Fairy Lights

The elves and the reindeer have been busy today. They have been checking the fairy lights that light up the sleigh. That is a lot of lights!

The reindeer and the elves made a great team.  The reindeer held the fairy lights on their antlers.  This made it easier for the elves to check all of them.

The first check was for sparkle.  The second check was for twinkle.  And the third check was for shine.

The reindeer held the gold lights on their antlers.  The elves checked for sparkle.  Check.  They checked for twinkle.  Check.  They checked for shine. Check.

The red lights were next.  The reindeer held out their antlers.  The elves put the red fairy lights on.  The reindeer looked like Christmas trees!

Each light was checked for sparkle.  Check.  Then it was checked for twinkle.  Check.  The last check was for shine – the elves found a problem.

One of the red fairy lights was shining too brightly!  The elves took a closer look.

Clumsy the Elf tweaked the red light.  “Ouch!” it said.

No, it was not a talking fairy light!  It was not a red fairy light at all.

It was Rudolph’s shiny red nose!

Merry Christmas!

Father Christmas

P.S.  Do you have shiny lights on your Christmas tree?  Which kind of light do you like best?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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50 special messages to Santa about “Fairy Lights”

  1. I always have shiny lights on my christmas tree!Sometimes I have red sometimes I have green but sometimes I have all sorts of colours and that one is my favouruite*wink*……………! 😉

  2. we have all sorts of light on our tree we have blue and red and green and yellow lights they are so cool

  3. hi santa!!! all colours are my favourite but the multicoloured ones are the best!!! especially the red green and gold ones which give off a real christmas spirit!!! cant wait only 221 sleeps till christmas and exactly 5 months till my 13th birthday!!!

  4. My favorite lights are the one that are white and they are big. They shine the best and they look like stars. The lights I don’t like are the colored ones. They look kinda trashy to me.
    Brittany B.
    age 12

  5. i like the pink and red lights best you will be able to find my house we have a cardbourd sleigh on the porch please leave a note and tell me what you think love daryn

  6. Hi Santa Claus. We haven’t put up our Christmas tree yet. We might sometime this week. Happy holidays!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  7. i love christmas and my christmas tree is beautifull with its fairy lights, tinsel and ballballs.i have for decorations:a christmas tree, christmas teddies, paper chains, window stickers, bunting, my own mini christmas tree in my bedroom and a “santa stop here” sign.give a big shout out to the chocolate fairy for giving me lots of chocolate and tell me more about your wife mrs claus.i love christmas because it is so hard deciding what to have as a christmas pressent and it is either a massive major pressent or loads of little pressents i can’t choose.i love christmas!!!

  8. Hi Again,
    Santa? Do You Know My Friend “Brooke?” She Lives Very Very Close To Me Her Mum Is called Nula And Her Dad is called Magnus

  9. Hi I just joined this site. And no we don’t have a tree yet. We been fixing up my new room. I hope we get a tree this year.

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