Will Mouse the Elf Lose a Tooth?

Lose a Tooth
Will Mouse the Elf ever lose a tooth?

Did you ever lose a tooth?

Mouse, the littlest Elf, is getting to be a big girl!  She is only 106 years old, which is still young for a Christmas elf.  But that is about when elves start to lose their baby teeth and get their “big elf” teeth.

All her elf friends had lost a tooth already.  She was the last one she thought.  She waited and waited and tried wiggling and wiggling. But none of her teeth were loose.  “Santa Claus,” she asked me “Am I ever going to lose a tooth?”   “Of course you will.  You just have to be patient,” I said.

Then one day, when she was eating her supper, she felt a little wiggle, a tiny little wiggle in one of her front teeth.  She jumped up and down and came running to see me.  “Santa Claus!  Santa!  I am going to lose a tooth!”  “Here let me have a look,” I said.  The tooth had the tiniest little wiggle to it.  “You better go see Hermie the Elf Dentist, just to be sure,” I said.

Hermie the Elf Dentist told Mouse that she did not have a loose tooth.

She had SIX loose teeth!  She was so excited.  “But remember, ” said Dr. Hermie, “you have to be patient.  The teeth will come out when they are ready.”

Well, Mouse is not very patient, especially when it comes to losing teeth!  She tried everything.  She ate lots of corn-on-the-cob.  Then she ate lots of apples.  She even tied a string around a tooth and asked Rudolph to try pulling it out!

Will Mouse ever lose a tooth?

Then she tied a string around another tooth and tied the other end onto some monkey bars and hung there by her tooth!  She hung there so long she fell asleep.  Some of the other elves untied her and then hung her up on a Christmas tree!  (Such silly elves!)

Poor Mouse was so disappointed that none of her teeth would fall out.  She went to visit Mrs. Claus in the kitchen.  Mrs. Claus gave her an extra sweet, Christmas hard candy to make her feel better.

Mouse took one bite and Pop!  Out came her tooth!  That’s when Mouse said, “Well that’s why it wouldn’t fall out before when I tried apples and corn and string!  It was a sweet tooth!”


Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you ever lose a tooth?  How did it finally come out?  (You can share a funny story about losing teeth here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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161 special messages to Santa about “Will Mouse the Elf Lose a Tooth?”

  1. dear diary: it takes at least a whole month for my loose tooth to come out, reasons why:
    1: it’s because i have been brushing my teeth and nothing happened
    2: eating crunchy foods and still nothing happens
    only my fillings fall out (not the other teeth)(especially my fang like teeth) info: when does this happen? summer to winter, what time? usually 24 hrs per month

    p.s: i hope this kinda helps a tiny wienie bit because right now my teeth are fine and my teeth are pretty sharp(but still golden color)

  2. At school I was showing someone my wobbly tooth and she said, “Where is it?” I didn’t know wahat she was talking about and the I realised that it was on my toungue, almost going down throat!

  3. Hey don’t delete if i do my list but all i want is a PS3. I love how you put in that efort all 24hr non stop chirstmas and who is the only one who stays up 24hr you santa your amazing.

    so i love bye i have to do something bye <3

  4. Dear,Santa i just wanted to tell u i want barbie doll house,barbie dolls,and anythig else.Well i have to go bye love lots,Brooke

  5. Santa, I think mouse should’ve just waited but somebodys usally pulled out all my teeth and I’ve lost 8! So I’m not really sure what she should’ve done?

  6. one tme i lost a tooth on december the 4th when we had just watched the narnia movie my brother was scared of the white whitch so i dressed up after the film and scared him so he pushed me over by accident trying to run away and a tooth that was not even loose came out

  7. It was my birthday and i took one bite of shrip and out my tooth went it was my front tooth so after that I could not talk I sounded so funny

  8. I lost lots of teeth! My first tooth came out when we were watching tv. I pulled it, and it came out!

  9. when i first had got a loose tooth
    i bubbed it on my firend and it
    started to bleed…and 1 more moth
    ago… me and my brother were playing
    a game and his keey bubbed to my
    loose tooth… and then we whet to the
    bothroom and he tolled me to pull it out
    and it came out…and the two teeth
    that were loose came out all by there

