Christmas Olympics – Day 3 – Elf Snow Putt

The elves joined in with the Olympic Reindeer Games today.  They had a shot putt contest.  But they used snow balls instead of metal balls!

The elf who could throw a snow ball the furthest would win.  All of the elves thought they were the best throwers.  But there was a problem.  The elves were good throwers, but they were not very good aimers.  Snow balls were going in ALL directions!

A snow ball hit my chimney in round one.

A snow ball hit the Olympic Star on the tree in round two.  Scunner the Grumpy Elf was NOT happy about that!  (Scunner’s new job is to keep the Olympic Star safe after all!)

In round three, a snow ball smashed one of the toy workshop windows.  But oh, ho, ho, round four was nearly a disaster!

Mrs Claus had made a big basket of cookies.  She was just bending down to put the basket on the ground when … SPLAT!   A snow ball hit her smack on the bottom!

Well, Mrs Claus jumped in surprise.  The cookie basket went up into the air and all of the cookies spilled out.  Quick as a flash, the elves ran to catch them.  They caught every one!

“Perhaps the elves should have a catching contest instead of a throwing contest,” said Mrs Claus. “It might be safer.”

“A cookie catching contest,” cheered the elves. “Yes please!”

(I think I would like a cookie catching contest too!  HHHOL!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think it would be fun to be in a cookie catching contest?  How would you catch the cookies?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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46 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Olympics – Day 3 – Elf Snow Putt”

  1. My name’s Jayden How was your reindeer doing ? And how was elfie doing ? And can people visit North Pole ? Bye santa

  2. A cookie catching contest would be fun! You have lots of awesome ideas, Santa! You are the BEST!!!

  3. i think you should do a cookie catching contest. I think it’s good for the elves and the children and I’m 1 of those children

  4. you should toatilay have a cookie catching contest! the elves would go bonkers for that! – lucy 🙂 >:)

  5. I would be happy to be in a cookie catching contest but I wouldn’t catch the cookie in my mouth, I could choke. If I caught the cookie with my hands I would eat it before the judges could say I couldn’t!LOL

  6. I would absolutely love to have a cookie catching contest.. If i could have a cookie catching contest i would either use my mouth to catch them or my arms!! Thanks Katelyn!!

  7. Santa,
    I would love to be in a cookie catching contest. Especially if Mrs. Claus made the cookies! They must be delicious! What is your favorite kind? Do you ever play in the Reindeer Olympics?

  8. SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you please tell me if im on the nice or naughty list……it would be the best thing ever in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. maybe the elves should have a class on how to throw a snowball. or maybe just do a cookie catching contest next time!!

  10. dear Santa my family said its ok to bring me a new puppy if you don’t mind can i tell you what kind of dog i want for Christmas this year Santa is husky please Santa clues next year ill try my best to listen better Santa

    your friend andrew

  11. Hello Santa my little brother cant wait for you to bring him toys for Christmas he is so excited 🙂

  12. I want to see you Santa please go in front of the webcone so I could see you that would be awesome

  13. first time did it on web cam, so funny and I would catch the cookies by a basket or by my mouth cause I love cookies so much I am going to save some special cookies for you

  14. wow, your elves are very funny and cool!
    some wacky things happen at the north pole!!!! wink wink!

  15. The elves should catch the cookies by jumping and having their mouths open. The reindeer can throw the cookies to the elves.

  16. I would love to catch a cookie in my mouth like a dog catchs a frisbee that would be sweet. lol

  17. Do it!I would catch them in my mouth though.I would be hungry!After all I LOVE cookies!Especilly homemade! mmmm

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