Christmas in July!

Merry Christmas in July!  The elves and I have been enjoying a little Christmas in July vacation.  It’s pretty funny watching them water-skiing or tubing behind a boat.  You should see them bounce around!  Sometimes they fly off just like reindeer!  HHHOL!

Of course, Clumsy the Elf always makes the biggest splashes.  (I’m sure he does it on purpose ;-).  One time he bounced so high he bounced right out of his swimming trunks!  He looked pretty funny floating in the water holding his swim trunks over his head!

I tried tubing — but the rope broke!  I did a very graceful face-plant in the water. I guess I should lose a little bit more weight (but Mrs. Claus makes such wonderful cookies!).  I think maybe the rope broke because it was so old — at least that’s what Mouse the Littlest Elf said.  Well, she tried to say that between giggles.

We’ve also been enjoying canoeing and kayaking and just playing in the water.  Kissy the Elf has been having fun finding clams in the water.  Mrs. Claus has been relaxing on her water floaty.  I think they both quite enjoy Christmas in July.

Of course, everyone is excited that Christmas Day is exactly 5 months away.

Santa Claus

P.S. Are you having a vacation too?  What have you been doing? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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85 special messages to Santa about “Christmas in July!”

  1. Dear Santa,
    I love you and I want you to know that you just bring You bring joy and laughter on Christmas Morning people are just really really .I hope you have a fantastic day everyday.

    love Nathalia

  2. I bet Mrs. Claus’s are really really yummy ok I want a cookie now (go gets a cookie) all better

  3. Thank you for all my presents last year I love you and I know for a fact your real no doght about it bye xxxxxxooooooooo

  4. Hi Santa,
    I’m so exited to see you on Christmas eve and receive all your amazing presents!
    So many people tell me at school that your not real,
    but I will never believe them,
    I will always love you-
    From Esme xxx

  5. hi santa it is all ready november you might be exited for DECEMBER wow it is almost chrismas cant wait for you to get my presents and i promise to be nice to others and not to be naughty hoho merry chrismas world

  6. hi Santa it is now November already!!!!!!! I am soo excited and even started a book about Christmas with pictures!!!! soon I am doing my tree and lights. When I finish with my lights you can see on Christmas eve! I have heaps, also how are you and mars Claus going?!?!
    PS I cant wait for Christmas eve you will eat cookies and see me lights & book. 🙂

  7. hi santa it is so nice to meet you me and my sis love christmas but people always tell me christmas isant about the preasats its aboutcelerbrating jeasus birthday bye for now xxxxxxoooooo love jaya

  8. Santa I am missing you so much . Santa please come to my house in Riyadh please Santa please ok

  9. I went tubing this year it was my first time going I went seven times and I didn’t even fall off any of the time I think I had a summer Christmas you’ll have milk and cookies ready for you by the time you get up here and Maine I hope you have a safe trip to Maine and I might have eggnog but I’m not sure I think you can have as much as you want but you might have your belly full by the time you get to my house but this time of year you’ll probably need as much milk and cookies as you can get love you jaiyde!

  10. I better taste Mrs. Clause’s cookies when you come. I better. You better bring them. You better.

    Or else.

  11. i love him he is real my friend says hes fake unless her gets her all the stuff she want beacus i told her that he was reall and she sai no hes not real so i said yes and we sent him a letter and she said that in her letter so she thought he was fake unless he got her what she wanted ps she is soo spoield like a brat

  12. hi santa i went away to turkey it was so fun i bet the elves and you would have a wonderful time there

    from chloe
    ps i have got cookies milk and a mince pie for you and a carrot for the renideers

  13. dear santa please get me diamond earrings and a bunny
    i don’t have a vacation but i do on X-mas for 6 weeks yyaayy i wish i could see you

  14. plzz can I go to the north pole. tonight I will getyou some milk something to eat and something for reindeer

  15. Hello I didn’t have a vacation this year but I am having one next year. Can’t wait till Christmas. What would happen if a child saw you in their home? Thank ypu. Bye. 😉 😉 😉 🙂

  16. Hi Santa my room is not always the tidiest but it will be on Christmas Eve it will be a great work of art I will leave you Oreo cookies and cream biscuits for the next set of things I will leave 12 raw carrots if it is ok if they are raw sorry if it is not ok and they are for the reindeers to eat not your tummy .
    I went to Salou and Barcelona in Spain I went to Camp Nou
    Well bye for now Emma

  17. Hi Santa
    Hi Elves

    It’s only 41 days till Christmas (I think)
    Tell Rudolph I love him.

    Love Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. dear Santa
    I would like to be an elf helper because I have pointy ears and I think a pointy nose.

  19. I didn’t have a vacation this year. Hopefully next year. 🙂 How was your Halloween? Anyhing crazy happen this year?

  20. Hi Santa! I hope you and the elves are still continuing to make those presents, there may be only 51 days till Christmas, but you have so many of those presents you need time just to put them on the sleigh! Merry Christmas to you, Mrs.Claus, the Elves, and Rudolph! <3

  21. Hello Santa I can’t wait when it Christmas
    I want to see my presents say hi to
    Everybody and don’t forgot
    To say Rudolph he is my
    Favorite reindeer

  22. Hello Santa I can’t wait when it Christmas
    I want to se my presents so much
    I wish it would be Christmas
    Now say hit to your elves,
    Ms Claus and your

  23. hi santa i hope you are ok. is it ok if me and my little cousin track you on christmas eve. love from codie xxxx

  24. Dear Santa I hope you , all the wonderfull ealfs and Mrs claus is having so much fun making all th wonderfull toys from Mackenzie xx

  25. santa your the best i hope i get what i want for chrismas have a happy vacichon pps i forgot to tell you i went to minasoada whith my family

  26. SANTA,

    : }/

  27. I went camping with my dad at lake belvue and I had to clean a gland and service every day with my dad Santa how many elves do u have and can u tell me some of there names please?and thank u have a great night could u try to reply tonight

  28. Hi Santa you are the best person ever and Mrs. and of course the elves! I believe that you are magic! Well merry Christmas Santa! Merry Christmas kids that are reading right now!!! 😉 🙂

  29. I went to Barcelona and had a nice time eating paella. In the villa we had a big pool to cool down in. On the first night the house was a bit creepy because the house was very okd

  30. I got a B+ on that naughty or nice list but let me just tell you my room will be spotless when you get to my house on Christmas eve. But let just tell you I have a hard time falling asleep on that night!

  31. Dear, Santa I saw that I got a nice B+ on that website of yours. I belive I can turn it around this year.

  32. Christmas in July is always fun. My in-laws have a place in a vacation community campground. Every year they have a big Christmas in July parade and everyone decorates for Christmas as they can’t in December because the park is closed.

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