  10. hi santa its Samantha Loverde and here is the story of how i lost my first tooth well one day when i was a four year old girl i had a wiggly tooth and so my mom looked at it and she told me that i had to keep on wiggling it till it got really wiggly and one day i was eating hard candy or an aple or something and then all of a sudden i heard and pop and my tooth came out

    I think I have been a good girl this year.
    I hope you can get me the things I want here are three of them.
    a phone
    a DOG
    and a box of littlest pet shops


  12. its ok mouse . Just be patient like Santa had told you many times:D. But when i have a loose tooth…and its loose enough to put your tounge under..i ask my mom where her tweezers are…and i go to the bathroom(with the door open ofcourse) and mess with it until i see a little blood..then i mess with it more..then..it comes out!!! YAY!! Merry Christmas!! I hope I Helped!!

  13. One time I had a loose tooth and I cound not wait for it to come out.That night I tried to get it out but it would not come out.The next morning I was eating Pancakes.When I took my first bite it came out.That is how I lost my first tooth.

  14. Me and my sister were sled riding. We wiped out and then my tooth fell out. I could not find my tooth b/c it was hidden in the snow. I had to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining what happened.

  15. when i lost my first tooth it wasn’t that losse my mom pulled as hard as she could and finly it came out and now i lost four teeth.

  16. Hello Stana How Are You Are You Buys Yes Are Keep Busy For Me be Happy for me
    i will be good with me Stana i love you

    from daniel mcewan

  17. Dear santa i have a pretty funny story to tell you about once when i lost my tooth.Well it was the night before i went to Florida and i was sleeping and so was my mom and all of a sudden my tooth just fell out of my mouth without me even touching it and i turned on the light and saw that my tooth was not on my bed so i went to go wake up my mom and asked her if she could come help me find it and she found it ,but it took a reslly long time.

  18. me and my mom were playing basketball.my mom tried to hit the ball out of my hand but she hit a tooth.and that same day my sister lost a tooth too.

  19. hi i love it when i loose my teeth i already lost 7 and im happy for myself and my sister she lost her first tooth earlier this month and i have lost 7 it is true i am really really proud of myself im amazed an i lost my two front teeth i cant believe i lost 7 teeth i just cant.

  20. well hi when i lost my first tooth i was proud of myself but i got a little sad cause it hurt and it was like midnight or something and i pulled an twisted and pulled and twisted until it fell out my mom said twice she accideentaly swallowed her tooth.she said she it did not hurt at all.

  21. Every single time I have a loose tooth I just keep pulling and pulling until it falls out!Sometimes I even twist my tooth and I would tug on my tooth.I am proud of Mouse!I remember my first time I lost my tooth.I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen and eating supper.I kept tugging with toilet paper and everything.I was so curious about my tooth loss.I kept on loosing teeth.Day after day I would pull my tooth.I finally pulled my tooth out!I showed it to my mom!!!Wow said my mom!Thats the first time I lost my tooth

  22. one time i was sitting in the living room and i was pulling on my tooth. i pulled so hard it popped out. i told dad and he said to put it in a glass of water,so i did. and then i went to see Tiger my cat. when i came back, the Tooth Fairy had already came. it was awesome!!!

  23. My first toooth fell out when I was 5, I was eating a croissant and I felt something hard in my mouth and I SWALLOWED MY TOOTH!!! I still got money from the tooth fairy though 🙂

  24. I got hurt and damaged a tooth once. The tooth was permanent, but Santa, your friend the Tooth Faerie came to my house and gave me four dollars because she thought I was brave through the pain and all. I wish I could have stayed a child forever, but I’ll be 20 in February…

  25. Once i tried to loss on of my teeth and it happened i was just watching tv with my cousin and we were eating goldfish and i did not know that i had a loss tooth so i bit down on it and i came out but before i knew it i sowllowed it.then my cousin said “anna when did you lost a tooth” i thought she was joking the i rumbed my toung over my teeth and i felt a hole so i jumped up and said i lost a tooth! then everyone looked at me and said you did not lost a tooth and i said yes corey asked me when i lost a tooth.

