Clumsy the Christmas Gingerbread Elf

a big Christmas gingerbread house
A great big Christmas gingerbread house!

Christmas gingerbread is a tradition at the North Pole. A tradition is something special you do every year.  At the North Pole, we have many Christmas traditions.

Mrs. Claus has traditions too.  A special one of hers is to build a great big gingerbread house.

Everyone knows Mrs. Claus makes the best Christmas baking ever!  She makes the best gingerbread ever too!  Everyone at the North Pole knows when she is making it.  You can smell it everywhere!  Yum!

Everyone wants to help build the gingerbread house!

The pieces of gingerbread for the house are big.  They are very big.  Even bigger than an elf!  The elves all have to lift together to put the pieces of the house together.  Mrs. Claus makes a great big bucket of icing to glue to the pieces together.

Clumsy the Christmas Gingerbread man!

One year Clumsy was helping her with the icing.  He climbed up on his ladder.  The other elves held the gingerbread walls together.  Clumsy reached out as far as he could with his big brush.  He wanted to put icing on the gingerbread wall.  He reached even further until… SPLAT!  He fell off the ladder.  He fell right into the great big bucket of icing!

When he came out of the bucket he was covered in icing and gingerbread.  “Yum”, he said.  “This tastes really good!”

And that is where Christmas gingerbread men came from!  HHHOL!

Now isn’t that a funny story?  Well, that is how Christmas traditions get started at the North Pole after all. 😉

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you have any Christmas traditions you do with your family?  Is falling into a bucket of icing one of them?  (You can tell me about your Christmas traditions here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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142 special messages to Santa about “Clumsy the Christmas Gingerbread Elf”

  1. Hi, I am Kate. I am very excited for Christmas even though it is still 220 days of this waiting.

    Well I just wanna wish you a Merry Christmas

  2. i love decorating the Christmas tree
    And baking cookies with my siblings and my parents my favorite addition is rain tonight before Christmas with my baby dolls

  3. I know i’m too old to believe but I really need you this year. Well ever since corona started I lost almost all my friends. I just want you to get the Covid vaccine that actually works and get it to EVERYONE (naughty or nice). This is definitely something i know u cant do but its a hope that this will all be over and everything will go back to normal.

  4. Hi Santa!
    I wish that you could make the Coronavirus go away if that was the only present you got me! But don’t bother, I don’t know if you can even do that! Merry Christmas! .,. =-) =-D

  5. One of our traditions is early in the morning I open ep tha presents from you then later I open up the presents from family love Chloe HO HopO HO

  6. Hi I am makayla I have been very good I Christmas is my best time of year I love it because you are the best want and elfs,Mrs clause and reindeers

    Lots of Christmas joy from

  7. Hi! So for one of my traditions, we just make classic cookies on Christmas Eve and (sometimes) when we decide to ice the it gets everywhere! This isn’t the best tradition but it’s accepted pretty fun!

    Lots of love,

  8. Santa, my parents told me that you would not bring me something if I don’t clean my sisters room but I told them “It’s not my mess it’s her’s” But I got nervous because I wanted presents for Christmas so I cleaned her room and now my sister thinks she the boss of me and she is 7 and I’m 11!!!! SHE’S 5 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME!!!!
    LOVE Brooklyn!!!! 🙂

  9. Me and my cousin Jasmine would often get the Same things for Christmas because we’re so alike (although Jasmine is much more crazy than me !) Jasmine is also five and I’m eight but it also really near my birthday!!! Please could you get her what she wants because she got a bit upset last year because you didn’t get everything on her list. You don’t have to worry about you not getting everything on my list but I only got two things on my list
    Bye bye from Elsie
    P.S. I will write my letter to you in the morning

  10. Well, one of my traditions for Christmas is that my grandparents buy me and my two brothers and cousins pjs. Allison (my cousin) and I would have matching pjs and then he boys would too. I love this tradition.

