Christmas Music – “The Santa in the Sleigh”

Did you know the elves like to write Christmas songs?  Kissy the Elf wrote the words for a brand new Christmas song called “The Santa in the Sleigh”.  You sing it to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”.  I hope you will try singing it for her.  There is a special surprise after the words to her new song too.

The Santa in the Sleigh
(an original song from by Kissy the Elf)

The elves check to see who’s Naughty and Nice
Naughty and Nice
Naughty and Nice
The elves look to see who’s Naughty and Nice
For all the girls and boys

The elves in the shop say, “Make the toys!”
“Make the toys!”
“Make the toys!”
The elves in the shop say, “Make the toys!”
For all the girls and boys

The elves put the toys in Santa’s sleigh
Santa’s sleigh
Santa’s sleigh
The elves put the toys in Santa’s sleigh
For all the girls and boys

The toys in the bag go “Here we come”
“Here we come”
“Here we come”
The toys in the bag go “Here we come”
For all the girls and boys

Santa tells the reindeer to pull the sleigh
Pull the sleigh
Pull the sleigh
Santa tells the reindeer to pull the sleigh
For all the girls and boys

The Santa in the sleigh goes Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
The Santa in the sleigh goes Ho! Ho! Ho!
For all the girls and boys

Santa puts the toys under the tree
Under the tree
Under the tree
Santa puts the toys under the tree
For all the girls and boys

The girls and the boys all shout with glee
Shout with glee
Shout with glee
The girls and the boys all shout with glee
On Christmas Morn!

The elves liked her song so much that one of them even wanted to sing it for you!  Click here to hear an Elf sing the new Christmas song – The Santa in the Sleigh! She hopes you’ll sing it for all your friends too!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Did you like Kissy the Elf‘s new Christmas song? Was it fun to sing?  You can  leave a message for Kissy about her new Christmas song here. Or, scroll down to see what others are singing,  oops, I mean writing!

156 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Music – “The Santa in the Sleigh””

  1. I loved your song.Here is a sorta kinda song i wrote.There is a man named st.nick who flys around in a sleigh.with lots of reindeer that eat lots of hay.And has a beard as white as snow.


  3. that was really gggggoooooddddd i love you kissy you are a musical genuis-lexi that was awsome no really it was awsome peace-tanner that was the awsomest thing i ever heard peace love ya -ty

  4. I like the song,especially when it says:

    The girls and boys all shout with glee,
    Shout with glee
    Shout with glee…

    Thankyou Kissy the elf,it is really funny and it makes me laugh.


  5. i love christmas songs but i LOVE kissy’s little song cute well i talk to you latter love, grace donovan

  6. Dear Santa,We believe in you and your magic.Ella says,she likes you!Are you going to send us a video this year? We hope you have a great flight!!!


  8. Dear Kissy,
    I like your song very much.So do my sisters,Jackie and Elena.You are very creative.You should keep on writing songs.
    Your encoraging fan,

  9. OMG!!!tell kissy i LOVED it so much it inspired me to write a song about her.tell her she will be a STAR in my heart

  10. hi santa its kevin you might think im stupid for asking but my dad is really really sick please help him feel better by christmas it wouldn’t be a christmas without my dad thats all i want for christmas love kevin

  11. I love your song Kissy! its really really cute and christmasy! i will definitely share it with all my friends,

  12. hi thank you for the letter you sent me say to mrs clurs merry chirstmas anyway not to be mean are the elves nughtegh
    i would like say get big thank you to whoever is reading this a nice song from the elv hope its not to long if so then you dont have to read all of it its nice that we get to write to santa and he gets to write to us he puts alot of effert to write to us so im going to say thank you love from ashleigh

  13. i like ur song my big sister sined it too me it was cool did u make any others if u did tell my big sister that at thanks love jill and makayla

  14. My dad said it interesting but he enjoyed it which does not suprise me because he listens to strange songs like New Order songs or Pet Shop Boys which can be a bt like this.
    I thought the lyris were good Kissy
    Please can you make Santa make it snow but make it so my nan and grandad can come down!
    Maddie, 8


  16. Wow, Kissy! I could have never came up with such a magnificent song! Hope all you elves are doing well.

  17. How can you hear my song Santa claus let me guess the elf you sent can send anything that we say:o wow electronics are amazing!!

  18. Dear Santa your elf has not behaving very well 1st he made a big mess with the glider 2nd he went in the fridge 3rd he jumped up on the raindeer and i think he went in the fridge because of the cookies and chocolate couverd strawberries and almonds.Anyway i hope you have a merry christmas and i hope your new sleigh works well from yours truly JUSTIN:) O and me and my sister SARAH:) hope you and your elfs down in the north pole are doing great merry christmas:)TEE HEE!