  26. I was so scared and wanted it to come out ! And then… I took a big bite out of a “Milky Way” and it came out !I was relived!

  27. One time we went to go eating after church one night at this one place.When we were waiting for our food and my sister gave me some chewy candy.So i ate it and whlie i was eating it i felt something hard.IT WAS MY TOOTH!I did not even know is was loose.


  29. When I was little I tripped over my dad’s foot and i lost four teeth at a time so people started calling me “four teeth at a tim Samantha”

  30. When I lost my tooth I almost choked on it. :'( *sob sob* I was just laying in my bed wiggling it with my toung and POP came the tooth. I ran down stairs coughing and coughing and my Mom game me water. I didn’t drink it because I knew it was my tooth. I just sat there coughing and I think on the 20th try it came out on the kitchen table. Yepp it was a tough day for me….

  31. My friend and I were talking about loose teeth because he had a loose tooth. I then started to say another sentence, when my tooth popped out. I was laughing my head off!

  32. CONGRATS!! Mouse i loved your story.I have already lost 15 teeth. I will tell you my story about my two front teeth.I was at gymnastics and it was a few days before Christmas I got on the ballencebeam and the coach said” Rais your hand if you have ever done a cartwheel on the ballencebeam” so I raised my hand up and then I took my first shot and BAM! I had fallin off the ballencebeam and my tooth fell out then I went go get some water and I slipped and fell and the tooth was already wiggly and the tooth came right out of my mouth.So I will never forget the time I lost two teth in the same day. I hope you enjoy reading this story about what happen to my theeth at gymnastics.

  33. Hello Sant Claus.
    We liked your story and we love you, and we wish you a merry christmas and we cant wait to meet the real you at our christmas concert! Please bring us great presents!

  34. thats really good santa well when i was little like 5 years old my dad seen that i had a loose tooth and put a string around it tied that to the door knob and my tooth came out it hurt a little but eventually that hole healed up and i got older and have grown up teeth now its all better merry christmas and say hi to the reindeers for me santa merry christmas your best friend amber

  35. It started when I had a wiggly tooth. I kept wiggling it, and when I got to school in the morning, I wiggled it again. When lunch came, I bit into a piece of watermelon and I felt a tooth loose and I looked in my watermelon and there my tooth was, inside the watermelon! Then I went to the nurse and I got a little tooth pouch

  36. Dear Mouse,
    It’s ok to lose a tooth for the first time,I don’t think it would ever hurt that bad.Well In have lost 16 and sure it sometimes hurt a little but it’s fun.Hope your gums feel better soon.

  37. well my tooth was so loes my dad said when he was little he wanted to get out a tooth so he aksed his dad and his dad said get a napkin and hold it realy tight and he did then his dad hit his elbo and it piped rite out and that what he did to me to 🙂

  38. Dear Santa,
    I was in second grade when i lost my first tooth. Heres how it happened, My mom worked night shift and i felt something in my mouth.[hard]when i was sleeping my mom came in when she was done and said ” Let me c your tooth” she said it was gone then i spit the hard thing that was in my mouth out and it was my TOOTH!

  39. i was in wagamama and i was eating a shrimp i felt something heard and thought it was the tail of the shrimp i pulled it out and i saw my tooth i was only 4! you rock santa rock on

  40. When I was little I always Wanted to lose a tooth but none of them would wobble but all of a sudden Wobble wobble wobble I was so excited and about 5 weeks later the tooth could go right backs when I was in bed I cept on winnowing it and it came out!!!!

  41. I was brushing my teeth and went to wipe off my mouth and my dad was too close and the towl hit my tooth and it fell out.

  42. i lost my frist two teeth at the same time heres how it happened i would always sit on the sink and wiggle my lose teeth and so one day i was sitting on the sink wiggling them and they both came out at the same time the funniset part about it was that the teeth i lost were my two front teeth and so i grounded myself because i thought it looked ulgy so they finally came in and i ungrounded myself agin..

  43. well,first i was running around my houseand then plop i ran into the wallatthe same time a tooth that wasn’t loose came out!