  11. This year so you know mine will me in the livening room can you
    Make my moms head stop hurting pleases Santa!!!!

  12. hi Santa. I just gave you my list. I would love to see a picture of you again. I would love to see Mrs. Claus too.
    Love ,


  14. We always go to my Granny Bones (Elizabeth) . We have loads of fun normally lots of food and drink.We always have cans

    Your’s Faithfully

    Bethany 🙂

  15. i hope you wright back to me. i do not know what i want for christmas yet. i want you to come to my house first. i will leave a note please read it. i will leave milk and cockies. Hope you like them. tell me if i am on the naghty or nice list.
    Ella Kelm

  16. Every Christmas eve, my Nana always cooks cookies for you ( sometimes we buy hee hee shhhhh) but this year it is going to be hard since she passed away :'(. But this year I am going to cook cookies for you with my Mom.

  17. On christmas my almost everyone come to my house she make the greatest mak in cheese it is so good she make bake beans she cook everything then we just have a good christmas

  18. once upon a time i was making a cake with my mom and when we were done i smash my head into the cake because i was tired

  19. Every year on Christmas Eve, we pack up all the presents and take them to my cousin’s house. Then we exchange gifts throughout the family after we eat dinner. Then we just show everyone our gifts, play with them a bit and play with other’s gift and them go home.

    All night after we go home, I tell my mother: We need to go to bed or Santa will skip our house!

  20. every year we go to my mamaws house for christmas right. so my fam is crazy and the kids play with their toys and the gownupps play games at the table we have a good time.

  21. Thank you so much for sending a letter back to use! It was the first time for us to write to you Santa, and we will keep on writing every year!! Mommy printed it out for use to keep forever! xoxoxo’s to all at the North Pole

  22. the trideshions that my family do as we decarate the tree. then we turn it on evrey day an till cristmas
    After cristmas we will go and we will take the tree down after cristmas

  23. Oh my! Really!? That sounds so funny!! Well every-thing is funny with you!Your the best person in the world!! Are you still the origanal St.Nicholas!? If so Oh my goodness!!

  24. Are Christmas tradition is to pick out a tree bring it home and decorate it together.Then my faimly and I put up Christmas lights. Last we have dinner and talk and open few of our presnts.Last we go to bed and wait for Santa that’s my faimly tradition.

  25. Well, thanks Clumsy. That is our tradition, making COOKIES! All the neighbors LOVE them! us too! I i believe Santa does to!

  26. yes ai do have crstmas tradetchin laik poutinge up the crstmas tre up ou pote a star at the top of the tre and pote lit bols and crstmas dacration on te tre.

  27. have i been good?my sister is older than me because she is in 4th grade and i am in 3rd grade. i love Christmas it’s my favorite are my favorite holiday man and so is easter bunny.Can you tell him that? how are mrs.Claus,the elfs,and reindeer especially roudoph. i think YOU and THE ELVES AND REINDEER AND MRS.CLAUS ARE AWESOME!

  28. Hi Santa!!
    I already sent you a note, but wanted to send you am email because I left out something. As soon as I sent it, I relized that I had forgotten to put that I wanted an elf. So….I hope you have a GREAT Christmas!!! P.S. I hope your reindeer are doing fine!!!….and YOU!!

  29. Santa you are the best. Guess what I think is the best thing about christmas

    Answer: Sharing and helping people if they are hurt

  30. My mum always make me take my time when I open my presents on Christmas Day.So I can take time to reflect on what I have been given.:D

  31. One of our Chritmas traditions is that on Christmas Eve, my whole family gathers together and my dad reads the Christmas story out of the Bible. We take time to remember who puts the Christ in CHRISTmas. And then we open 1 present only, and jump into bed, where visions of sugar plums dance in our heads! 🙂

  32. hey santa i would like a net trampoline, bike and swimming pool.
    i would like the net rampoline because when my friends come over there always fall off. with the bike its broken and since its summer we would like a pool and iv’e been an angel

  33. I dont want to be rude but I want to Know how old you are?

    ps heres a song for you I want a hippopotomus for christmas!!! lol

  34. Why,hello everyone at the north pole!!!!(even polarbears)….Well i searitantly cant believe tomarrow is the first day on December!! WOW!!! Santa and elves and mrs.clause must sure be busy working.The grinch is probaly gonna get a HUGE lump of really black cole.Well,for everyone who sees this coment,MERRY SUPER DOOPER EARLY CHRISTMAS! I am soo excited for christmas that i decorated my WHOLE entire room with christmas lights and many other decorations!!! Once i turned them all on and turned out all the lights,my room wasnt even dark! It was lit up like a christmas tree!!! Well,gotta go back to the site…. bye everyone!!

    guys make sure you DONT go downstairs when hes here OR set up a video camera,and if he finds it,well….. your going on the naughty list right away!!!! HAVE A GOOD CHRISTMAS!!!!