  19. OHHHOH My gosh that is a really good song kissy Elves and The kids shout with glee is really good too!!!!!!! AND my friends love the song to and I wrote Santa Clause a letter to and Mrs Clause loved it too!!!! and don’t forget the Reindeer

  20. I really liked that song.It was really funny too.My dog did her famous head tilt!You should have seen her

  21. dear Santa i was wunddering well my mom how could i convince my mom to let me go on facebook or a website to talk to my freinds online i really need some advice because she keeps on telling me to stop asking her so how i tell her without asking should i wait till next year? and santa should i probably have a talk with my mom and my dad or should i wait till i gain more responcabilaty?

  22. We really like the elves new song. We also want you to know that the presents are nice but we dont care if we get them because we want to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Merry Christmas!!!

  23. dear santa claus this year iam going to see you at the hearts delight centre everyone is missing you lots and i cant wait to see you this year

  24. you rock it was a very wonderful song i loved it and i love this webiste and i also really love your new song you just made its wonderful

  25. We love this song. We sure have heard that song some times. We loved it!!!! We sure are looking for more songs!!!

  26. Thank you for my letter I love it.I love xmas time im sure you do aswell(obviously)Bye bye

  27. it was a wonderful song and i liked it when the elf said shout with glee in a high pitched voice! i like it when you use a tune that already exists because you only need to worry when you think of fresh words and that way it makes it easier

  28. I liked Kissy’s new song. It’s wonderful!Your really good at writing songs!How many songs have you wrote?Write anotnher one!XOXO

  29. Santa that song was really cool, I always wonder what you do after your christmas’s and hopefully I have been a good enough girl for you to come to my house on the 24th of December!!

  30. Dear santa and elves I love the blog
    I liked it when Kissy the elf wrote that
    song Santa in a sleigh. But the ones
    I loved the most is the 12 christmas
    babys and clumsy the elf.And dont forget
    10 more days til christmas.

  31. Dear Mr and Mrs Christmas,
    I really hope Cupid leads the sleigh this year! I love his/her name! P.S. Pleaaaase fill mystocking with lots of goodies this year – i love stockings! They are sooooooo exciting!!! THANKYOU!!!!!

  32. hi my name is Jessica Elizabeth McIntyre and i loved your song
    i wish i could sing it for you in person
    i loved it

  33. hey mrs.santa claus i heard that you were asking for me what’s up please write back i also heard that utah is one of your favorite places is that true

  34. Merry Christmas mr. and mrs.claus!How are thereindeer doing?Are the elfs working hard?How are you?Well here is what i want for Christmas i want is a iphone do you think you could make that okay deal?and i for got Merry Christmas too everyone.bye bye.

  35. your song is so awesome. your a good song sounded just like wheels on the bus. good gob!

  36. Hi Kissy, i really like your song it is really cool and fun to sing. Keep writing great songs like “The Santa in the Sleigh”

    Have a good Christmas

  37. I realy like christmAS it is so fun wakeing up on christmas morning it is so fun. i love christmas music jinjle bell is my fav

  38. I love the new christmas song you made.I hope you can make other ones for me to read.

  39. i would like to thank you you for giving me lots of prezzies at christmas time!!!
    I try to be on my best behavier all the time!! hehe!!


  40. could you tell me if i’m on the naughty list or the good list and if i am could send me a comment on and make you one then look for and send it to me until then merry christmas.

  41. I thought the song was a great idea kissy the elf. it is fun to sing and it is catchy. Santa should get a radio for his sleigh(if he doesn’t have one) to play music and he should play that song so he doesn’t get bored. Hey! You should use your creativity to create another song! Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  42. I liked that you send a letter back so I thank you about it and Merry Christmas to every one that reads this!!!!!!!!

  43. i really want a laptop but im sure that you make it for me . i like the elves ruldolp and mr and mrs claus
    i’ve been a very good girl and i like to recieve a present

    lots of love emma

  44. santa you are a good person for making toys for me this christmas i just want you to be happy and have a great christmas and take a break

  45. it was brilliant thankyou for putting it on your blog welldone kissy the elf i loved singing it thankyou again merry christmas and say to santa claus and mrs claus and all the other elves


  46. i love songs just as much as i love christmas and trust me thats alot we already have all of our christmas prezzies under our tree

  47. the elves seem very busy and clever i just wish i could be one ecspecilly meeting santa and everyone else just about to listen bet its goooood
    x x x x

  48. That is a real cool song santa, I sang it to my self. I cant for christmas.LOve your Friend in Cape Town Ruzenka xxxx.

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