Elf upon a shelf school – Read about this frozen lesson!

an elf upon a shelf
Elf upon a shelf at elf school

Do you sometimes find,
by yourself,
a sitting elf
upon a shelf
just before Christmas?

If you do, you know that they do some really silly things. Sometimes, they draw faces on your bananas.  Sometimes, they hang from the ceiling.  Other times, they will tie all of your shoelaces together!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a shelf elf!  They just help me check on you when I’m a bit busy around here.  I can still see how kind you have been, and how you’ve been doing your best to behave if you don’t have one.

Clumsy the Elf is teaching the Elf upon a shelf Training Program today.  He must teach the elves the biggest rule for scout elves: scout elves cannot be touched.  If they are touched, they lose their magic!  They have to come back to the North Pole to get more magic and rest.

Clumsy asked a helper elf to show that one touch will freeze a shelf elf.  He forgot that I have to unfreeze him to give him back his magic. He was stuck for an hour until the helper elf found me!  I had to go give him a little boost of magic.  He is ok now.  I think his students saw how important it is not to lose their magic.  Next time, Clumsy should show them with a video, instead!   No one wants to be a frozen elf upon a shelf!

Clumsy is also showing them how to make snow angels.  One of the elves said that Clumsy filled the whole classroom with snow!  That is going to be messy, but so much fun!  Does it snow where you live?  If so, do you like to make snow angels? Or, maybe you like to have snowball fights!

Oh!  I hear Mrs. Claus in the kitchen making hot chocolate.  I had better run to go grab a cup before the elves drink it all.  I will write again soon!

Santa Claus

P.S. Tell me about your elf upon a shelf.  What is his or her name?  What is the funniest thing he or she has done? If you don’t have an elf yet, what would you name yours if you got one?  I look forward to reading your answers below!  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

58 special messages to Santa about “Elf upon a shelf school – Read about this frozen lesson!”

  1. She has decorated my room with wrapping paper also put Christmas lights on my bed she also hide in the chandelier she thought she was fine

  2. Santa, I would like to have my elf do something really funny this year. Maybe have him hanging off the ceiling by a string or him faceplanted into something. I would also like a reindeer buddy for Cutie the elf. The deer that my dad mounted on the wall doesnt count because that isnt a reindeer. Have a Merry Christmas all of you.

  3. some of the other kids at my school bully me for believing you pls help, it must be hard to have people that dont think you exist

  4. I have an elf on the shelf! Her name is Sprinkles, she is the best! She toilet papered our tree, and ate some of our chocolate chips!

  5. My elf’s name is Taylor Mctuttle, but before we knew that we called her Elfie. What I love about my elf is… SHE MOVES YEAR ROUND. All my friends tell me there elf’s go back to the north pole after December. Too learn about my elf I put questions on paper then put a pen with it, then i see an answer the next morning! I learned that she stays because were her family! she actually isn’t really mischievous! some sometimes she even cleans the house!

  6. Dear sant my name is Emma and we already have a boy elf called Wally, but this year could you send a girl elf with as well (I’ll call her Layla) Thank you
    Love from Emma
    Your#1 Fan

  7. Dear santa
    I have an elf on the shelf and her name is Isabella allso my brother has one called elf red there very nice and kind I miss them and for me its 65 days till Christmas YAY IM SOOOOOOOOOOO EXSITED LOVE ME ps I mean LOVE EMMA

  8. Hi santa I want the elves to know I miss them can we get sent Elfie early or can you send us a girl elf with him please. I think I would name her snowflake or crystal I really want a girl and boy elf please santa oh and say hi to ms.claus I miss her to

  9. Dear santa ive got a elf what is called fred he is a naughty elf. Because. He put toilet roll everywhere in my bathroom love from harry xxx

  10. My elf on the shelf’s names are holly and cringle they are twins they are funny once they put wrapping paper all over our pantry door

  11. Dear Santa, Jana has been here sense December 1st and it has been so fun so far she has been on the candle holder and she has even eaten a Laffey Taffey and today she is with a raindeer ornament looking outside the window at the snow thank you for sending Jana here

  12. My Elf On The Shelf’s name is … Holly!! We have Had her for three years now. The funniest thing she has done is spell “Hi (my name)”. The other funny thing she has done is, put herself in my dad’s Superman statue!! We laughed all day that day!!

  13. My elf on the shelf is tylertim!

    funniest thing….he made spaghetti with syrup and candy canes just like the movie ELF!

  14. we have an elf named Ginger the funniest thing she did is
    Isabella-made snow angles out of flour
    Gabrielle-go inside our Christmas tree and read a book

    p.s can u send us a elf on the shelf pet thank you

  15. To Santa, I do not have a elf on the shelf. But if i did get one i would call it Angel for a girl or Alfie for a boy. Santa please can you get me one! Thank you so much Love Gemma XOXO

  16. I have two elves on a shelf. Ones a girl, her name is Joy. And the other one is a boy, his name is Kevin. The funniest thing Joy has done is hiding in the Christmas tree. The funniest thing Kevin has done is hide in some draws in my little brothers room.

  17. Well… We don’t have an elf on the shelf. NEVER in my life… But if I did have one, it would be named Ava…

  18. My elf is named Jingles, and the silliest thing he’s ever done was ride the train we have around our Christmas tree. We turned it on, and he looked like he was having fun!

  19. Our elf’s name is Hart. The funniest thing she has done is take my toothbrush and toothpaste to brush her teeth! She is the best elf on the shelf. It makes me sad when she goes back to the North Pole.

  20. Santa, I have 3 elves one for me and one for my two brothers, i named mine Kiki, my brother named his Johnny, and my other brother doesn’t remember what he named his elf before so that’s it goodbye.

  21. Hey santa it’s Emma I have two elfs on a shelf they are bf and gf lol their names are buddy and gerdy the most funniest thing ever that they did was that they zipped lined with candy canes lol Thank you for everything

  22. I wish for Cozmo,An electric scooter,bulidable doolhouse.my elf is named fred.He didn’t do anything funny.

  23. My elf on a shelfs name is Jollycane and it’s a girl and the funniest thing she’s done is she put on a princess dress and went is a princess carriage

  24. (ooddle)my elf has toiletpapered the living room and i could barely step somewhere. he used like 5 rolls.

  25. i get a elf right after thanksgiving and it was standing or sitting the chandlier overthe stairs and the dining room table.


  27. Do hose X other elves to peek through our house windows and follow us to school if we don’t have an elf on
    Upon the shelf in house?because always thought that’s what Santa does if you don’t have an elf of your own.

  28. I have to elves on the shelves a boy and a girl the boys name is Fred and the girls name is Candy. the funiest thing they have done is when Fred hid in a lantern that made it look like he was in Jail!

  29. I do not have a elf on the shelf inspite but I do want one if I did I would name him Brailyn p.s where do you get a elf upon a shelf.

  30. My elf has done a lot of silly thinks he has rapped toilet paper around the Christmas tree! I love my two elf’s. There names are Buddy and Brenda!!! Brenda is Buddy’s twin this is her second year.

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