Christmas Olympic Reindeer Games – Day 1 – Trampoline Team Event

Christmas Olympic Reindeer Games - The Trampoline Team Event
Christmas Olympic Reindeer Games – The Trampoline Team Event

Today was Day One of the Christmas Olympics Reindeer Games at the North Pole!

We were having so much fun I almost forgot to write in my blog!  HHHOL!

Would you like to read about what happened today?

The big event today was the Trampoline Team contest.

Clumsy the Elf and Rudolph are a trampoline pair. Pairs have to follow the same routine. They have to jump together. And they have to flip together. Then they have to twist together. And they have to match each other all of the time. It is like a bouncy dance routine!

Clumsy and Rudolph tried a new routine today. Trampoline rules say you can bounce in lots of ways. You can bounce from your feet or your bottom! You can bounce onto your back or front. Or you can twist and turn in the air. And you can bounce as high as you want! That’s about 33 feet high in the Olympics!

Trampoline moves have special names. Did you know there is a move called a Rudolph?  Rudolph thinks it has the best name ever!  HHHOL!

Christmas Olympic Reindeer Games Trampoline Event

Clumsy and Rudolph had three new moves to try. One was called the Christmas Star. One was called the Snowball. And one was called the Santa Special.

The Christmas Star went well. They bounced very high. They stretched out their arms and legs to make a star shape.

The Snowball went well. They curled up into a ball and bounced on their bottoms.

The Santa Special was much trickier. They had to bounce very, very high. Then they had to do a somersault in the air. Then a double twist on the way down. And then they had to come down feet first. Just like Santa coming down the chimney!

OOPS! Clumsy came down bum first.  His clothes and hat went flying!  HHHOL!  Never mind Clumsy. Practice makes perfect!

Thank goodness I never go down chimneys like that!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like to bounce on things like a trampoline?  Can you think of a new trampoline move? What would you call it?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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37 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Olympic Reindeer Games – Day 1 – Trampoline Team Event”

  1. it is called let’s sit down and talk about something. is where you jump and say let’s sit down and talk about something and then
    sit and see how high you go

  2. the reindeer bounce is when you jump very high and then you
    do a full twist on the way down you do a butt bounce then you land on your feet

  3. I would bounce high and sumersault.Then I would land on my feet.i would call it the Goomba Stomp.It is nomed after Mario

  4. I would call mine a full pike double down twist. I am a cheerleader so I have more practice in these sort of things, and in my e-mail I forgot to mention a new trampoline. Thx!!

  5. I would call a move the chistmas flip you and your partener jump as high as you can in 4 jumps and then you do a flip(a straight one)when you are coming down do 5 full twists and land on your hands

  6. I will call my trampoline move,”The Christmas Jump” you have to have a partner and turn around while you jump together and say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

  7. dear santa,
    did you know Christmas is my favoite year?there are 3 raesons.1. jesus was born. 2.because of you. 3.presents. but mostly the first two.since i always forget to put out your present i will make you cookies and milk.what kind of milk do you like plain or strawberry.sorry i dont have chocolate milk.i will still try to make you a present and put it the way my elf snowflake is amazing.i just wonder what happend to is not because i dont like snowflake it just that i only had for one year.they are both amazing.i just hope nothing bad happened to elvis.well, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    XOXOXOXO love,
    XOXOXOXO Erin Beitzel

  8. hey santa its me rivae again i just wanted to say i love christmas i think its better to give than recive thats why i didnt ask for much this year you probaly wont get this in till a week or so because your so busy but i really wanted to be one of your elfs i think that would be really cool!i would really like to keep in touch with you santa. well talk to you soon,rivae

  9. My trampoline move is the sleigh ride. you jump up into the air and you wiggle your arms and legs like the reindeer pulling Santas’s sleigh!

  10. I have not been on a trampoline in years I miss jumping on trampoline or beds. But I can’t do that on my bed since its a special made bed that can be damaged easily. But some moves you or one of the elves should try its dunking a basketball while leaping from a trampoline. I use to do it in High School it was fun. Or what about doing a somersault and trying to land on your feet that would be a good one for one of the elves to try. Hope they had fun on the trampoline today. Can’t wait to hear what happens tomorrow.

  11. Dear,Santa You know I saw you when I lived in Louisiana I saw you it was awsome you where putting Christmas presents under the tree . Oh yeah I almost forgot that Christmas I’m going to celebrate jesuss birthday are you going to celebrate Jesus birthday if your not ill know that your working hard on those presents oh yeah tell the elves that i said hi

  12. Dear Santa,
    We like to jump on trampalines! Our new move would be called the Ice Cream Twist, you flip sideways and twist. Then, land on your feet!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

  13. I think one should be called the ariyah you jump in the air and while u in the air lay on your back like if u in a bed then on your way down land on your back and u should bounce right back up on your feet…
    p.s. I hope you like my idea

  14. You could have a jump called the flipper dipper where you have to jump high and flip in the air two times then dip down and bounce on your bum then bounce onto your feet xx

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