Elf Breakfast at the North Pole

elf breakfast
A big elf breakfast is the best way to stamp out an elf’s grumbly tumbly!

Would you like to know what it is like at the North Pole?

It can be a pretty silly place!   Especially in the morning.  Especially when it’s time for elf breakfast!  Would you like to hear about breakfast with the elves?

Well, when the elves wake up they all slide out of bed… on their slides!  They have a quick wash.  They brush their teeth.  Then they put on their little elf outfits, hats and pointy little elf shoes.
Then they all go to the Great Hall of Elves for a big elf breakfast.   As soon as you walk in the door your tummy gets hungry.  It is from the smell of fresh maple syrup and candy canes.   Yum!

The elves sit in little sleighs to eat their meals.   There are great big bowls of food.  There’s lots of healthy food like apples, berries and snow bananas.  And there’s lots of yummy elf food too like candy cane oatmeal.  And the elves really like the hot maple syrup elf cakes (with chocolate pickle sauce of course!).

Then an elf will ask, “Does anyone have any maple syrup?”  All the other elves answer, “I do!”    Then they ALL bring their little bottles of maple syrup to that elf.  In the end, that elf has so many little bottles that you can hardly see his sleigh!

An Elf Breakfast!

Mrs. Claus and I visit each of the little sleighs.  We talk with all the elves.  We take pictures with them too.  And we share cookies and hot chocolate.  Then we have a real nice little visit with each elf.  The elves love silly Christmas jokes and we all laugh and laugh!

Whoever eats the biggest, healthiest breakfast gets to keep the Big Spoon for the rest of the day.  It’s a REALLY big spoon, bigger than an elf!

But you can tell when the elves are full.  They ALL start burping!   Oh my goodness what a sound!

First one starts and then another.   Pretty soon the whole hall is full of burping and laughing elves.  Then, when Mrs. Claus has had enough of the elves’ being silly, she rings her shiny silver bell.  The elves ALL stop and say “Sorry, Mrs. Claus”.

Hmm, I wonder if that’s where the Christmas song “Silver Bells” came from?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. What do you think would be the silliest part of having an elf breakfast? (You can tell me what other silly things you think elves do at breakfast here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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186 special messages to Santa about “Elf Breakfast at the North Pole”

  1. I think the silliest breakfast would be throwing the food at each other!! Okay that would be one crazy breakfast.

  2. Santa I think the elves run crazy and you join in because you eat so many cookies and drink so much milk. I also think Mrs.Clause Thinks it is so funny that she starts taking so many pictures and videos her camera is full by 10:00 A.M. And then she rings the bell and every body goes back to their sleighs. Then you pick the one to have the giant spoon. I thin Sherlock elf starts working on the Naughty and nice list. The you send everybody to work in their departments.Then they all start making toys for all the good litle boys and girls. And then some elves make cole sticks and cornbread for the not so good little boys and girls.
    P.S.those elves are so silly cant wait until christmas

  3. Hi Santa!!!! I just read this and served my little elf on the shelf friend some maple serup and chocolate. (because we don’t have candy canes)!! You might know my little elf friend, pinnochio! I know every night he tells you how I’ve been but because theres so many elves you might forget! I was so happy to see him this morning!! hope to see you soon!

  4. Dear Santa Claus,
    I really want my elf Eliza to come when she finishes with the toys and chores.Can you just tell her that and when she can come she can just knock and someon will open it.

  5. Santa how many people are in the north poll , and do you and Mrs.clause think it is weird for a 10 year old still writing to Santa.

  6. hi elves say hi to santa please i bet your busy making presents sorry if i didube you. but please may i have a laptop top from santa thank you xxxx
    ps. rember to tell santa thank you bye

  7. elfes please comment back and tell clumsey i said i trip over things once and a while but not as offen he trip’s over cell phones and come to my house santa now’s where it is i’ll stay up and wait for you if santa lets me so i’ve got to go p.s. do not trip over cell phones why would they be on the floor

  8. this is cool elves please comment back ! p.s. i dint put my phone number or email for saftey and stop burping mrs.claus is going to like me because she cant here me burp and less stress at the north pole and for your guy’s tummy’s and for santa claus and who no’es mabey you’ll get a call from me on christmas eve and i keep in touch with this web site and you guy’s and tell clubsey to stop falling over somthing he invented!

  9. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i like the part where the elve start burping and then mrs.claus rings the bell and they all say sorry mrs.claus

  10. I think the elves use their imaginations a lot at breakfest.of course there’s nothing wrong with being silly especially at christmas time! p.s. it makes life more exciting sometimes!

