The Circle of Life

Circle of Life Forest
Circle of Life Forest

We are all excited.  There will be a new little reindeer soon!  When a reindeer is born we are all happy.  It is part of the Circle of Life.

But, my good friend Venice asked something.  She asked if the little reindeer could be called Greta.  Greta was Venice’s Mom.  Greta died last Christmas.  It was very sad.

Venice made me think about something we do at the North Pole.

We have a lot of Christmas trees at the North Pole.  The elves keep the trees looking nice.  But, the elves never put a star on top of a Christmas tree.  The stars are special.

Mrs. Claus has something special too.  It is a book.  When a baby is born, she writes the baby’s name in her book.  That way, we always think of them.

But, when someone dies, we do something special.  We did it for Venice’s mother, Greta.  We did it for Kiara’s baby brother, Will.  Likewise, we did it for Ashley’s Dad.  And we did it for Julia’s grampa, George, too.

When someone dies we have a special service for them at the North Pole.  Everyone puts on nice clothes.  We all meet in the Great Hall of the Elves.  The elves that watched them thru out their life will stand up.  Then the elves will tell us some stories about them.  There are stories that are happy.  Some stories are sad.  Some are funny.  It reminds us and makes us think of them.

The Circle of Life Forest

Then, Mrs. Claus gets her special book.  She gently takes their name out of her book.  She puts their name on a star.

Next, everyone stands up.  I gently take the star from Mrs. Claus.  I carry the star past everyone.  Everyone follows me outside.  I carry the star to a special Christmas tree.  It is just for that person.  Then I gently put the star on top of the Christmas tree.  Then the star lights up.  It shines brightly for all to see.  That way we always think of them.

Rudolph and the reindeer also do something when a special pet dies.  That way we always think of them too.

The price for having known someone who died is sadness when they leave us.  But it is a small price for all the happiness they gave us, even if it was for just a little while.

When someone dies, it is ok if it makes you sad.  But, it is good to talk about being sad.  It helps you feel better.  If something makes you sad you should talk to your family about it.  Or, you can call some great people to talk to.

Santa Claus

P.S.  If there is someone you are missing this Christmas, you can leave a message to tell everyone about them.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written.

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54 special messages to Santa about “The Circle of Life”

  1. My grandma died a few years ago but every Christmas we would to have Christmas with her and my family the holidays are the hardest but I k NM ow she would want us to be happy I just miss her so much.if I could get anything for Christmas it would be my grandma back. Never take advantage of the people I your life you never know when the last time you will see them is. Marry Christmas❤️

  2. I’m missing my BFF Braewyn. She is not dead but she is a great friend and being apart from her this holiday is like having no meal for 2 days. your stomach is in knots. I also miss Compton, Lilly and some other best friends I had before I moved. It seems like yesterday they were right near me to laugh, dance and play with.

  3. Dear Santa,
    Our grandpa died in February on that day we had a ceramony for him it lasted all day!(That day was a sad day) Love your old jokster April

  4. My family is all the way in South Africa. The only family with me in Canada is my mother and father but they are divorced.

  5. Well, on the first of December my Nan called Dot died, and oon the 27th of December my Nan called sylvia died, and the december after that on the 28th my faveorite grandad died. i miss them dearly, but i was still happy and not sad in decembers becvause atleast they lived to ennjoy christmases with us 🙂

    -Bethany | 🙂 |

    1. that’s so lovely my grandma, brothers twin sister ,my nana and my grandpa are all dead oh and our family pets Milly juny charlie benny cats and dog and 5 fish and my great aunt and my 3 dead older siblings they died in car crash when they were 18 14 10 so sad they’re names were charlie brooklyn and henry

  6. Well my grandfather died and he was a nice sweet man he will be missing this coming Christmas, my grandma is upset about it very much life can be hard

  7. I remember when my Papaw died I was only 7. Last month my great grandma Lewis died. I bet she is very happy right now beacause she is up there with her son and two daughters. I miss them both.

