Clumsy with a hammer

The builder elves have been hard at work.  They are putting together the sets for the upcoming Christmas show.

They built a fake fireplace and furniture for a pretend family room.  Then they went home for the night.  They were pooped!

Clumsy the Elf wanted to prove that he was good enough to join the building team.

When the other elves were gone, Clumsy went back into the workshop.

He worked long into the night to finish the family room set.

It was hard to do by himself!  He couldn’t hold boards up and nail them at the same time.  But, he did his best.

He finally finished the walls.  He was so tired he fell asleep right on the floor.

This morning, the other elves came back to work.  They found Clumsy curled up and snoring.  They also saw all the work he had done.  They giggled.

The builder elves woke Clumsy up and pointed to his work.  Clumsy looked at the elves and wondered why they were giggling.  Then he started giggling.

The whole set was tilting to one side!

Clumsy realized that he could not do such a big project on his own after all.

The elves had to start all over.  This time Clumsy got help from a few other elves.  They worked as a team.  They were done in no time – and it was done right!

Now the actor elves will have loads of time to practice before the big performance.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever tried to do a big job by yourself?  Did it work out better than it did for Clumsy? You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

44 special messages to Santa about “Clumsy with a hammer”

  1. Hi, Santa it is your favorite girl from St.Charles… Leah Young. This Christmas I can not see my dad so I was wondering if you could make it extra special for me and my sister Harper? Love you.

  2. I hope you can build my presents clumsy if you don’t i wont care just make me the same things that my friends want. by Emma have a good cristmes

  3. I tried to build a wood mini house all by myself I couldn’t hold the planks up and use glue at the same time. Nobody was there to help me because my sitter was outside my mom was at the store and my dad was working on our shed. Finally my mom came home and she held the planks up while I glued. After we finished I started painting the house. After I was all done the house was beautiful! We put it outside by our porch. P.S. Before my mom came home it was a gluey mess!!

  4. I went into my room because I was mad at my partner Ally. So I did my scince project myself. It was really hard but I couldn’t do it so I talked to my teacher Mrs.Solarchick and I got a new partner and we made a project together and we got a A plus.


  5. Christmas isnt about presents! Its about sharing our love with everybody else, giving to the less fortunate help on the cold December nights, everybody deserves love at christmas its when you put aside your differences and work together to make christmas truly unforgettable! Oh and 5 months to go 🙁

  6. i love the story you just told about that it is funny.sometimes i do clumsy things too! ha i just said you.good bye santna claus. i have go to bed so early.

  7. this os my joke santa:Ho ho ho!me:hi i want 1 electric gutar. santa:ho ho ho im not open. me:but u have other kids in line….. a guy:ya!me; wen did u get in the conversation?the guy:now. me:o.santa ho ho ho merry christmas!me:i told u i want 1 electric gutar!!the guy:yaya!!santa:ho ho ho mery christmas!!!!me: good funny hu i love my jokes

  8. i luv CHRISTMAS to me its about presents but not to everybody else!same here Emily!by the way

  9. I’ve tried to do somethings by myself even if it’s a bigger job than I can handle.But what i’ve learned is sometimes you should just ask for help even if you think you don’t need help you might really do need it.So elves think before you do something that might be to big for you to handle.LOL

  10. I love santa I’m pretty sure everyone loves santa oh I forgot about the elves and the reindeers

  11. It’s ashanti again.but I want to thank the elves for all the work they do and Mrs.claus for helping them work Marry Christmas to every one at the North Pole

  12. hi Santa,
    I once tried to bild a roking horse by my self.It was terible,worse than what Clumsy did.i could not even get a peice to go on the body.I asked my friend and even together we where not able.I found a better way when my dad lended me a baricade.P.s even if my dad had to take my roking horse appart i had fun bilding it.

  13. Yes before I was in charge of painting four wooden post things to hang crosses (for Christian solider), and star of david (for jewish solider) who had died in the Irag war all by myself. I worked many many hours and many many days up now we have a place to honor our soliders nextto the church I go to.

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