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Christmas name generator
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The elves and I had a funny idea. Did you know that elf names are very long? They are often very funny too. What would your name be if you were an elf? Well, I have just the thing. My Christmas name generator will tell you. All you have to do is use it. Then, you will get your elf name. Shall we start?

Your Christmas Name Generator

First, find your elf first name. Choose the month you were born. That is your elf first name.

January: Tinsel
February: Ivy
March: Berry
April: Gifter
May: Toy
June: Crackle
July: Snowy
August: Merry
September: Squirt
October: Red-nose
November: Speedy
December: Cheery

Next, find your last name. Choose the year you were born. That is your last name.

2019: Sheep-Head
2018: Pudding-Nose
2017: Laugh-A-Lot
2016: Gift-Wrapper
2015: Toy-Maker
2014: Fancy-Pants
2013: Cherry-Blossom
2012: Van-Perry-Winkle
2011: Helper-Helper
2010: Shoe-Maker
2009: Laughy-Laugh
2008: Big-Ears
2007: Fuzzy-Wuzzy
2006: Grumble-Tooth
2005: Bum-Waggle
2004: Duck-Egg
2003 (or before): Von Old

We are getting there. Next, choose your title from the Christmas name generator. Look for the first letter of your first name.

A, B, C, D: the Brave
E, F, G, H: the Excellent
I, J, K, L: the Funny
M, N, O, P: the Wise
Q, R, S, T: the Beautiful
U, V, W: the Fast
X, Y, Z: the Clever

The Last Step For Finding Your Name!

Whew. Almost there. This is the last stop. Find the first letter of your last name. This will tell you where you are from. Which elf kingdom do you come from?

A, B, C, D: of Bubble-land
E, F, G, H: of Fartle-brook
I, J, K, L: of Silly-chester
M, N, O, P: of Poo-poo-de-sloop
Q, R, S, T: of Trip-slip-gloop
U, V, W: of weird-lick-slick
X, Y, Z: of Rumble-tummy

Have you done it? Now, put them all together. Would you like to hear my elf name? It would be:

Cheery Von Old the Beautiful of Bubble-land!

That is a very silly name. Can you find your Christmas elf name? Use the Christmas name generator to find out. Are you done? Can you send me your silly name? I bet it is really silly.  What other silly elf names can you make up?

Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus

P.S.  What is your elf name? Leave me a message to tell me your elf name or what other funny elf names you made up.  After that, scroll down to see everyone else’s silly elf names!

A message from the elves:
You can write Santa a quick message here.  But, if you want Santa to reply, then you should send a letter to Santa from this web page.  Then Santa will reply to you fast as reindeer fly!

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444 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Name Generator”

  1. I think my elf name is fun and funny ( the reason I put my elf name and not my real name is because I am not supposed to post it sorry)

  2. My elf name is sparkle and I think I’ve been nice. It’s finally the day before Christmas Eve. A year is a long time. And the mall is better to see people especially Santa Claus. I think I’ve been nice because I been nice to my family and friends, I helped the people in need, and I do chores at home and finish all my work.

  3. Hi santa i cant write a list this year im afraid but for christmas this year i have a big wish. You know my dad died when i was around 6 years old and this year i want to meet him and tell him i love him. Also you know im death so its easier for me to write it this way thank you santa

  4. my sisters elf name is cheery gift – wrapper the brave from the kingdom poo poo de sloop and my elf name is speedy fancy pants the funny from the kingdom of trip slip gloop

  5. My elf name is gifter laughy -laugh the brave of bubble – land I know it’s my elf name lol it’s funny

  6. My elf name is Gifter Laughy-Laugh the Brave of Bubble-land I put it all together so it’s this name : Gifter Laughy-Laugh the Brave of Bubble-land

  7. Yes I have done the elf name search and now I put them all together and Santa Would you like to hear my elf name and It would be gifter laughy -laugh the brave of bubble- land

  8. hi santa my two elf name is: Dasher – boy snowy – girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. HI this is speedy helper-helper the beautiful from bubble land oops i mean Ryelee!

  10. Hi! My name is Ruyi. My elf name is Berry Van-Perry-Winkle The Beautiful Of Fartle-brook.

  11. hi! my real name is not above. but my elf name is! (My real, non-elf name is Lily)

  12. My name is Emeli and my elf name is Red nose helper helper the excellent of silly cheese

  13. You a so jolly and that my name and my brothers name is Gifter fancy-pants the funny of trip-slip-gloop thanks hope you have a merry day.

