Christmas hooks – Santa learns something new!

paper clip Christmas hook hanger
Christmas hooks by Clumsy the Elf!

Well these are exciting times!

Yes we are under two weeks away from my fun trip around the world. The elves, the Mrs. and I are way busy preparing.

But you know how they say; “you learn something new every day!” Well today I

learned something that shows no matter how old you are you could always learn something. Luckily I just love learning news things. Today I learned about Christmas hooks.


Earlier today Clumsy the Elf was helping me set up a new Christmas tree in my bedroom. Yes, I know the bedroom may be a kind of different place for a Christmas tree. What can I say? I love sleeping next to twinkling Christmas lights.

Here’s the thing and this is kind of embarrassing.  While we were putting bulbs on the tree, we ran out of hooks. Yep, the North Pole needed more hooks. I guess we have so many cool trees this was bound to happen eventually.

I sighed when I noticed. We had put of a few glistening bulbs but we had many more to hang. I asked, “Clumsy, I know you elves are way busy now, but could you possibly make some more Christmas hooks?”

Clumsy looked at me and smiled. He told me, “sure we could but we don’t need more Christmas hooks!” I pointed to the empty box of Christmas hooks. Clumsy nodded and said, “Yep I see that but I happen to know we have a lot of paper clips!”

I’m Hooked On Christmas Hooks!

In fact Clumsy had a bunch in his pockets. He pulled a couple of them out. He showed one to me. “See Santa, all you have to do is take the end and unbend it, straighten it out. The top becomes a hook the bottom makes a nice holder for bulbs!”

I looked at the straightened paper clip and smiled. Yes, these would make perfect Christmas hooks for the tree! I was so glad to have learned something new!

I was going to ask Clumsy the Elf how he figured out to use paper clips for Christmas hooks. Then, I thought, that’s likely a whole other Christmas story I’d get hooked into! 😉

Santa Claus

P.S. So tell me kids do you have any handy Christmas hints for me? If not, why don’t you let me know what you enjoyed learning today? I think we can all agree learning new stuff is fun!  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people wrote.

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12 special messages to Santa about “Christmas hooks – Santa learns something new!”

  1. Hi Santa. This is Lucy. Learning new stuff is fun. Two things that I know how to learn from are struggling and sometimes getting in trouble. Have a safe flight on Christmas Eve!

  2. hi santa i just sent you a letter but you know i like talking to you and your elfs and mrs clas i rote a letter to you 1 week ago
    OH send me a video with sound and you talking and your elfs and your randeer and mrs clas saing hi

  3. how did i get on the nice list a few thangs for the last few days have not been so well i like beaying on the nice liste because i got a jolly spiret and alsom jokes
    whear doues sants stay on holdays ho,ho,tail

  4. I think you should make a felt stocking you will need green and red felt and a hot glue gun and hole punch it with a hole punch or a stapler

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