Christmas Reindeer – a new idea! What do YOU think Santa should do?

Improved Christmas reindeer blueprint
New and Improved!? The elves new Christmas reindeer blueprint

Well it’s finally December and my Christmas reindeer are really getting excited.

Things here at the North Pole are ho ho ho humming along.  It won’t be long now until my Christmas reindeer and I make that joyous trip around the world to bring gifts to all the good little girls and boys.

In fact, it’s crunch time here with everybody chipping in and working away.

This morning, I sat in my office scanning my computer going over the Nice List one more time.  I had to make sure I didn’t leave anybody off.  Plus I always like to give kids the benefit of the doubt.  I truly believe most kids love being nice.  After all being nice to others makes your feel nice about yourself.  Looking over the list I said, “hmmm, it seems like Felipe, Markie, Julie and Jane have been especially good this year.”

I heard a knock on my door: rap rap.

“Come in,” I said.  “You know my door is always open.”

I smiled as Clumsy, Grumpy and our e-elf Jingles slowly walked into my office.  I had no idea what those three were up to.  But, from the twinkle in Clumsy’s eyes, I thought it was going to be good.  “How can I help you?” I asked.

Jingles jumped forward.  “Actually, Santa sir, it’s how can we help you?”

Clumsy bounced up and down, barely able to contain himself.  “Big guy, you’re going to LOVE this!”

“I’m intrigued,” I said.

Christmas Reindeer 2.0!

Clumsy nudged Grumpy. “Show him.”

“I will, I will!” Grumpy growled.  Grumpy pulled out a scroll from his pocket and unrolled it.  I put on my glasses and read it.

“It says plans for a Christmas reindeer,” I said.  Looking carefully at the piece of paper the three elves had a complete design of a mechanical reindeer.  “This looks amazing!” I said.

“Yes, sir, we realize the other Christmas reindeer do an amazing job flying all over the world and all, but we thought they could use a backup.  A robotic-e-reindeer that you can keep on-board and unwind if you need it.  This e-reindeer can give one of the others a nice break.”

“That’s an interesting idea…” I said.

“So should we build it?” Clumsy asked me.

Well kids what do you think?  Should I add a flying robotic Christmas reindeer to my stables?  Or maybe I shouldn’t?

Santa Claus

P.S.  You can click here to tell me if I should get a robo-reindeer or not.  You can also scroll down to see what other people think about robo-reindeer!

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74 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Reindeer – a new idea! What do YOU think Santa should do?”

  1. hi santa thank you for give a wonderful gift like this year minney the bulldog i am so happy take good care of her emily rose going to love her

  2. Hi Santa! I actually think the robo-reindeer isn’t a good idea. This is because if the normal reindeer are taking a break, and the robo-reindeer gets hit by something, you could crash your sleigh!

  3. Hi Sandra am I on the good list the nice list is a North Pole cold Santa freezing Bella’s been good she’s been cheeky
    Santa cling my room up from Kate I pick up the rubbish off the floor put it in the bin pick up the dog poo off the floor in the laundry clean up Bella’s messpayment terms.

  4. Hello Santa how are you I been a very kind and helpful
    And a very good girl and my wishes list for this
    Christmas is box of chocolate and mobel phone and
    Clothes and and and this Christmas I will make
    You a ferry cake and give you a glass of milk
    And for your raindeers I will leve carrots and water

  5. Yes, you SHOULD make this Robo-Reindeer in time to track down the reindeer who stole your magic key and help you rescue Tumei the elf who came down with it…good luck and lots of love to all of you.

  6. yes a robo reindeer is a good idea would be a good helper as it could work for longer than the others without food or even water and could even be powered by n eco fuel like disel or water and salt coal or any enviro freindly source

  7. Hi Santa Clause My Name is Ashley I AM 28 Years Old I Have been A Nice Girl This Year I For Christmas Eve I want A Disney Frozen Glittering Timex Watch A Cry Cry Baby Doll With Pacifier, A Comprehensive 2Nd Grade Book , A New CD Player with AA Batteries So I Can Hear Wwyn 106.9 To sing Along with Please Send Those Things Thanks

  8. You do not need a robot reindeer, all your other reindeer are awesome! How’s Rudolph doing? He’s my favorite, but don’t tell the others I said that! Oh, and I want a laptop for Christmas my current one is so incredibly slow it’s driving me nuts! Sorry about the run-on sentence 😀

    I’d love to show you a picture of me but it says the image is too large 🙁

  9. I think you should get a robo-reindeer because that would be really cool. P.S. Can you give me a picture of him/her?

  10. It would be mean to the Real reindeer but I would be ok if you put on special clothes on the reindeer so they would be like the robot reindeer

  11. Dear Santa of course I respect that its a
    Great idea bit many let Clumsy elf have a
    istience so he does not get himself hurt or
    confused and I think its a Great idea!!
    From sadie

  12. I believe that you should just replace all your reindeer with robotic ones. they would have much more endurance and might live longer (if your other reindeer aren’t immortal). Then you don’t have to feed them or really take care of your reindeer at all. then you could also just let your live reindeer retire.

