Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas Tree Decorating
Christmas Tree Decorating

It is getting close to Christmas. Have you done your Christmas Tree decorating yet? I love Christmas Trees. Not to mention I love to decorate them too. But I always use too many lights. Mrs. Claus and I always cut down our own Christmas Tree. Do you cut down yours? Or, do you have an artificial one instead?

It does not matter what type of tree you have. The only thing that matters is that you love it. When your tree is decorated, I bet it looks beautiful. I love to see a beautiful Christmas tree when I am delivering presents.

I love Christmas trees so much that I asked my elves to write a story about one. They did even more than that. They wrote a poem. This is the elves’ poem about Christmas tree decorating.

Christmas Tree Decorating

A Christmas tree starts so bare
Just green and tall and standing there
It stands alone and waits for you
To dress it up in red, green, blue

A Christmas tree without the lights
Is like a dragon without knights
String them round up to the top
Do a dance with a hop, hop, hop

What do you place upon its head?
An angel, star, or crown instead?
Place it on, just like a hat
Just place it on, and that is that

Do you like tinsel? I know I do
Why don’t you add some tinsel too
So many colors, I just can’t choose
If you add them all, you cannot lose

Then hanging things which hang down low
Some on top and some below
Bright blue baubles swing and dance
Add some more if you have the chance

When you are done, take a rest
You are so good. You did your best
Put up your feet and have a treat
Hot chocolate really can’t be beat

I’ll be there soon to see your tree
I know that it will impress me
I’ll leave a gift and stay a while
Your tree will make me grin and smile

What do you think of the elves’ poem?

I think that the elves wrote a wonderful poem. Have you started to decorate your Christmas tree yet? What do you decorate your tree with?

Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you like the elves’ poem? What do you decorate your tree with? Leave me a message here to tell me all about your Christmas tree.  Then, you can leave a photo too.  After that, scroll down to see all kinds of amazing Christmas tree photos from other people.

A message from the elves:
You can write Santa a quick message here.  But, if you want Santa to reply, then you should send a letter to Santa from this web page.  Then Santa will reply to you fast as reindeer fly!

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23 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Tree Decorating”

  1. paul house is fist one here stop buy my place
    thake you santa nice list it year im hop you great year
    lift size house big tall look down my house see thr is so nice here bout santa claus so soon christmas eve dec 25 20023 . big tall gift .hohoho
    you mrsclaus and riendeer fly in sky

  2. Send. To Santa.letterClaus. Form Paulshaw. Taco salad. Night. Dinner. Speaking. Thank. You. What. Post. This. That’s Why I immediate. You’re. I if. This. I’m at the time. They wear really to become. Best friends. Mrs. Claus. Go getter getting my hopes. You know. Been Beefing. You’re
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    Post. People. On only. Christmas card. Forpaul. Send. To. MeMy. iPad. ToNight. What Christmas. Card2 elf ? This. That. Thake. You. Elf. ?

  3. we have 70 christmas trees and eachest ones of then havs a speshal rat on the tops of it aswell my cat likeses to play gams wit ma sistre. we aswell havs a maussive turekty diinmer fur ma family. fur reals
    sowy four the speliingg 🙂
    have a gwet chrsitsmax

  4. hi santa after chruch in the morning tom can you help me clean my room and move my bed tom by myself i want to move it some where new in my room i will feel safe to sleep day and night please and thanks you i give you my wish list tom night take care santa claus love you love Lauren

  5. we have 9 christmas trees the main one has rainbow lights and our ordements that we get every year this christmas will be very speshal because this will be my borthers first christmas sorry for spelling ;}

  6. My family always decorates our tree with Christmas ornaments that we’ve had since me and my brother were born. We also decorate it with DIY Christmas ornaments we make at Christmas events.

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