  44. santa i saw you ones i was going home in my car when i heard slaybells and a flash went by my window on christmas eav and i’m8 drive safe on christmas eva by

  45. Dear Santa,
    I really don’t remember when I lost my first tooth!! I am 11 now so I am guessing I lost around 5 or 6 years old!! But, I do have a loose tooth now, and when it comes out I will tell you the story!

  46. heyy x
    greetings from serbia! my first tooth has fallen out when i was 6 and the funniest thing was that i was in the bathroom (i was peeing) lol
    im now 11 hahaha this is so funny! im already 11 and im writing on here…hilarious! lol
    byeeee!!! ;]


  48. Hi santa I so glad I get to write on your blog. I hope you have a merry christmas to. I can not wait till christmmas I hope I get everything I ask for. Christmas is the most best thing in the year to me. Thank you for all my prsents on christmas. xxxxxx xxxxxx

  49. Hi santa its Chloe Green i am reallly glad to be writing on your blog i used to not believe in santa but since i have got older i started to believe in you. if there was no such thing as Christmas it would be a boring year. but i do hope i get all my prestents from you because i sent you a letter thank you for replying from my lettter xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
    Love Chloe Green

  50. Once my tooth was super wiggly, and I tried to get it out but it just wouldnt come out. So the next day my mom was washing my face and when she wiped my mouth I heard a crack and my tooth had fallen out!!!

  51. I remember when I lost my first tooth.I was playing in the back garden the ball hit me in the face and pop went out my tooth.

  52. once i was eating a toffe apple with sprinkles i had a wobbly tooth i bit the apple i thought my tooth was a sprinkle and i couldent bite so i sawallowed it i tried to feel my tooth but it wasent there.then i knew i had swallowed it

  53. We were at my active day I was only 4 and I jumped through a hoop and my knee hit my jaw and my 2 front teeth came out!!

  54. ahhh I remember when I lost my first tooth
    I was in the first grade. It was the after noon during math i was sitting in the front of the class and I had two lose teeth and they were bothering me so i wiggled them lose

  55. one day i had a wobbly tooth and i thried everything i could to get it out but the next day i was dancing and my sister bumped her elbo in my mouth and it fell out and there was blood everywhere .i was so pleased and that night the tooth fairy came and i got $5

  56. Dear Santa Claus
    That is very funny because my tooth has been rigerling cins I was 7 and now i’m 10 and I still havent lost it yet.

  57. I was in Merced at target and me and Aspin where losing our teeth at the same day and I got tired of waiting so I asked if I could pull it out now.So I asked her and she said fine. Then I lost my tooth. We trid to find my tooth. It was on the ground. We wen’t home and I lost it agin and my causen found it. That morning I got a coter.

  58. i am 11 years old. i still have to loose like 6-8 more teeth… On the bright side im getting braces in February!! i am very excited, the only thing about it is… after 1-2 months after getting my braces i have to get springs > < big in my mouth!! I AM STILL VERY EXCITED!! although i cant eat popcorn, i can have sugar free gum!! 🙂

  59. when I lost a tooth well it was’int only one it was two I tride chewing gum that did not work but the gum was good. then at night I starded wiggleing.it got looser,thats graet I thuoght.but it staded to hurt.I had to get it out.as i went to school i went to the nurse she got it out and that is my story

  60. I was about 5 and I was losing teeth. I was at my Nana’s house and my tooth was really wiggly I was to afaird to pull it out so me and my Nana tried to pull it out. We tried to tie a string to my tooth and slam the door but that didn’t work out because at the last second i yelled “STOP!” So we tried to let it fall out but I was to eagered to leave it. So I wiggeled it some more and it came so it was hanging by a string. My Nana sat me down and told me to close my eyes and relax. So I did. I told my Nana to rip my tooth out and well lets just say I closed my eyes told her to rip it and when i opened my eyes there she was holding my tooth.”Yah!” I yelled. I didn’t even fell it!!!

  61. i wuz in second grade wen i lost my first tooth. i just got eight teeth pulled because it took to long for them to come out and also if i didnt get them pulled i would end up wearing braces at the age of 20!

  62. I am still waiting, but I have a loose tooth. If it ever starts to fall out at school Mr. winton the music teacher likes to pull them out.