  8. last year my dog angel died by gettng hit by a car and brock her neck and we had to put her to sleep that means we had to kill her so we dint have to watch her safur.i wish you would name the baby reindeer atour her please thank you

  9. when i read what you do in the north pole i was amazed i still am. evryone grows up. i realy miss my aunts dog. i never got to say godbye. i love you and evrone up at the north polle.

  10. My granddaddy died on May 14 2009 i think it was sssssssooooooooooo sad!But i said this to my heart “He is with God now”.

  11. I Miss my grandma cause she went with god on November 26,2008. I hope my wish comes true to see my grandma a gain but she is now resting in heaven ans she doesnt have to suffer on more. I love her so much that right now im telling you this i want to cry. but i know she is with my grandpa and her sisters and brothers but i miss her alot cause i used to sleep with her every nght. and I love her alot my grandma Evaglina Z Ramirez

  12. i love santa mrs claus raindeers i love christmas it is my favorite hoilday and i love my boyfriend and my aunt sarah and aunt sissy and michael and mommy and daddy and lora and aunt kathey and aunt arlene and lisa and cousin joe

  13. To santa and all the Reindeer,
    i think that it is sad that Greta died but i supose everyone has to die someday,
    how did Greta die, anyway i think it is a great idea that you are nameing the baby reindeer after it’s mother. hope you look after the baby reindeer and take care of it contact me when it is born
    from Kate

  14. HI,

    Reply From Santa:

    Abbey, we were so sad to hear about your Nana. We put her star on a Christmas tree for all to see.

    But do not worry. Our reindeer are ok. No one is sick and no one has died here!


  15. We miss our Grandma Claire. She died two years ago and Grandpa is really lonely without her. She was only 73. She was the sweetest woman that ever lived. She spoiled us with candy whenever we went to her house. She spent time with us and liked to do the things that we like to do like reading books, playing games and playing with toys. We know she is in heaven, so we are happy for her, but we still miss her.

  16. dear santa i lost my dog squeaky about 2 weeks a go it would mean a whole lot me if u named the reindeer after my dog and do the service after him i really truely miss him a whole lot

  17. Hi santa i luv u u bring me loverly presants and u get treats like milk i bet that is ur fav drink hope you get it this year as well luv u

  18. Santa, thank-you for placing a star on a tree for my Grandpa George. We had the funeral for him today, and I am sure he is in heaven singing Christmas carols while admiring his star. I love you Santa!
    Reply from Santa:

    Julia, you are very welcome. Your Grandpa was a wonderful man.

    All the best,


  19. Did you do the same when my Grandpa John and Grandma Grace died? I was 4 when Grandpa died and 5 when Grandma. I miss them alot. One time I asked for them back. And every Christmas we go to grandpa’s grave and talk to him and wish him a merry christmas. I tell him how good i do in school then he gives me a piggy back ride and then i start to cry. Santa…I miss them alot.:'{

    Reply from Santa:

    Julianne, we were all very sorry about your Grandpa John and Grandma Grace.

    YES! Of course, we have stars here with their names on them. I can see them from my window right now. It makes us happy when we remember how much fun you had with them. After all, as long as you remember them, then they will never be completely gone.

    All the best,


  20. We had two cats die last year. Princess and Chili. It was sad. Im sorry your reindeer died.

    Reply From Santa:

    Curtis, we were so sad to hear about your cats.

    But do not worry. Our reindeer are ok. No one is sick and no one has died here!


  21. i lost my doggy in october… i was sad for a really long time and still am… i will always miss her… and a couple years ago i had a cat named earvin and all of a sudden he started to get sick. he wouldnt eat and he wouldnt drink water. so we had to put him down.. i still think about him to this day. then a couple months after that we got another kitten and named her lucy. but one day i went to look for her and we discovered that she had run away. but now i have a brand new little baby cousin. my aunt adopted her. she was born on august 1st 2008! she lives in virginia and i live in california but im going to go see her at least 3 times a year!!! i love her soooooo much!!!

    so its like my mommy says

    when god closes a door, he opens a window.

  22. I think it’s a good idea if the reindeer is a girl to call it ‘Greta’ But if it’s a boy what will you call it? From Me! =D MERRY X~MAS!!!

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