  35. hey santa i just want to say that i am watching rudolph the red nosed reindeer and something else i want to tell you i want a bunch of toys, clothes,xbox games,movies,shoes,and flat hats

  36. our christmas tradition is going to canada we stay there till right before new years. the only time we didnt go is when weather was really bad.

  37. Well, my Christmas tridition may not sound very special to some,or to others not that big. But,my Christmas tridition is having fun and being with others you love and care about!My school even has a very important message for all people;
    “Mesure your life by what you give and not what you get!” It was made as a Christmas saying,but it was so touching saying,it is on all of the jonior and up shirts.Which I m a jounior so I will be reciving one too! Anyway,my family’s tridition is far off from falling into a bucket of icing!But it is still very important!(WINK*)

  38. elves? please don’t be bad because it will make you be on the noddy list I’m not trying not to be mean but I’m just telling you that it could be better if you will get along be a good little elf be as good as can be it will be great if you will be good like as good as a prince! oh and I forgot this is what Santa says but this has to happen be good boy’s and girl’s

  39. We always have a big dinner with family and sometimes friends in possible. We open gifts together and buy for eachother too. The house is decorated for the holidays and we have done some baking for the holidays too.

  40. I have one I go to a big building every year and play with my friends my dad is always santa there I tell my cousins on less it is the younger ones We have all kinds of tasty foods and we even exchange gifts well that is all I can share merry cristmas!

  41. Hey Santa & Mrs , Clause
    how are you guys ??
    I am Really excited about Christmas one reason is beacuse you spread love and joy arounnd the world … thank you for writing a very nice letter to me , xoxoxox love you tons – Breanna MacEachern

  42. Dear Santa,
    Every year me and my family put up a Christmas tree the day right after thanksgiving. This year it was a little different because now we have a dog. Her name is Bella and she is a Lhasa Apsa. She’s soooooo cute. I am predicting that she wants a bacon flavered bone and a pink sweater for us to take her out for a walk.Bye Santa Love Carley

  43. hi this elf sounds really clumsy !!! but sure it does not matter we all get a bit clumsy sometimes ! everyone does even people who think there perfect no one is perfect !! so clumsy don’t mind if elfs make fun of you …just say ur not perfect either ! trust me its from ur good friend laoise ! bye merry christmas !

  44. I thaught Santy lived in Lap-Land? Everyone I know thinks he does, hmmm….
    Well, how’s Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Rudolf, Dasher, Comet, Donner, Blitzen and all the Elves and of corse YOU!!! Am I forgetting anyone???

  45. I have a tradition santa, every year after ive eaten all my chocolates in my calender i take out the chocolate traym and rip away all the tinfoil and melt a chocolate bar and pour it in the tray, then i wait for them to harden sdo you can enjoy some delish treats!

  46. i have a tradition, every year when we finished are calender and ate all the choclates in it, we buy a chocolate bar and melt it, then fill the shapes -the chocolates before were shaped like- up and put them in the fridge and wait for them to harden so they are nice and easy to get out specialy for santa!

  47. If Stella (our safety skunk) could hear this story she’d say “tell Clumsy to always make sure he doesn’t reach too far when he’s on the ladder!” She would have a fit!

    Miss Cain’s 1B class

  48. dear,santa
    i love you and you love ma and i know that so thank you for loving me and givilg me good preasents every year well i got to go love you santa write back
    Love, Kaitlyn

  49. hi im caitlin and im here with my sister kiley we do have a christmas tradition (its really silly) well our mum buys like LOADS of icing and bread. we put the icing in a big huge bowl and we tare the bread in to little pieces and drop it in and we put our heads in and try to find the bread its really fun xx bye xx 😀 🙂 😛 🙂

  50. I wrote a story about you because Miss Morris, my teacher, told our class that we can write a Christmas Story. Well of course, there’s got to be a problem, so I wrote that you lost your naughty or nice list, but then you found it at the Grinch and Grunches house.

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