  14. Hey my elf name would be tinsel shoe maker the excellent Fartel – Brooke. Are you excited for Christmas Day as I am right now it’s Christmas Eve. Also have I been good I am Gabriella May Eisley

  15. Hi Santa you possibly don’t recognise me because I’ve had a haircut my elf name is Gifter toy-maker the brave of bubble-land

  16. Hey Santa it’s me and Nevaeh again and I really like to see all kinds of stuff info about you and there’s only two days until Christmas once today’s over one it’s going to be Christmas Eve and then you’re going to come and then it’s going to be a miracle because like dude Santa’s coming

  17. omg is it really you santa well i have tryed my best to be the best kid i can be even though sometimes it gets a little bit out of hand and i kinda go coocoo ps. i love you santa oh by the way Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone i love you all

  18. Hi Santa!! My elf name is, Cheery Fuzzy Wuzzy the Beautiful of Rumble Tummy!!
    Don’t you think that is a funny name??

  19. Dear elf my name is Henry you probably know my name because you see me every Christmas do you like being a elf? Is it really cool? Or is it boring?what is your name? Do you know how to make toys? Is it true that the elf’s make us presents? Do you know I have seen Santa at the North Pole. Lots of love Henry xxx ps I will send you a message again soon.

  20. hey santa im filipina from samar calbayog city and wish you see my wih my wish is have a cellphone loptop and money thank you

  21. hi i know u are real but would u bring me what i want but u never get me what i want so here we go i want the new oculus quest it cost 299 thx if u will ever come!.

  22. I am Speedy Laughy-laugh the wise from Trip-slip-gloop. My brother is Speedy Van-perry-winkle the funny from Trip-slip-gloop.

  23. Mine is Tinsel Van-Perry-Winkle The Funny of Fartle-brook! It is amazing how this thing works!

  24. my elf name is Ivy helper-helper the Beautiful of Bubble-land my friends elf name is Snowy helper-helper the Excellent of Farter-Brook

  25. I need to talk to you it’s a bit important but can you look at me from your gloop please or something and am going to clean my room later

  26. those are really silly things to be a name.and there also very funny. I even laughed at my silly elf name.

    my silly elf name is this:

  27. Hi santa! I took at test to see my elf name and it was Tinsel shoe maker the Wise of Poo-poo-de-sloop! Funny name right? I’m smiling right now just because of the name!!

  28. I have a silly elf name .
    I hate my elf name

    It is the worst thing to happen to me !!

  29. I want to be good friends with you! Wrigt back if you agree we could be friends! Bye!
    P.S. I’ve allways wished to have a ride in your sled!

  30. Dear Santa,
    I always love getting letters from you! I would like to be very good friends with you. I always wanted to meet you in person! P.S. I have a book called “I believe in Santa” and I really do beleave in you!

  31. Hey Santa I am really bored could you send me some coloring sheets pls and a letter telling me if I have been good. I hate being stuck in quarantine since this corona virus. Now I’m going to celebrate something and that is staying of school.My name is cheery big ears I can’t remember the rest sorry. I love dancing and singing so could you send me a karaoke pls and thank you.

  32. I did this to my little cousin and her elf name is The Beautiful Berry Pudding from Trip-Slip-Gloop

  33. Hey Santa and elves, my elf name is really, really funny. But I think it goes along pretty well.

  34. Santa claus forget to come to Illinois and level me toys for my dogs and wamens biboveralls size 20 and tools for my husband

  35. Dear Santa Claus I need your help please if my family said up in morning and my uncle want truck Christmas and me apartment all my self please give me chance I know God love you and I want for Christmas twilight saga fan may I talked with Jacob black please let me chance guys chance know him thought have a friend forever I joke Bella and Edward very much cool romantic and real life love story

  36. Hi Santa my Elf name is Tinsel Helper, Helper The Beautiful Of Trip Slip Gloop

  37. wow……….. such a weird but fun name ^-^….* after trying to tell my fam what my elf name was clearly* ………@-@

  38. dear Elves I thought that my elves name was … snowy crazy jones because first I named it JOLLy then DOlly and now snowy I am so comfused

  39. Welp… hey Santa. My elf name is Berry Shoe-maker The Brave Of Slip… can’t remember the rest. Anyway, hope ya have a great Christmas! I hope I’m on the nice list. Also, I just was the Christmas movie, “Klaus”. It explains the origin of Santa. It’s really fascinating, even though I know it’s fiction. Btw, I’m 9 and a girl, not gonna say my name cause of privacy reasons, and yeah. Merry Christmas. (P.S, where your supposed to take a poll on who will guide your sleigh, it had an option of ‘Olive’. I may be stupid, but I didn’t know there was a reindeer called Olive!)

