Christmas sparkle and shine surprise!

sparkle and shine
Would these kittens make your day sparkle and shine?

Sparkle and shine day! Today Mrs. Claus decided it was time to clean up some more of our Christmas decorations.  Of course our decorations are up all year.  And we have them everywhere!  They do get a bit dusty.  So Mrs. Claus goes around the North Pole tidying them so they all sparkle and shine.

But Mrs. Claus hasn’t been her usual sparkly self lately.  Actually, Mrs. Claus has been a bit sad.  Two of her cats, Splat and Squeaks, died.  They were both very old and had lived wonderful lives.

Splat and Squeaks were all black and were brother and sister.  Splat was a cuddler.  Squeaks was, well, squeaky.  She used to love prancing around the workshop with a ball of Mrs. Claus’ yarn in her mouth.  And when she did, she would MEOW!  Jumping jingle bells, could she meow!  Any time of day, she’d trot up to you with a ball of yarn and give you a great big meow.  We used to call them her babies.

Well, when Mrs. Claus has been tidying up lately, she keeps finding Squeaks’ babies.  It seems Squeaky had her babies hidden all over the North Pole!  But every time Mrs. Claus finds one, she has to stop and have a little cry.  I don’t blame her.  It is OK to cry when you miss a friend after all.

Today Mrs. Claus was going to tidy up in her sewing room.  I knew it was going to be a hard day for her.  Squeaks loved playing with the yarn in that room after all.

A Surprise To Make Her Day Sparkle And Shine

I sneakily watched Mrs. Claus from a distance.  She took a big sigh and walked into her sewing room.  Then I saw her stop.  It looked like she was trying to hear something.  Then she got a big smile on her face.  The biggest smile she’s had in a very long time!

She completely disappeared into her sewing room.

When she came out, she had two little kittens snuggled in her arms!  They were covered in yarn.  They were purring so loudly, I could hear them down the hallway!

Santa, where did these adorable kittens come from?” she asked me.

“I don’t know where they could have come from or who could have put them there” I answered with a smile.  (*wink*)

Santa Claus

P.S.  How do you think those kittens ended up in Mrs. Claus‘ sewing room?  Have you ever had to say good-bye forever to a pet that you really loved?  What do you remember the most about that pet?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people are saying!

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91 special messages to Santa about “Christmas sparkle and shine surprise!”

  1. Well I had a beautiful dog and cat and they were so beautiful and cute and fluffy and they both had died from cancer and it was the cancer that you could not cure and it was not very good the day that I found out about it and my dog name was Morgan and my cat name was Maggie and they were special to me and my cat was sassy and my dog was beautiful and they had died the same year and now I have a dog name Jackson and he is not like other dogs he loves every one of my family and he never growl and never brakes and he is a very good dog and it doesn’t matter what I do he stays with me every day and night and he hardly ever gets sick and he is the best dog ever and if I can say that all dogs are like him no he never hurts anybody that he loves and he makes me happy and every body needs a dog like him and I am happy to have him in my life and I love him so much and I can’t imagine my life without him in my life

  2. My BFF moved away. I miss her sooooooooo much! Can you help me? She was my only friend. Her name is Serenity. Can you get her a toy tiger, please?

  3. do you remember me ? im the one who asked for the lego . I just wanted to say merrry merrry Christmas!!! (P.S.) if possible pls send a letter back .


  4. my brain feels a bit funny this month
    please can I have chocolates and sweets/ more wii discs and wii sports resort and a recorder I am 8 years old

  5. I think Santa knew it was going to be hard so he got new kittens. I have had to say goodbye to several pets but there are two that were especially hard to say good bye to, they were a cat and a horse I will remember the cat fervor by his hilarious way of trying to “hide” from us when we would take him in for his treatments, he would go under our couch, but leave his tail sticking out from under it. The horse I will forever remember his gentleness and lovingness.

  6. I had a cat named Cally see was so sweet see was I think 18 year old or older and SHE WAS SO SWEET TO SAVE MY LIFE if she were still alive you should of put her on the nice list every year and really cared when I was sick and when I herd she had cancer I about lost it I was crying every day but then my parents got me a new cat and a another cat but I will still have the love in my heart for Cally. but until then I will love my new cats the same way merry early Christmas and hohoho xoxo sinserly , shyann

  7. i had a cat buddy he was 52 in cat years but he ran away about a year and a half ago but the happy thing is this year for my 9th birth date i got a kitten all for my self she was free because my moms friend works at the place we got her from so she paid for it and the kittens name is munchkin thay found her inside a couch and her mom got hit by a car right at that moment

  8. Santa why don’t you name the kittens Scamper and Scurry since that’s all they’re doing. My nephew says Baseball and Home run.

  9. Hi Santa do the elves know what I’m getting for Christmas and here’s a Christmas song
    On the first day of Christmas my true love set to me one ball ball and a Christmas tree on second day of Christmas my true love sent to me two tinsels and a Christmas tree that’s all I want to tipe but it goes on for twenty five days but the last day is for you because its twenty five cookies and on the twenty four day of Christmas it was twenty four corrots love from Kayleigh xoxoxo xoxoxox <3

  10. I used to have one cat when I was just a babie. I forgot her name though. We had to get rid of her because I was allergic.
    But I’m not any more!

  11. I used to have 2 cats Tubs and Sprocket they ran away i still don’t know where they are. One of them is gray on of them is orange and fat like a bathtub, if they somehow ended up in the north pole please contact me i really want to see them.

