Christmas hobbies R Santa (says Mrs. Claus!)

Christmas hobbies - Santa Claus knitting a sweater
Christmas hobbies – Santa knits a sweater

Ho Ho Ho! It’s me, Santa. I’m reaching out to you for a little help.  It has to do with my hobbies.  Well, it has to do with my Christmas hobbies.

You see, Mrs. Claus thinks all my hobbies are Christmas hobbies!  


As you know, I LOVE Christmas!

I love everything about Christmas! I love the site of trees glittering with twinkling lights! The smell of cookies and treats in the air — love that too! I love the sound of hammering with joy as the elves and I make toys. There’s nothing like the feel of the cold air on my face as I prepare the sleigh. And I love reading the emails from you kids.

I love my Christmas hobbies.  Yeppers, I love it all. But here’s the thing, Mrs. Claus insists that I can’t be all Christmas all the time.

I told her that I like other things beside Christmas. She asked me to name one. I thought and thought until steam came out of my ears. And guess what? I couldn’t come up with anything.

Ideas For Christmas Hobbies?

A couple of the elves that were listening chipped in with ideas. Clumsy suggested rock climbing. He doesn’t do it since he’s so clumsy but he thought I’d be good at it. Mouse my littlest Elf thought I should try Kung Fu, because she said it was way fun. Prancer the reindeer even suggested that I try knitting. He said it relaxes him.

While all of those are good ideas I don’t think any of them are for me. Not really into rock climbing, maybe if I were a couple hundred years younger. Kung Fu doesn’t feel right to me. I just don’t like going around bare foot. As for knitting, I tried that once too. I ended up just knitting sweaters to give to people for Christmas, so that wouldn’t really be a non-Christmas hobby.

There you have it. Mrs. Claus says I need to find a fun, cool hobby!  Can you help me?

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any Christmas hobbies? What do you think I should do as a hobby that isn’t a Christmas hobby?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see other people’s hobby ideas.

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45 special messages to Santa about “Christmas hobbies R Santa (says Mrs. Claus!)”

  1. Hi Santa, I think you should try baking. It’s a fun hobby you can enjoy year round and you could share your delicious treats with everyone at the North Pole. You could also try reading.

  2. Dear santa mrs claus I am wating all things I wanted for Christmas on the th 25 December Christmas day and I am missing you are coming to house our shell meet you town santa norh pole & Christmas stories see you th 25 December on sunday comeing over did you gat my list I done for Christmas I post you From Parveen maan

  3. Dear Santa,
    I think you should try reading. Reading relaxes my mind. Reading is also educational it may have some new words to learn. You can also eat cookies when eating (try not to get crumbs on the pages.

  4. A hobby you should try is dance and sing with the elves pluse you have to go on fun vocations that can be a hobby.

  5. I don’t know why you can’t only have Christmas hobbies. You live at the North Pole! Maybe do some winter hobbies/sports like:

    ~Ice skating
    ~Snowman building
    ~Reindeer training
    ~Beautifying the North Pole
    ~Gardening (when it’s not as cold or in a greenhouse)
    ~Snowball fights

  6. Hi santa please ring us on christmas eve please and your hobby should be playing with your reindeer and keeping them happy aswell as safe, or you could get into baking so you can make you own mince pies and by the way my class assembly was all about inventions for you for example a santa submarine and a present shoot 2000 aswell as a motorized sleigh! It will be amazing!

    Thanks santa

  7. Hi Santa you know I am very thankful of you to comment that you are coming and I’m not gonna be naughty ofof your list I’m gonna stay on the nice list that’s what I’m gonna stay because that’s where I am I’ve been good all year really good girl. And I just want to say merry Christmas to you and hi Rudolph how are you doing on the sleigh I hope the elves put a new design on it maybe it will be fast and put sprinkle a littlebit of your magic dust so I wake up on Christmas morning I love you Santa Merry Christmas.

  8. I love it on christmas eve and christmas day I love it to see that Ruldolph has eaten his carrot and you’ve eaten whatever I have left out for you!!!

  9. Hello Santa! I think you should try gaming. I like to play many fun video games and i think you would like to try some!

    From Daniel

  10. For christmas hobbies you should should ask miss clause to help you make Christmas cookies for all the elves hot chocolate and cake!

  11. Do you like golfing? * gasps loudly* I JUST HAD THE GREATEST IDEA EVER!!!! How about next vacation, you go to Florida, and then you can try golfing? My mom said that men love to golf. So how about it? If you give it a go, I’m sure you’ll love it! For sure!

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