Dancer – Santa’s reindeer doesn’t want to fly

Santas reindeer Dancer
Santa’s reindeer Dancer

Do you remember my reindeer Dancer and how she was feeling sad?

You have all been so helpful with your comments and ideas to help her.  I took your advice and talked to her today to see if she was feeling any better.  I brought her a thermos full of special reindeer soup.  Mrs. Claus always makes me chicken noodle soup when I’m feeling sick.

Dancer seemed even more sad than she did last time I saw her.  The other reindeer told me she hadn’t been outside to play with them for over a week.  She had missed out on so many reindeer games.  They all really missed her.

I invited Dancer to go for a walk around the North Pole, just the two of us. Many of you said that if we spent some time together it would be good for her.  I think you were right.  As we walked I asked her what was really the matter, and she opened up to me.

“I haven’t felt playful,” she told me as he took a mouthful of soup.  “Not since coming back from visiting my friends at the end of the summer.”

I was surprised.  That meant she had been feeling sad for a couple of months!  I asked her what happened at the end of the summer to make her feel so blue.

Dancer Explains Why She Is Sad

Dancer said “I visited friends that I hadn’t seen since last year”.  “I had been so excited to play with them again.  We used to play tag and hide and seek- sometimes we even played leap frog.  But this time they wouldn’t play with me. They were mean to me and called me names.  I don’t understand why they changed and were so mean to me.”

Poor Dancer.  It’s not right that her friends treated her so poorly.  They are not her friends if they did that to her.  I don’t know what I can say to make Dancer feel better.  She has to see that she has friends here at the North Pole who love her and care about her.  Is there something I can do for her that will make her feel better?  Do you think if she can talk to people who can help her she will feel less sad?

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever had friends who started being mean to you?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people are saying.

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47 special messages to Santa about “Dancer – Santa’s reindeer doesn’t want to fly”

  1. thats right santa way to go Dancer please put yourslf on web cam reading the Naughty and nice list tell Dancer hi from me thanks bye

  2. hey dancer this is karen speaking i love you you need to start standing up for your self and if your friends are being mean just waway and dont talk to them in lease they say sorry if you are sad you need someone to talk to and play with.

  3. So sorry Dancer , I feel so sad and sorry for him, please tell him that i love him and that I hope that he feels better. I wish that I could tell him in person how sad that I am that he is not himself.hope that he’s ok. 🙂

  4. a year ago one of my “friends” started ignoring me because i played with someone else for while she ignored me. when my other friend to be partners for school and stuff she ignored me

  5. Hi Santa! Hmmm…Just try, in any way, to cheer him up! 🙂
    Also yes friends have become bullies 🙁 but there’s one friend who is always nice n his name is Jack! 😀

  6. Tell Dancer to say “whatever” in his head because this helps me if people tease me – we all love you buddy and we’ll put an extra carrot out for you with your name on it – we’ll also nick name you “Rhythm” (like the song: Rhythm is a Dancer! – you’re a cool reindeer)

    Love from Joe (aged 9)

  7. Please tell him that I Love Him VERY much and wish I could visit him and tell him in person. I think the whole world is struggling in their relationships – a great sifting is upon us. Tell the reindeer to trust in God and not to give up. They must pray for All their friends around the world EVERY day and overcome evil with Good! Love them no matter what – especially when they are mean.

  8. I think that you should tell him that since they were mean to him he can get some new friends to forget about his mean old friends that hurt his feelings.

  9. he is a cool raindeer santa and make him a snow cone and more soup have a sleep over with that guy and turn on his favorite music
    and dance dance dance have chicken noodle with him eat it all let him pick the flavor of cookie for the day.

    p.s i think he would like raindeer food cookies here is the recipe
    1 cup of corrots 2 cups of raindeer food one cup of sugur one 3 cups of whater
    and mix cook eat

  10. he is a cool reaindeer santa and make him a snow cone and more soup have a sleep over with that guy and turn on his favorite music
    and dance dance dance

  11. You should write a letter or something to those “friends” telling them how sad they made Dancer. Then, get your other reindeer to make him a card or throw a party to show him how much they love him. (Just telling him might not be enough) Give him a hug from me!

  12. Hi Dancer, Laira speaking. Dancer, all around the world kids are waiting for ALL ten reindeer, that includes you. I’m 9, so I know a thing or two about friend problems, and the thing that worked best for me is ask them why they’re being mean and make up, if they’re STILL mean play with someone else. talking about it will make it feel better too.

  13. Well it all started wight Lindsey.we wre b f f s in til one resse I fell and she stept on me! She didint evin say sorry! we didint tock for 5 days!

  14. I recently had a friend and for no reason she decided to be really mean to me. I don’t know why she was so mean or why she is being so mean.

  15. Santa it is really good that you had a chat with dancer but don’t you think that he will need just a little bit more than just a talk, maybe even playing with him instead then me might eventually want to go and play with the other reindeer outside.

  16. tell dancer to ignore the people who are being mean to him. tell them to be nice and tell them to follow the 7 habbits. always follow the 7 habbits

  17. Whatever people say to you, if it’s a bad thing, just ignore them. Everybody is unique in their own way, we should not put anyone else down. Dancer should stick up for himself. WE love you Dancer!!!! Always be yourself!

  18. Ok my friend was mean to me for no reason so I just walked away feeling sad but she asks me for so much and I give it to her because I hate saying no so what do I do

  19. Please cheer up dancer you may on light up the way but you still have a important part. If you don’t fly this year how will you get my very special treat that I’m giving all the reindeer that help fly Santa’s sleigh. This year we may be doing reindeer food and I will sneak a few carrots on the plate but you have to fly in order to get it!

  20. Dancer doesn’t want to fly . i think i have a reason why . the other reindeers are picking on him and saying you won’t get enough votes because he is a terrible flying reindeer.

  21. tell dancer to forget about those other friends and worry about the friends he has there. Try to get the other reindeer to play with him… maybe he will feel better.

  22. I think you should talk to those friends that Dancer said had been mean to him. You should find out why they were mean, and make them say they were sorry. If that doesn’t work you should explain to Dancer that his friends at the North Pole, like him and miss him.

  23. Hello Santa Clause it is really nice to speak to you! Anyway just say that Kelsey said hello to Mrs.clause the Raindeer and the Elves. Good bye

  24. Why do you wear a red coat? Did you grow up in Rainbow River Valley or the great forest of Burzee? I tend to believe books when it comes to facts, but is Santa Claus is Coming to Town different? Which should I believe, the book The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, or the movie Santa Claus is Coming to Town?

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