Crazy Kittens for Christmas!

kitty in a christmas tree
…and a kitty in a Christmas tree!

Crazy Kittens this Christmas!

Did you read my last message about Mrs. Claus and the kittens?

Well Mrs. Claus and the two new kittens are having a grand time!

She loves them to bits.

The elves love them to bits.

Myself, I’m starting to think they’re a bit of trouble!

Of course, I love the two new kittens to bits too.  It’s just I think they might be on the Naughty List if they were children!

Yesterday, I was walking by a Christmas tree.  Suddenly…

The whole tree started to shake and to shimmer!
The bulbs started to flicker.
And some lost their glimmer!

So I looked deep inside
and what did I see?
Two little eyes
peering out back at me!

With a little meow,
so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment
It wasn’t a trick!

There it was,
A furry cat paw!
Yes, it was!
I saw what I saw!

But how could this be?
How did a kitty
get stuck in my tree?

So I went on one knee
And pulled with a jerk,
A fuzzy little kitten
So no one’d get hurt.

It gave me a meow.
It gave me a purr.
It licked some needles
out of its fur.

It looked for Mrs. Claus.
It was looking for her.
So it shot down the hall,
In a flash, in a blur!

As it ran down the hall
I thought to myself,
Now that was bizarre!
“Merry Christmas”!
Au revoir!

I think the kittens’ silliness is starting to wear off on me!
I hope I don’t ever get stuck in a tree!

The only thing was, I didn’t know what to call the kitten!  The two kittens don’t have names yet.

So I asked Mrs. Claus,
“What should we do?
We can’t just have cats
called Cat One and Cat Two!”

She gave me a smile and thought for awhile.
“We can ask the kids!
They’ll give us some names
with glamour & style!”

So there you have it!  My question for you!
What should we name our Cat One and Cat Two?

I hope you can come up with some great names for our two new kittens!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think we should call the kittens?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see the names from other people!

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281 special messages to Santa about “Crazy Kittens for Christmas!”

  1. Kitten 1 should probably named snowflake and kitten 2 should be jingle or jangle

  2. If one is a boy name it Braden
    and If it’s a girl call if it’s a girl name it Carley or Sarafina

  3. Ok. Here are 2 boy names. Santa Jr. And Holiday. Ok I’ve got MILLIONS of girl names. There’s Jingle, Holly, Jolly, Merry, Mary, Charity, Cookie, Frosting, Sprinkles, Twinkle, Sweet Heart, AND Mrs. Claus Jr. ( My personal favorite!!!!) Meowy Christmas!!!!!

  4. Dear Santa Claus,I think if both are girls then you should name them Jingle and Lilytop. If ones a boy Jackie, and if both are boys Jackie and Rascal.

  5. Hello Santa. I wanted to let you know that I think you should name your cats Santa Paws and Mrs. Paws. ( If they are both girls, Mrs. Paws and Mrs. Paws Jr. If they are both boys, then Santa Paws and Santa Paws Jr.)

    P.S. I will leave you some cookies and milk, for the reindeer some carrots, and for the elves some delicious crackers.

    P.P.S. Oops! This email is for your “The Cat in Santa’s Hat” story. I don’t feel like copying this whole message again in “The Cat in Santa’s Hat” story.

  6. Are the kittens a boy and Girl? If it’s a girl Ginger Princess or Lady and a boy Toby Teddy or Gizmo like the movie character

  7. I think you should name one of them snowflakes that sounds like a cute name for a kitten

  8. Dear Mr.Claus and Mrs.Claus,

    Hi Mr and Mrs Claus, I have names for the 2 new kittens or cats you have. I have both boy and girl names. All the girl names I have came up are-Elizabeth,Betty,Beth,Angelina,Angela,Monica,Catherine,Katelyn,Monera,Stephanie,Flora,Zecora,Bethy,Kimora,Morgan,ZeeZee,Mai,Mia.All boy names I have came up are-Jarrett,Joshua,Billy,Cameron,Keeshawn,Ahmaad,Dathan,Nathan,Keegan,Sam. I hope you pick 1.

