Elf names! Vote for Robo-elf’s new name!

Vote for elf names for Robo-elf
Vote for elf names
for Robo-elf

Ho Ho Ho!  I’m so glad you all seem to like Robo-elf. I’ll tell you he’s been a great help to all the other elves. You want something done and Robo-elf is the e-elf to do it. Doesn’t matter what it is: string lights, make a snowball, wrap a present, sing a rap Christmas song, Robo-elf gets the job done with a big grin on his face.  He’s even remembered all the elf names!  (That’s a lot of elf names!)

I’m so proud of Clumsy and Scunner for making this robot. I think I even saw Scunner smile (just a bit) when he saw Robo-elf put a star on a tree.


I also have to tell you I LOVE all the names you suggested for Robo-Elf. They were all great. Of course Robo-Elf can only have one name as giving him more names would be confusing. Scunner suggested that we just call him “Hey U”, but that doesn’t seem right at all. Clumsy thought that maybe, just maybe we could change his name every day. I told him that was a creative but confusing idea. Robo-Elf agreed.

We figured it was best to let Robo-Elf pick. Problem was there were so many great names to choose from he couldn’t pick one! He ran through the names super fast saying things like:

“I like Jingle it tickles the mouth!”

“Snow is cool!”

“Springy has a lot of spring to it!”

“Beeper sounds fun! And it’s fun to beep!”

“Sprinkles is nice cause they taste so good!”

“Sparkle sounds bright!”

“Smily is fitting cause I do love to smile!”

“Helpy is interesting cause I am an e-helper”

“These are all great elf names…”

Robo-Elf Needs Help With Elf Names

Finally, Robo-Elf said. “I know it’s my job to help but when it comes to something as important as this I need help!”

I patted him on the back and gave him one of my “ho ho hos”. Then I let him know that it’s always okay to ask for help. Especially since the good boys and girls love to help. Here’s what we’re going to do. We are running a poll where you get to pick the elf names you like best! It is right on the side of this page if you are using a computer. Just click on your choice!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you think this is a good way to pick Robot elf names? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people wrote.

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44 special messages to Santa about “Elf names! Vote for Robo-elf’s new name!”

  1. Dear Santa Clause , I want to say thank you for your presents that you give me. And thank you for going around the world just to give me them. You are very kind and sweet . I ❤️ U I love you Santa clause ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  2. Can you come in my room when you come because I will have a note for you and I want to eat the snack that I’m leaving with you

  3. Thanks Santa for that letter it makes me feel happy but can you send one of your Elf tomorrow please thanks santa love noelyn

  4. Hi Santa I can’t wait to see you on Christmas Eve oh and sorry about the tree being in your way we have a small house

  5. hi Santa I cant wait for christmas my elf kyle will come back soon right? I miss himm and you cant wait for christmas


  6. Dear Santa

    Please Don’t Worry If You CAN’T Get The Presants I Wanted Because I Am Growing Up And If You Can Get Me A Bike That Would Be A Great Plesure But If You Can’t Get It You Won’t Make Me Sad You Will Always By Me And I Will Always Be Happy.

    Love Kayleigh

    P.S I Beliving You Santa

  7. I think it is a really good way to pick a name for Robo elf and I have to say I probably would have used the same way as you did Thx santa

  8. Hi Santa….THANK YOU for the Elf On the Shelf. I named her Jingles . She is so nice….. I will leave you lots of cookies.

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