  13. Though it SOUNDS like a generous offer, I think the reindeer fly just fine. Therefore, why would one need a “replacement” reindeer, except for the slight chance that one could get sick before the flight. So, my answer is NO.

  14. DON’T YOU DARE DO IT. Staying in the old fashioned way is WAY better then the robots, let the reindeer enjoy the BIG ride give them more food and treats so they can cheer up.

  15. I think Santa should, brink back the old technologies, such as Macintosh, computers, so that, younger generation can experience these.

  16. Don’t do that Santa Claus Reindeers will be: sad and dissuspointed.
    Don’t replace reindeers. That will make them mad and ang

  17. Of course not! Think of how hurt the reindeer must be and feel! I thought that everyone at the north pole loves old fashioned ways! Please don’t!

  18. You said yourself the randeer where happy its Christmas time and they get brakesish during the summer please don’t replace the randeer

  19. No Santa the reindeer are beautiful created animals so I love there Idea but that’s nature plus they fly fast any way and it might slow them down and you and the reindeer have years of experience merry Christmas say hi to e.bfrom Maurice (Easter bunny) I live in Texas, usa,(United States of America

  20. Hi Santa and all at the noth pole can I have a phone please thank you if you say yes why are the elf’s being grumpy is Grace Sutton

  21. if you want, you can upgrade your reindeer, you do you boo
    as I said, I really want makeup, trendy clothes and a phone for Christmas. I promise to be nice so I could get it.

  22. Hello Santa! I’m excited for Christmas this year I’m being very good this year also what’s your favorite cookie? Mines Peanut Butter! I love Baking cookies on Christmas Eve mom helps me decorate them.

  23. Santa can you give me a package of an elf on the shelf please?I really want one and a phone on Christmas.please, I’m begging you please. Please give me a package on Monday December 11 at 5.00 pm please. I’m begging you for a dirt bike and a phone. I promise to be very good before Christmas.

  24. I’d say no. I have 2 talented reindeer: Azurite and Windflower (Amulet’s a little young) and Christmas won’t be the same! Reindeer have a fun job and it isn’t fair to take it off them. Thank you for your cooperation.

  25. No, I don’t think you should make a robot reindeer because that would take over the reindeer’s job. 🙁 Children from around the world love your reindeer, so please don’t do it!

  26. HI SANTA! I don’t think you should have a tech reindeer because it just brings away the original
    Christmas Tradition. Also it just doesn’t feel right to have a tech reindeer.

  27. I say no. You should have things normal or soon the elves and everyone will be out of a job. Its enough you already did a big mistake hiring Jingles the e-elf. Also toys don’t need to be that fancy. What ever happened to giving kids simple toys where they can use their imaginations. Kids today don’t need computers, xboxs, and that stuff. Instead they need to go outside and have some real fun. Sorry I’m off topic, but I hate all the changes at the North Pole.

  28. Santa, I personally don’t believe you should get a robo-reindeer. It could malfunction, like everyone else said, but more importantly, Christmas is not a holiday to be run by robots. I know sometime its good to have fancy tech that does work for you, but in my eyes, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without reindeer. Thanks!

  29. Hey Santa I do not think u should have a robo reindeer. its kinda cheating on christmas because it is not a real reindeer.

  30. Hey Santa it is Irelyn I do not think u should have a robo reindeer. its kinda cheating on christmas because it is not a real reindeer. love Irelyn

  31. No. That takes the admiration from the kids of flying your sleigh. The reindeer fly your sleigh ounce a year and will be strong enough to pull the sleigh. Don’t take that away from your reindeer. The reindeer are one of my favorite parts of Christmas and it won’t be special with reindeer.

  32. DO NOT DO IT. It may malfunction and start blowing things up! that would be more like the nightmare on Christmas!

  33. Hi! Santa, I was wondering why don’t you stay till Christmas morning? What is your favorite color? Please answer me soon so you can get a present on Christmas Eve.

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