  40. Santa, I wouldnt celebrate Christmas without you. My Christmas Elf name is Berry Helper Helper The Beautiful from Bubbleland. Here is a picture of me, the kid with hands in my pockets. See you Christmas eve!

  41. hi i love you i believe in you but my friends do not but i do
    love you i want some horse playmobile contry and an laptop or a phone or tablit love you again i hope you read this message
    i cheacked on your app i am on the good list i saw my name on it thankyou

  42. Hey Santa! I hope I am good this year.My family is divorced and I’m really sad because they always fight:( Well I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  43. find out santa did here paul house stop by on Christmas eve night pray for santa claus thank ful you
    put my on the address on the map for santa claus nice list
    look out size Christmas light own 1 st house on lift size house do not miss it im ok / letter to messge im happy night im going to dop gift tan house
    rindeer light elf light angel light on dec 24 / 20019 on tue love you mrs claus /

  44. My new elf name is Squirt Shoe-maker The Beautiful of Fartle-Brook this is so funny and silly!


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  46. I love dancer prancer dasher vixen commet cupid and donner also blintzen and Rudolph there the best but can i come too the north pole my ear is chipped just like your toy maker elves

  47. Hello Silly Elves,
    My name is “The Brave Cheery Laughy Laugh!”
    I am from the place called Trip – Slip – Gloop!
    Unfortunately I curently do not have an Elf ,but had one named Peppermint Sparkles.
    One day she did not come back from the North Pole , so thinking and trying to think positively ,but I am succeeding because I am Student Represenitve for class and classmates! Tell Peppermint to come back where we have an open place and piece of heart for her!
    With Hope Peace And Graditude in the world!,
    # Elliethebeast!

  48. Dear Santa Claus hi it’s jeffrey DiAntonio from wildwood New Jersey I have been a very good boy this year of 2019 season I want a stuff Anmial from Macys and a appple watch and some new toys see you soon love jeffrey

  49. my name is shadow my sister wanted to name her snowflake like in the movie but i liked this my real name is bella but everyone calls me shadow

    1. Amy Christmas day and boxing day of the week after that I was just wondering what the week after that,but the way the week before you go www

  50. Dear santa,
    I love Christmas! It is such a good holiday!!! My name from the Christmas elf name generator was Cheery laugh-a-lot the brave from weird lick a lick! Haha!

  51. hi my name is Lisa and I am nice and I help many people out on the bus and at the store and I held the door open for people

  52. Santa.
    I am* who writes you a lot of email right on your screen . If you ever want to know what my name will be if I live in North Pole then it is , I swear.. ( Cherry Von Old the brave of poo-poo-de-sloop)

  53. my girl elfs name is noel sparkle my boy is buddy and my little elfs are buddy off of the movie and grich from the movie

  54. My elf name is…… Gifter Big-ears The Excellent.
    I’m so excited for Christmas, I hope I get lots of cool presents.

  55. Santa I’m probably not going to get anything for Christmas this year I don’t want anything, give it to help charities and the poor! Santa please help! x

  56. I am Ivy Laughy-laugh the brave of trip slip goop. I know santa real, my folks(parents) told me. I love and believe santa in the Heart! UwU

  57. Hi Santa,
    I guess this is kinda silly. I know I have to keep the manic of Father Christmas alive and I always loved he thought of Santa Claus. I know that when I have children I have to bring them presents. But. I was wondering if this year you could make a special stop in heaven as my mother is up there and I know she loves magic as much as me. She’s been there for 15 months now and I know she would want a pair of Moshulu slippers. Please tell her I love her more and more. Thank you G xxx

  58. Hello Santa how are you I am so excited about Christmas and are your reindeers ok I am 9 but my mum thinks I am 11 because I am so tall.

