Christmas Traditions

christmas traditions shoes out for Santa
Christmas traditions – shoes out for Santa!

I love to say Merry Christmas. After all, it fills me with happiness. When I hear someone else saying it, I always smile. One thing I love about Christmas is when Mrs. Claus bakes her Christmas cake. Every Christmas, she bakes a wonderful Christmas cake. Then, every Christmas Eve, I eat some. Right before I leave to deliver presents, we have a slice each. That is because it is one of our Christmas Traditions.

That got me thinking. What other Christmas traditions are there?

Christmas Traditions

Did you know, that in the Philippines there is a giant lantern festival? It always happens on the Saturday before Christmas Eve. People try to make the most colorful lanterns. Villages and cities become extra colorful during the festival.

In Germany, there are always Christmas markets. Small huts are set up. Some sell food. Another sells yummy drinks. Then others sell gifts. A Christmas market is a wonderful place.

In North America, the UK, and many other places, people use lights. They cover their houses in lights. Some lights are big. But some lights are small. I love to see colorful lights while I fly through the sky.

In Iceland, children put shoes on the windowsill. I put little treats in the shoes for them. I hope they eat the treats before they wear the shoes!

In Australia, people sing Christmas Carols on the beach. What a cool Christmas Tradition! Actually, it is not cool; it is hot. After all, Christmas is in summertime in Australia. They have a lot of sun on Christmas day.

There are lots of Christmas Traditions. They happen all over the world. Some people send Christmas Cards. Some people bake treats. Also, some people spend Christmas with family. Some people spend Christmas with friends.

My Special Christmas Tradition

I like my Christmas Tradition. I know that other people eat Christmas cake, but with Mrs. Claus it is special. After all, eating Christmas cake with Mrs. Claus on Christmas Eve feels great. It is our special tradition.

How about you? Do you have a special Christmas Tradition? Is there something special that your family does that no one else does? Do you have something you love doing at Christmas? Please tell me all about your special Christmas Tradition.

Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus

P.S.  What are your Christmas traditions? Leave me a message to tell me your Christmas traditions.  After that, scroll down to see everyone else’s Christmas traditions!

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17 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Traditions”

  1. Dear santa I just want to chat with you right now about my mom I am worred about her can you tell me if she is okay santa love Niquila

  2. Our family tradition in india is we exchanging gifts with friends and family.

    Ps i am not in india

    Merry Christmas Aanya!
    That is such a wonderful tradition! I hope you’ll follow me on my Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve as I travel around the world (including to India, of course!)
    ❤️ Santa
    P.S. This year I hear the elves are even going to show some “behind the scenes” footage of what happens at the North Pole while I’m away

  3. Hello Santa my name is Corey and I’m saying so and I want for Christmas is a PlayStation Spiderman stuff a Xbox game a ninja sword a dirtbike Kobe picture

  4. I have@ this Christmas Eve I’m going to be there for real life. Hi guys but your going to be there for me to pick me up from my home

  5. Our Christmas tradition is that we go round my dad’s etc ❤️
    But this year we are going round my great granny’s house on Xmas day then we are having an Xmas buffet. After that we are going round my dad’s house and opening PRESENTS
    wish it could snow

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  7. I don’t know if it counts as tradition, but my father would always hide small boxes of sweets inside of tiny stockings hung on the Christmas tree… The mid ’90s was a long time ago, but I still remember the wonder of it all!

    Take care, Father Christmas!

  8. My family always puts out these little small mice that sit on chairs their decoration

    Also I like to be called little lily pad

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