleaned? Does Mrs. Clause have a housekeeper? Is Elf from the Movie visiting you this year?Be Careful on the Roof, it’s slippery up there and really high!!!

  5. Dear Santa,
    I wonder what it is like driving in a sleigh all night….don’t you get tired?? In 17 days you will be driving around in that comfy sled….got it?

  6. hi Santa your elf scout is amazing that you sent us
    now for your hint
    #1 you will be giving gifts to kids all over the planet
    #2you have reindeer that will fly to help you

  7. Santa can you reply to our comments???

    Merry Christmas Kiley,

    I would like to but then it means I don’t have as much time to get ready for Christmas! The best way is to email me at and then I can reply back quickly.

    Merry Christmas!


    P.S. But don’t worry, the elves & I love reading all your comments!

  8. I mailed you my Christmas list and I forgot 3 things! I want a digi bird and a sock monkey and a kitten. Everything else is on my list.

  9. Dear Santa,
    My name is Nicholas. I am 5 years old and live in Illinois.There are 22 days until Christmas, so get ready! Christmas is my favorite holiday, so be safe while you are traveling and handing out presents. How old are you? Have a Merry Christmas! Tell Mrs. Claus, I said hi!

  10. Hey. I think it might mean that one month today meaning this month today, that is December, is something special. Of course it is!!

  11. Your the best ever and i will give you a hint that is only December 2nd.Guess what i know what i am getting puzzles a lot because i have been a good girl so Shelby my moms friend is getting me puzzles but i want more from u too.

  12. Hi can you write me back and I have a letter for you and a bit for you and hope you write me back I put it on my elf Dylan and he didn’t moved and gave it to you so can you somehow get it and I hope you did it because it is special to me and I really you can want me back bye

  13. well Santa,they are saying that Christmas is coming! i hope you have a Merry Christmas yourself! p.s make sure to have a great time!

  14. HI um I think that there trying to tell you that in a month now witch is alittle less then a month your going to be diliverig presents !But I asked you last year what you wanted but you didn’t tell me so if any of you guys know what he wants comment above please thanks!

  15. Maybe the hint is you have your busiest time of the year coming up, so check your list Santa and you and the reindeer have a safe trip. No more moon walking comet.

  16. Santa you are a nice santa you come and then leave you also are a giver you treat other people how you want to be treated I hope you enjoyed this song farewell

    P.s this is a song you can sing it fast or slow

  17. They keep saying 1 monuth to today because there is 23 more days till Christmas Eve not counting today! Your welcome p.s I want gum for Christmas and don’t forget I want alot more things

  18. Santa it was all the cookies and milk that you are getting on what for it… CHRISTMAS EVE!! I i’snt it aovyos!!!!

  19. It is one month till you come to town and they said that santa claus is coming to town you are coming to town in 24 days in till you come

    THE END Kenzie

  20. I think they are trying to say it is very. Close to christmas santa you better get that sleigh ready and make sure your reindeers are all trained up to fly across the world and just thought I tell you you are my inspiration to train hard and always be kind to never be a regent or cold hearted and to always be kind to little children and most in importantly to have fun for christmas making christmas cakes and christmas cookies and having fun in the snow put on christmas music and don’t forget the christmas tree aw and the colorful lights and to make sure to leave the milk or beer and the cookieson the fire place

  21. i think it means in one month you will be wearing that suit and when the elves say santa claus is coming to town it means he will be in our town today in a month . when the reindeer walk around with their bells that means they will be doing that a month from today

  22. it is the month that you give out presents and go doun chimnyss!p.s,i will leav the back door unlocked becaus i do not have a chimny!Elves prepare for this month all year!it starts whith a D.

  23. I think it means you are going to deliver presents when they sing then jingle bells mean Christmas is coming and the one month today means Christmas is one month from today I am guessing.

  24. Hey Santa! I think that they are hinting at one month till Christmas Eve! Although now, it’s about 25 days, so now it’s 3 weeks and 4 days away.

  25. i think it is because christmas eve is on month away and when you come to town is on christmas eve and when you deliver presents and christmas eve is on the 24th so that is what i think

  26. I can’t wait until christmas! I asked for some a doll, and a violin! And a Frozen poster and a scooter! I <3 Christmas!

  27. Well, though you blogged 2 days ago. It is Christmas Eve! You must have been so busy it slipped your mind. Have a safe flight!

  28. I am a Disney movie
    I’m a princess that make snow
    I was released on the day before Thanksgiving
    This movie is the story of 2 sisters

  29. Hint 1: The special day of the year, when we celebrate Jesus birthday.(true meaning of this holiday)
    Hint 2: You’ll hear sleigh bells on this night
    Hint 3: Cookies and milk are his favorite treat.

  30. 1.You give presents at this day
    3.Children rush and see under the Christmas tree^_^![just like me]
    4.You love that day too ,Santa.
    5.It is one day before Christmas!

  31. WELL I THINK the a month from today is chrismas. That why I think they ben giving you hints and then saying a month away.

  32. 1. its very important
    2. santa loves this day.
    3. everyone is working one this day
    4 it is the 329th day of the year or 330th on a leap year
    5 what is 12 months minus 11 months and what day is Christmas and whats today
    6 santa gets to eat cookies
    7 the reindeers run on this day
    8 theres two different lists
    9 all nic kids get presents otherwise all the others get COAL
    10 this eve is right before this day ( and its not new years I gave you a big clue)
    11 you rush to your Christmas tree on this day
    12 everyone loves singing these carols
    13 its in December and its the first holiday
    Can you guess the day Santa needs
    to know !!!

  33. Omg its only a month till christmas . its like it was just yesterday . time to shine your sleigh santa and get the deer ready.

  34. Hint: The reindeer get to fly around the world.
    Hint 2: You get yummy food.
    Hint 3: ‘Santa got stuck up the chimney!!!’ on this special day!!!

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