  9. Name Cat One:Pine/ Needles/ Poppy/ Glimmer/ Fluffystar/ Fluffy

    Name Cat Two:Reindeer/ Hoof/ Poplar/ Sparkle/ Medoreface/ Medore

    Cat one:Ideal Name-Fluffy
    Cat two:Ideal name-Needles

  10. I think you should name the kittens Jingle and Bell. Jingle is a name for both a boy and a girl! Bell would probably go for a girls name though. Hope you like these names!

  11. To santer

    will I have a elf on the shelf ? and if they do come to life I
    would like a good one! and I am 100% shuer

    from Emily

    I love you

  12. Santa, is the cat in the tree male or female? What about the other kitty? Which one was in the tree and which one started playing with the cotton on your hat? We need more info to give them proper names… I have two cats, rescued from homelessness (Mercy is gray and Grateful is black and white). They like acting out when they don’t get their way but they are loving and kind even as they suffer… purrrfect in Christ. Please remember to bring gifts for them at Christmas! Love you, Santa… with the love of Yahweh!

  13. I think you should name them Mr kitten clause and Mrs kitten clause. Or Tom Jerry Lucy bob or Fred

  14. I think you should call them

    Girl: Tinsel
    Boy: Winter
    I hope you name the kittens these names!!!

  15. I think that you should name one of them Mistletoe and maybe Cocoa, or maybe Snowflake and Sleghbells

  16. ok,santa here is a couple of names for your two little kittens elfy, snow ball, santa jr., fluffy, sparkle, rosa, peppermentcandy, shine, and muffin. have we been good. zoie and brileigh

  17. I think you should name your kittens Cane(like a Christmas Cane)and Stocking(like a Christmas Stocking). My mommy had the idea.

  18. Santa I think you should name you Kittens Jingles and Lightning.Since the kitten ran fast and he or she was a blur 🙂 Enjoy your kittens Santa and when you come you’ll meet Gomez Morticia and Wednesday.There my 3 Black Cats.Wednesday is a Kitten..I got her in October.Morticia and Gomez are both 4 years old.I hope you take the time to give them all a luv rubs when you come to my home 🙂 Love you Santa xxoo ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  19. Dear Santa,
    I think for a girl you should name it Miracle and for a boy you should name it Truffles.


  20. Dear Santa,
    How about the names of Peppermint and Coco? We like the tastes of Christmas. We know you do too!
    Room #2, Childs Head Start



  22. Hey Santa,
    I think that cats are sooo cute!!!! For a girl probably call it Carol. for a boy call it Jeff!
    From Chloe

  23. Dear Santa I think you should call them jingle and bells from your bestest fan kaileigh I love you so much xoxoxoxo

  24. if they are girls bow and present, if boys tree the one in the tree and ornament or for both i don’t care.

  25. Your kittens are so cute! I think there names should be

    Girl:Mary PAWS(Get it)

    Boy:Santa Claws(Get that one too)
    From Tia

  26. I think you should name one Sky and the other joy because if you see the cats eyes with love and you are careful seeing them you remember the sky and the other Joy because it brings happiness to Mrs.Claus and to the elfs and to you. Love, islah

  27. Santa here are 7 names for the kittens

    Girl jingle, sprinkle, star, spirit, mittens, snowflake, bells,

    Boy trouble, ornament, snowy, champ, chip, scarf, oliver,

  28. I think you should name them Carol and Star.

    Hope you are doing well,

    P.S Last year my cousin got an ipod from you and there was a video of you unpacking preasents. Why did you send her that video? Just asking.

