Christmas Olympics – Day 13 – Reindeer Paddle

Can Reindeer Swim?
Can Reindeer Swim?

It was swim relay day in the North Pole Olympics today.

There were three elves in each team.  Kissy the Elf, Mouse the Littlest Elf and Clumsy the Elf were a swim team.

Did you know that elves are very good swimmers?  Kissy, Mouse and Clumsy really wanted to win a swimming gold medal.

The first leg of the relay was breaststroke.  Kissy is an expert breaststroke swimmer.  She put the team into the lead.

The second leg was backstroke.  Mouse is an expert backstroke swimmer.  The team were still in the lead.

The third and final leg was freestyle. Clumsy is an expert freestyle swimmer.

He was ready to dive in as Mouse touched the wall. But, oh no! Whoops! Splat! Clumsy slipped as he dived. He fell flat on his bottom at the edge of the pool! The other teams were getting ahead.

Was it the end for poor Kissy, Mouse and Clumsy?

Can Reindeer Swim?

No it was not! A fourth team member dived into the pool.

There was a BIG SPLASH! It was Donner!

Did you know that reindeer are also very good swimmers? Donner is an expert at reindeer paddle. He swam and he swam and he swam.

He got close to the leader. Then he went into the lead!

The crowd were bringing the roof down with cheers. “Go Donner! Go Donner!” they sang.

Donner won the race by an antler!

Kissy, Mouse and Clumsy jumped into the water to celebrate.

Then SPLASH! Vixen jumped in.

SPLASH! SPLASH! And then SPLASH! Rudolph, Dancer and Cupid jumped in!

Soon the pool was full of elves and reindeer. Ho, Ho, Ho! What a celebration!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like swimming?  What is your best stroke … and can you do reindeer paddle?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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  1. will you PLEASE turn on your speakers on your webcam. i’ve been watching you and i want to get a chance to make my dream come true[dream:to talk to you]

  2. I can’t swim that well but can do a doggy paddle for 4 minutes! I am tall so I just stand up! I did not no know reindeer swim! How interesting! I’m writing stories so I’ll mention that! Thanks for listening to my constant blabbering!

  3. Woah that’s cool reindeer can swim also can little elves that’s awesome I can barely swim but I just like kinda know how backstroke I like backstroke

  4. Santa I know this is a wired this to ask but and I know that you have to only your self give it to us but can I please have an elf on the shelf and it does not matter what kid it is as long as it is an elf on the shelf

  5. I love thay swimming story tehehe hallarios. if your reding this im Thea and i live in skipton my best friend is tia we go to the same school were comidians to each other we hardly never fall out maybe once or twice but were bff’s and always will santa

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