  12. i used to have a dog named Andy and he was really cute and cuddly , (is there a doggy heaven?) . what i remember is on one nice day. i was chasing Andy in my backyard and he ran in the doggy door. he ran to my room and pounced on my bed . we started jumping on my bed. it was amazing and i wish it could hapen again

  13. I hope u have a great cristmas and delivering presents and How are u and Mrs. Clause and your elves. And what I want is only five things and they r a easy bake oven, a baby cupcake mini, ice cream maker, cotton candy maker, PlayStation 4
    Love u santa

  14. I lost my pet fish a few weeks ago then the next morning when I woke up I saw he was dead so I was really sad.
    P.s sorry about you cats Santa
    P.p.s please get my friends what they really want thanks

  15. Santa I think that when MrsClaus is about to cry you should walk up to her and let her cry in your arms.
    Yours dearly Tiahna Gausden

  16. Hi santa I read your P.S . I did have a dog . His name was duke. He was a very loving dog. He was my little baby. I love him so so much. And everyone else. I hope you can bring a little puppy like him for chritsmas .I love you santa

  17. Do you have pictures of your kitties? I found those always help with the loss of an animal…. On that happy note Merry Christmas

  18. Dear Santa I am so so sorry about the cats. Oh, hey guess what? my dog named Dash died a couple of years ago. That so relates to your story.

  19. Yes my chocolate lab trooper we saved his life we found him on the highway he got hit by a truck and not he is in heaven

  20. How do you think those kittens ended up in Mrs. Claus’ sewing room?

    I think you left them in her sewing room. Did they come from Splat and Squeaks? What are the new kittens going to be named? I have a guinea pig at work named Squeaks. The other one is named Sweetie. I hope you don’t forget them at Christmas.

    Have you ever had to say good-bye forever to a pet that you really loved?

    Yes I lost my dog Sally Eggo a few years back.

    What do you remember the most about that pet?

    I remember how nice she was and whenever we had family problems she always figured a way to solve them.


    My neighbor just lost his dog named Preston. I hope they get a new puppy after a bit.

  21. i once had a pet named Rico ,was a turtle, we all loved him very much but once there was a storm. The power was out so we put flashlights over Rico’s cage to warm him but when it got too cold we had to go to a hotel in Boston. So we left him with the flash lights on in his cage because he couldn’t come with us. but when we went back to check the water my dad went in and saw the flashlights were turned off and he saw Rico was dead. I was sleeping when we got there but when i woke up my brother,Aidan, he literally just told me Rico was dead. So thats what happened. (SOB) (SOB) (SOB)
    I’m sorry i can’t tell the rest of the story it’s just so painful.

  22. My fish, Finny, died recently. I never thought I’d miss him because all he did was swim around; but when I found out he died, I was really sad! I had him for 5 years and I loved waking up and saying good morning to him. Oh well……I guess I have to get Finny II 🙁

  23. Santa your so beautiful and your wife Is and I want you to bring me my presents on Christmas eve ok if you don’t I will come to you

  24. I hope you have a good Christmas Santa and hopefully have a safe journey while you are delivering presents to all the boys and girls and I am sooo sorry to hear the sad news sorry Mrs.Claus

  25. me and my brothers dogs dora and brownie they were little i came home from school and they were gone ps santa i love u

  26. Well A long time ago i had a dog named Duce and he was the best thing in the world and then one day it was really hot and he died from that and today i am still sad about it it was a pitbull and i loved him very much Santa

  27. i think you gave her the kittens. what are there names. I had a pet fish that died. it was sad. now I have a dog. my dogs name is taco bell.

  28. I think the cats just where hiding to me ;] I don’t think they would of had died ;[ p.s. still interested in how you get around the would in 24 hours. There is more than a million people in the WORLD ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;]

  29. hi Santa your the BEST!!! Ill get to the point now so um i really love your work and how you do it im so intrested to find out more when i get older. One more question how do you do it??? ;]

  30. Hey Santa , i hope you read my wish list this year . If you did not then i would like an ezy Roller . thx
    – Sequoia

  31. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Your the best. Can i have a kitten or 2 for Christmas so it could be a surprize / i also want spy agent gear.i realy also want a neclas for haning like a teacher bage.

  32. Santa,
    please help all of the brave men and women in the military,army,airforce etc. to get home to there familys safely for Christmas.

  33. I love you even though I am 12 yrs old and I hope I get what I wished for, for Christmas see you in 16 days xoxoxoxoxo

  34. how mrs claus is feeling and I also want you to wake me up to meet you and tell me what to put out for you egg nog or milk

  35. tell mrs claus I feel sad for her I want a fire truck hello santa send me a message how mrs claus is feeling and I also want you to wake me up to meet you and tell me what to put out for you egg nog or milk

  36. my cat scruffy died without being out down ,he died of poisoning .I think you put the kittens there because you care about Mrs.claus!


  37. Me and ben Rayner had to put our cat down he was my favorite pet in the world and me and ben been wanting a ppuppy for along time and so this is our first christmas with out Oliver

  38. I love Christmas more then every holiday it is the one holiday where you spend Christmas wit your family and play with your prentes.

  39. Dear santa claus i really want a my dog focksey to have her puppys on Christmas it well ne a nig surprise and i want a pretty zoomer kitty I want some barbies and barbie clothes and monster high dolls – kaitlynn

    I want nail polish and make up. I want playdoh. – Khloe

    We both would love real snow but fake snow is okay.

  40. this is presley i would love a coumputer for chrismas please please please i relly want one i have been acting like my dads coumputur was mine but wen he needs it i give it to him to be nice so please give me a coumputter if you can’t then don’t give me one i juat relly want one

  41. santa please oh please bring me my ipad please santa pretty please bring it to me on chrismas Eve i’v benn wanting one for three years now and i want one and my brother jason boblitt wants one two please santa it will be a dream come true if you did this for us

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