  29. dear Santa hope you have a great Christmas and also say hello to the elves and all of the other helpers. THANK YOU


  30. For the Girls Princess Anything that starts with E

    For the boy Prince Anything that starts with B

    Thank you so much,

  31. I think you should name this kitten LUCKY because it is all about Christmas and it is meant to mean that everybody in the world should be really LUCKY at Christmas.
    I really hope that you choose this one as one of your kittens names because it would mean that I could show most of the people in my class that you are not just a joke and you are really real, (they don’t believe that you are really real).
    I also hope that you answer me and maybe even call one of your kittens LUCKY!

  32. i think you should name the first cat glamour and the second one marshmellow!!! p.s. how are the reindeer doing???

  33. hey santa I been good this year i want a phone a kindle and a case for the phone and a tablet and a laptop and a mouse with it and headphones.

  34. Dear Santa,

    We have some names you could call your kittens:
    Kayla, Superkitten, Dora, Ironcat, Pineman, Baubles, Santa Claws, Batman Cat, Pinky Pie, Bill, Superman, Cutie Cat, Flower Petal, Superwoman.

    We are working really hard in school.
    See you soon.
    Happy Christmas.

  35. you could name them liluck,or lilly, rose or,fill, rukia, ichigo, slendy or, slender, fluffy or, coal, raven or ,chock

  36. hi elfs! hi roo_doff and hi mr and mrs claus!!!!
    i lurve kittys so why not try.. as i can tell you used the dr sues story mr claus call one suezzzy an one sammey……. these are suggestions….

  37. I think you should name them tree and angel
    It discribs them

    I am from Canada and I am 9

  38. bella or ella or sofia or keyerra or keykey or shaylin or shimmer. I want a American girl for Christmas and a cute cute dress. and a lot of pez. pretty pretty please. thank you. your the best

  39. For girls, I have always been partial to the name Annabelle. For boys, I think Anderson would sound cute.

  40. i think cat one should be cookies and cat two should be and holly i thought of cookie and my mom thought of holly

  41. I think Holly and cookie for girls and mikey and lucky for boys other suggestions Tamara Linus sandy patches Lucy Belle stardust Isabel rudolf hope pine coocoo CoCo remy raven mittens tinsel from Isabel

  42. I think one should be named Snowy for winter and the other should be named Evergreen because a Christmas tree is an evergreen tree

  43. dear Santa hello it is me again i think you sold name cat one freya for a girl and ozzy for a boy and for cat 2 miley for a girl and luca for a boy. please choses one of my names for your cats thank you.


  45. Girls: Silly, Sallie, Lexi, Peaceful, Joyful, Minnie, Millie, Curios, Sugar-bear, Sweet-thing
    Boy: Midas, Roscoe, Dave, Anthony, Tony, Curious, Swell-don, Curio,

  46. Dear Santa,
    If they are 2 boys name them Jolly and Bells.
    If they are 2 girls name them Star and Twinkle.
    If they are 1 boy or 1 girl name them Jolly and Star.


  47. If it is 2 boys, name them Scrooge and Frosty. If it is 2 girls, name them Muffin and Twinkle. If it is 1 boy and 1 girl, name the boy cat Jack Frost and the girl cat Snow or Snow White

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  48. It really depends on the gender. If they are both boys then Jingle and Sleighcat would be good names. If they are both girls then Snowbell and Tinsel would be good names. If one is a boy and one is a girl then Sleighcat for the boy and Snowbell for the girl.

    Love from Rebekah xxx

    P.S. I know how to name cats, I recently got one and her name is Holly because she’s really got the Christmas spirit.

  49. Dear Santa Claus,
    I think you should call your 2 new kittens, Tango and Cola because they are both always jumping around. A bit like the two fizzy drinks, Tango and Coca Cola

  50. If they’re both girls, name one Samantha and name the other Leila and if they’re both boys, name one Clyde and the other Cody. If one’s a girl and the other is a boy, name them Cody and Leila

  51. You should name them naughty and nice the playful naughty one coulbe nice and the calm one naughty that would be funny

  52. You should name them naughty and nice mabey the most trouble one naughty and the calm one nice cuz your nau ghost ty and nice list

  53. Hi Santa!
    It’s your elf Angela I think you should call them merry like what Julia said and Christine


  54. I think you should name them Cuddles and Norman. love, Jordan Babb P.S. Tell Bobby the elf that he’s an awesome helper.