  63. I have a mean tooth. It won’t come out at all. Besides that, the other tooth is alreadty coming in oh santa please do replyand i want to chat with you some time

  64. I lost my tooth one time while I was eating a Cinnamon Roll in the bed .Then We could not find my tooth so we looked under the covers and there it was.YAY

  65. i lost my tooth when i was in school my friend to wiggil it i was not allowed to go out to play intill i lost my tooth then it came out when i started to talk that is my story of loseing my tooth

  66. This is my funny story. One Christmas you gave me a trampoline. six months later my brother and I were bouncing on it. My brother accidently kneed my tooth and it fell out.

  67. Once, me and my sisters were sitting, finishing our delicious dinner our mom made for us. It was before Halloween so since I was finished, I wanted some candy. But my dad said: “Why don’t you try this candy apple dipped in caramel with peanuts on it?” When he said it, it delished me (means make me hungry again) . So I had one and when I bit in to it, I heard a crack and my tooth felt weird. I wiggled it and my mom wanted to pull it out for me but I thought: “I’m a tough girl I can handle these things!!!” so i bit into it even more watched a movie then my tooth hurt. Iwiggled it then POP! came out!!!

  68. I lost my first tooth when I was 5 months and my mom tried everything but it would not come out. Finaly my grandma gave me something my baby theeth could handle and pop out came the tooth.

  69. This fabulous story really is exciting.Please write more Santa!please!! Thank you for reading this message and remember to reply back.

  70. Today in school I just lost a tooth today in school.It was bleeding baid in school and then I went to the nurse offies and i puled it out!

  71. Dear Santa,I’m 9 years old. About a month go I woke up early on a Saturday and one of my teeth were bloody so I went to my mom and she thout it was food bout it was loose bout the night befor witch was really weird. So I kept on wigglying it and it came out most the way but not allthe way so my dad had too pull it out the rest of the way. Sincerly, Mary Grace

    PS.please write back


  73. Congratulations, Mouse!!! I’m 11 years old and I still have 5 baby teeth left. Wow, 106. Elves live for a long time!!

  74. when i lost my first tooth i had to go to the bath room sink to get the blood away merry christmas say to mouse that i said merry xmas bye hope all the boys and girls that have noone to look after them make sure they get presents love shelley calderwood

  75. Well that is something! It sounds exciting!!!! I love cute things like that. I want to hear all about it when he looses all of them!

  76. Dear Santa,
    Yes i have lost my tooth before i tried to tie it to the door and that did not work and it finally came one tuff time.

  77. i think it’s the coolest thing in the world that mouse lost a tooth i was wondering if you could say hi to her thanks

  78. My sister had a loose tooth one tome. Jer name os Kyli. It wouldn’t come out. She had to go to the dentist and have them pull it ! The tooth fairy gave her 10 dollars ! I am only 4 and I have no loose teeth yet 🙂

  79. Don’t worry Mouse! I know how you feel! When I was getting ready to lose my first tooth, I couldn’t wait for it to come out! I waited so long! All of my friends had already lost a tooth! I waited and then finally, when it came out, 2 teeth came out! I had waited so long that 2 teeth became wiggly! Then I was ahead of all my friends! So don’t worry, it will come out someday!

  80. my first tooth came out on halloween night and this is the story how:
    well that morning I woke up and my tooth was wobbly I got so excited! I tried to bite into a cup I ate 6 apples and when we went trick or treating I asked if they had any really hard candy rock sweetsan the kind lady gave me 10 of them!!! then I tried one but it still didnt come out so when we came home my mouth got caught on the sofa thread and then the tooth came out!!!

  81. I was waiting and watting till I felt a wiggle tooth then i tried to yanket out but i could not while i was wanching a movie my dad yankt right out

  82. the first tooth i lost was my bottom front tooth, i lost it because my brother yanked it oput! but i remember when TWO teeth fell out on the same day! it was at my aunty Tinas house, i was in the back of m,y mums car trying to pull a sugar stick open with my sharp bottom teeth then it ripped out! the i did it with my other one and that fell out too!

    Well, merry christmas everyone!

    -Bethany | 🙂 |

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