  59. hi Santa my elf name buddy and my reindeer is named sugar cookie and now I just opened my saint Bernard his name is brownie can you say hi to my elf and reindeer

  60. mine is red nose shoe maker the funny of bubble land and my sisters is red nose shoe maker the brave of bubble land, i’d like mine to be berry helper helper the fast of rumble tummy and charlotte would like her’s to be snowy cherry blossom the brave of bubble land

  61. I’m. Give me. All gife. For. Christmas.
    Puppy pet. Christmas
    Christmas. Magic. Power. Santa. Bell
    Texi cab. Maiel Part. Christmas

  62. Christmas.
    Magic power. Santa. Key
    Puppy. For. Christmas.
    Texi. Matel. Part. Christmas
    Christmas. For Paul.
    Cookies. Santa. Milk
    Christmas forpaul
    Christmas. For Paul Trach can. Vikings. Angel. Talk to me. Christmas
    Bulid. House. Games. On. My. Lap top

    Christmas for. Paulshaw

  63. Hi Santa I know Christmas is a long time away but I want to tell you my elf name: Ivy. Shoe-maker the excellent of poo-poo-de-sloop

  64. Mine is red nose fuzzy wuzzy the excellent of trip slip gloop. lol. That is funny. This name CRACKS ME UP!!! Who thought of these names anyway? LOL.

  65. merry helper helper the excellent of weird lick slick

    #soweird #naturaldisasterssuck

  66. Hi Santa Claus i want d to think you for my Christmas gives you give me and you a ‘re very kind men and you fong my cat Areo to giving him some Christmas gives too and i want to wish you marry Christmas and happy now yare and can you come to see my cat areo and doring his Christmas gives too tonight and doring some more chocolates for me too tonight and i will go to bed too tonight marry think to you Santa Claus too and you are my friend Santa Claus and i love you so much my friend Santa Claus and marry think to yours little happrs too Santa Claus and marry Christmas to yours little happrs too Santa Claus and yours wife is my friend too Santa Claus and i want a sister too Santa Claus and you are very nice big fat man you are too Santa Claus and marry Christmas all to you Santa Claus and i want to wish yours wife marry Christmas and happy Christmas too and i hope you are have vary good morning to Santa Claus and i hope yours wife have vary good morning too Santa Claus and hope yours little happrs have good morning too Santa Claus and i would like to wish yours pat cat happy birthday too Santa Claus and i am very sorry about yours mum and dad is die too Santa Claus and i am very happy big girl too Santa Claus and i hope youre vary happy big fat man too Santa Claus and i hope yours wife vary happy lady too Santa Claus and i hope yours little happrs vary happy geys too Santa Claus and i hope yours pat cat vary happy pat cat too Santa Claus and i hope all of you’re vary happy people too Santa Claus and hope you are ok too Santa Claus and i hope yours wife ok too Santa Claus and i hope yours little happers ok too santa Claus and i hope yours pat cat ok too Santa Claus and i hope all of you ok Santa Claus and i hope you are have good day too today Santa Claus and i hope yours wife good day too today Santa Claus and i hope yours little happers good day too today Santa Claus and i hope yours pat cat good day too today Santa Claus and i hope all of you are good day too today Santa Claus pelaese Santa Claus came back to my home too tonight marry think to you too Santa Claus lots of love form love form beck y

  67. mine is red-nose fancy pants the excellent of poo poo de sloop sloop

  68. Santa I may sound Stupid, but my name is…

    Berry Helper-helper The exelent of Fartle Brook.

    I was born In march, 2011 First name Evie Last name Dornan!

  69. hi my elve name is Bud ligth very not intelligent and is good
    in math Bud ligh run very fast and he is yough he is 8 years old is very not like the french and he work like a master is boys and he like video game he like eat mushroom he play to video game in computer with keyboard and he hack or cheats all game (o_o) 🙂

  70. Like “Kadence “ was saying never judge a book by it’s cover.Nowadays no-one believes in Santa and sort-of make fun of people who believe in Santa .So keep up the work Santa My name is :Merry big-ears the beautiful of Poo-poo-de-sloop.LOL

  71. My FULL ELF NAME IS: Tinsel- Laughy -Laugh – The Beautiful- Of The Silly Chester!!!
    This name CRACKES ME UP!!! Oh!!! I will not be sad if i do not get all the things i want for Christmas case I know you will never dought me cause I BELIVEN YOU!!!!

  72. I really feel bad for santa Claus because nowadays no -one believes in santa . I mean I’m 10 years old and eveyone in my class doesn’t believe but I usually don’t argue with them and I feel a bit left out . Does anyone feel that way ??????Please reply!But here’s my elf name


  73. Hi santa,my name is red nose fuzzy wuzzy the brave of bubble land.Now that is a long name.How are you at the north pole?That’s my elf name.

  74. I feel bad for santa because people say his fat well guess what people No matter what they look like doesnt mean their different and also doent mean you can judge them their looks. Imagen if you were just like santa and people judged you how would you feel i know i would feel disappointment and really upset so NEVER and i mean NEVER judge a peraon by their looks.

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