  55. Hey santa and mrs. Claus this is what my names are Willow,mittens, shadow,daisy, mini,cupcakes,coco, midnight, Oreo, cookies, suger, ginger, tiger, princess, pepper,
    peppermint, Christmas, patches, cakes, ice cream, brownies, sassy, rocky, rocky road, angel

  56. Hi Santa, I think they should be called Jingle and Sooty

    lots of love

    From Rosyth, Scotland

  57. I think you that one of the cats should be named jingles and the other one,s name should be snowy.Of course they need to relate to christmas so those are the perfect names for your kittens.MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    p.s.I wish good luck to everyone else who is trying to name the kittens!

  58. you should name cat one thing one and cat two thing two and find them little outfits to go with it or have Mrs. Claus sew them one

  59. Dear,Santa

    I’m so excited to be able to write to you and I have a secret,you can’t tell anyone else about this and I love you and mrs.Claus so much.

    Love you, Rylee

  60. CAROL AND TINSEL!!! If their a boy and a girl, the girls should be Carol and the boy Tinsel. If their both boys Tinsel and Ginger, like gingerbread houses! Or If their both girls they could be Carol and Tinsel or Carol and Bell. I know you love Christmas so I’m trying to give you Christmas-y names!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  61. i think you them cookies and milk since you like cookies and milk lot and you love the kittens a lot thats a match made in heaven

  62. I think they should be called Snowy and mischief. I am looking fallward to Christmas and will shortly send my list to you. I will leave stuff out for you and reindeer and Elves. See ya!

  63. Hi Santa! I think you should call them Holly and Jolly. Just a thought. The one in the tree looks cute! I think that one should be called holly!

  64. Fluffles- cat 1
    Cuddles- cat 2
    If they were both girls
    for the boys
    KitCat- cat 1
    Striker- cat 2

  65. for a girl: Kit Kat, Mittens
    For a boy: Sugarplum, Mistletoe.

    Merry Christmas
    P. S. My cat was drinking the water out of the stand and she made the tree fall last year.

  66. Good names:
    My friends elf on the shelf is named… Sugarplum
    And I don’t have one (but I really want one) will be named Misletoe. Sugarplum and Misletoe.


  68. If it was a boy I would call it:

    And if it was a girl I would call it:

    I hope that you like the names.
    My favourate girl names are:Millie and Tilly.
    My favourate boy names are:Tigger and Gizmo.

  69. If they are both girls they could be called Bubbles and Cuddels and if they are both boys they could be called Burtie and Toby

  70. girl:tinsel
    p.s. Merry Christmas Kittens,Santa ,Mrs Claus and the reindeer.

  71. I think you should name them the kittens: Chimney & Carol, P.S. you know like christmas carol:)

  72. I think you should name one Trouble and the other Christmas
    P.S I still have belief in you Santa

  73. GOOD LUCK Santa, have you named them yet. if you haven’t you name them something about what they look like or about Christmas!

  74. I had a cat when I was very small I used to big kitty and now him Mr kitty or kitto or you call them bloom,Veronica,◦Atticus,◦Sienna,Chaia (pronounced “Kiya” – named after the Hebrew word for life, which is “CHAI”.)

  75. I think you should name them cookie and milk.
    PS~ My cat Jessica knocked over the Christmas Tree last year when she climbed it 🙂

  76. You should name the first kitten Billy Bob Joe if it’s a boy. If the first kitten is a girl you should name her Santa’s Little Kit Cat Girl.Now for the second kitten:
    If it’s a boy you should name it Santa Paws.If it’s a girl you should name it:
    Angilena Boblenia

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