  11. how many reindeer do you have

    how many elves do you have

    keep warm up in the north pole with mrs. claus, your reindeer, and your elves.

  12. i think the elves would eat with rudolph they would also eat red rassberry cake and pancakes with red rassberries and red rassberry surup and scrambled eggs and red rassberry juice !!!!

  13. i think the elves would eat with rudolph they would also eat red rassberry cake and pancakes with red rassberries and red rassberry surup and scrambled eggs an

  14. i think the sillest part was when an elf askes if somebody has syrup and the sieigh is full of bottles of syrup that you cant even see the elf!

  15. Santa Claus,
    Which of your reindeer has been on your team the longest? How old is Rudolph? About how many elves do you have?

  16. Hi santa hope you enjoy delivering all your presants to all the good children this christmas !!!
    thanck you…..jess

  17. hi santa what a cool brefeast If you can write back please do I love you santa and wanna talk you so bad! call me!

  18. i think the part that is funny is when all the elfs go BURP! That is the funny part. And one more thing another thing silly and fun at breakfast is sitting with santa and telling christmas jokes.

  19. I think the part that was the most silly was when the elves each sit on little sleighs! Ha ha he he ha ha he he ha ha!

  20. me and my family were at a hotel and my sister was making me laugh so hard i fell of my chair and every body went quite and then i did a small burp and a girl said ‘look daddy that girl burped i am going to try it’ i was really embaressed

  21. dear santa claus you and your wife are the best will you bring me some thing for me ok

    thank you for bring this thigs

    to:santa claus

  22. i think this is funny, when Mrs.Claus has had enough with the elfs burping and lauphing at the same time he he he. she rings her silver bell and they stop lauphing and burping and say sorry Mrs.Claus all at the same time.

  23. Do ealvs sleep withe each other. At breakfeats do the ealvs be rally silly.Or do the EALVS spill stuff on eachover. Write back to me alexa

  24. Do the elves drink stuff llike, orange juice at ther north poll?

    Do you get really full after you go around the world.
    Can you like,,,,, freeze time!

  25. I think elves, straight away on the morning go and check the reindeers or food and warmnss. ( ovbiously, they need to keep warm in time for x-mas)
    Love your BLOG by the way!

  26. I think that it would be very funny if ALL the Elfs started to have HUGE breakfast fight.With their syrup’s and hot chocolate and oatmeals.:)

  27. hey mr.santa and mrs.santa can i please be a elf. i’ll try to do good at school mr.santa and mrs.santa i love all yall please send me back a elf joke i looked at elfs jokes there funny to me there aleryes

  28. Dear Santa,I hope that your christmas full of laughter and joy. P.S. COULD YOU DELIVER PRESENTS TO MY FRIEND MATTHEW FIRST.OH,I ALMOST FORGOT MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  29. Hello Santa my name is Madison. I have Cerebral Palsy and I would love to have the gift of walking. I have never known what its like to have my legs work. I think your a wonderful Santa and I and my parents miss my brother Aaron who is in Heaven. Please

  30. can you please bring christmas ealy but we cant waite any more long please can we come to your northpole tommrow and you come to are home love nat and jac xxxxxxx xxxxxx

  31. i think they eat candy canes and each have a pitcher of juice each i believe they enjoy it and talk and decroate the tree only 1 ordment each day for each elf

  32. Hey, Santa. I hope you have a good Christmas. I bet after elves eat, and burp, I think they wash their faces.

    Love, Katie

  33. It would Be so much fun to have a slide on my bed! It would make me actually want to get out of bed in the morning! 🙂

  34. my breakfast is good to and i will like to leave you some breaksfast but it’s gonna be very cold but i will leave you some good cholate cookies on my kicten talbe there are not goona be burt and please take the elves and mrs.claus a cookie to

  35. Dear Santa,
    I think it would be a ton of fun to eat breakfast with elves! Apparently, they really like candy and maple syrup!! But, I am glad they eat fruit too!! Can’t wait till Christmas!

  36. Burping, laughing, falling off the sleigh, silly outfits, silly hats, silly dresses, snoring and talking in their sleep, dancing and singing in their sleep, sleep walking, sleep walking trying on outfits, turning on the water in their sleep,

  37. I wish I was an elf. I think that it would be very fun job. I want a slide in my bed!!! Do you think you could help me with that?? Just kidding! Do you reply on your blog. I really like to read it!!!!

  38. hi santa.I hope kissy is Ok.i THINCK that
    evey elf is funny and grumpy my elf even
    if he i grumpy a hide`s he is ok for me good buy

  39. hello elves,
    i have heard from santa you have beeen bust making my presants i cant wait to see them i will make sure i will leave you something nice:’)xxx

  40. hi santa im alreat in forth grade!can i tell u a little screat? ok. my brother hunter useal is notty u can tell the evls that.can i ask you a qustin?ok.here it is .am i on the good list or bad list?

  41. i can’t wait till christmas. but i don’t want to miss the other fun stuff to.like the christmas parade and christmas eve.bye the way my favorite part of christmas and December is the beautiful lights everybody puts up, all the goodies in the stockings and cuddling up by the fire all snug in warm socks with a nice cup of hot chocalate.

  42. hello , how are you , i can’t wait untill christmas ,my friend are silly they told me they don’t believe in you but i told them don’t be silly of coruse he is really as you sent me a letter . lots of love from alfie anderson from high wycombe

  43. Hello all that have replied to this wonderfull story! class one- it is very fun having a slide on my bed! Arianna- keep counting down and it will soon be chhristmas eve!!! Michael all of the elfs her are doing great thank you,buddy is doing fine he gulpt down all of our maple syrup today!! Well if you want him to move why dont you tell him how you feel. thankyou for replying and hope we can talk to eachother on the net sometime. xoxoxox

  44. wow that’s really silly and do you have to go though that every morning? the meals sound really yummy i wish i could have that for breakfast every morning especially the candy cane oatmeal yum! well see you later

  45. Hello, Santa! How are Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, the elves, and of course, you doing? Hoep you’re doing well. Make sure to tell everyone I said hello! I can’t wait until Christmas! Just 28 more sleeps to go!

  46. I think just the laughing and joking is hilarious. I would love to get to eat breakfast with the elves as well as with you Santa and Mrs. Claus.

  47. dear,santa i really whant you to have a sleep over at my house and i will let you have my sofa because i use that one for my pressies and the blankit is on the 1 seater it is brown and fluffy can you send me your phone number on here thank you !!!!xxxxxx

  48. The elves look up how to make the toys they are making that day and listening to music while they what for you to come around!

    P.S O+O+O+O+O+

  50. hello santa claus i cant wait till you and your reindeers visit my house i will make sure the house is tidy and there is no mess and how is your elves are they ok please reply soon thankyou for listening

    jaycee xxx

  51. do the elves have gigantic big burps or are they like, really small? p.s is mrs.c really strict about them? or when she rings the bell is she trying to hide a smile?

  52. hi santa ! I want to say that the elves seem pretty silly but they need to screw their heads back on and get to work because their are lots of kids who want to have a very merry christmas.love MYA:)

    ps. last year i saw a elf get caught on the news !

  53. Santa I hope you reply! That’s quite the story. I just finished watch Elf, that’s always funny! and i think the funniest thing would be them all giving a tiny bottle of maple syrup.

  54. we want a slide onour beds too. the elves are very funny i would love to come and see them olivia loves elves hannah wants to see santa she loves santa claus! welll put lots of gifts in our stockings merry christmas hopefully hear you at christmas! bye

  55. i think the elves would be so weird if they started burping and laughing at the same time. that would just be crazy!
    have a very merry christmas love molly!

  56. It would be funny to be there when they all start to burp!! I would like to taste a snow banana. Alex
    I think it would be funny when they all eat the biggest breakfast they can then have to hold that big spoon. Charly
    I think I would love to have a slide out of my bed! Mummy

  57. hi santa i cant wait till you come to my house ill make sure ill be in bed extra early so come early to me please.hope you think i was a very good boy this year
    love you micheal
    2 years of age so my mammy wrote this:):)x

  58. I can’t wait till Christmas! Are the elves building toys right know?!?!? What is yall’s dinner like, is it crazy like breakfast?

  59. i think you are a very cool guy ! i also really want a wii ! i bet the slay is a very heavy thing. i think you should be a movie star!

  60. I want to know what elves do after they make the presents. What do they do for fun when they are finished working? I think they play on their slides.

  61. Once everybody kept randomly laughing for no reason =) =)
    funny really because my hole family was there.

    yesterday was thanksgiving!!


  62. I just love christmas don’t you. I love all the Presants that every one gives me. So thank you Santa and Mrs Claus and all the elves for the Presants that you have gave me. And I love you lot’s like Jelly tot’s.


  63. I think i understand mrs clwaz pain. I hate when my bros burp. its just gross dog!!! And this is comin from a teenage gurl who acts like a boy. *sigh*

  64. WOW elves BURPING that must of been quite a morning ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    lots of love

  65. hay Santa class how are the elf doing hows buddy the elf doing and has pop elf can i tell u a secret i what my grandpa to move her to south Dakota to Garretson and for him to stop smoking he all redye had a heart attack and i do not what that to happy again he lives in Iowa

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