Favorite Christmas movie

Favorite Christmas movie
Favorite Christmas movie

I am glad that I have some time to talk to you before Mrs. Claus and I enjoy a movie together.  We try to have a movie night every month.

Mrs. Claus makes wonderful popcorn with lots of butter drizzled on the top.  Then we watch a favorite Christmas movie of ours.

In fact, tonight is my turn to choose the movie.

We have a lot of favorite Christmas movies!  So, we take it in turns and try to find a movie that we both will like.  As it is so close to Christmas, I have chosen my favorite Christmas movie of all time: It’s A Wonderful Life.

It’s A Wonderful Life is a very old movie.  If you have never seen it, then I would recommend that you watch it.  It is such a good movie.  I love what the story is about.  You see, a very nice man (who is the main character in the story) is having a hard time.  In fact, no matter what he does, things keep going wrong.

When the man gets into some serious trouble, he wishes that he has never been born.  He gets his wish and gets to see how everyone’s life would be changed.  He had never realized the impact he had on everyone around him.

The man was always doing good things.  Because of him, everyone around him had a better life.  He just did not realize it.  In the end, he goes back to his family and everyone around him helps him to correct his mistakes.

The Moral Of My Favorite Christmas Movie

The moral of the movie is that if you do good things, the impacts are huge.  Just because you are not saving someone’s life or giving them a million dollars, it does not mean that you are not helping them.  It is the little things which we do each day that make people’s lives better.

Saying hello to your neighbors, being polite to your relatives, supporting someone when they are trying hard, working with people to do something good.  You see, there are lots of little things you can do which can have a big impact.

Hey, look at me going on and on!  Maybe I should go watch this movie instead of talking about it.   Have you started watching Christmas movies yet?   What is your favorite Christmas movie of all time?

And after I watch my movie, I am going to do another favorite thing of mine: read your wonderful emails!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Leave me a message here to tell me!  Or, scroll down to see what other people have put as their favorite Christmas movie.

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13 special messages to Santa about “Favorite Christmas movie”

  1. My favorite Christmas moive
    Road reouvuitly
    Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio
    And my other Christmas movie
    Santa baby santa baby 2

  2. My favorite Christmas movie is “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” I used to each it every year, but I haven’t in a few years.

  3. Santa Claus is comin to town and disneys prep and landing but i started watching them about a month and a half ago in just very excited for christmas.

  4. My favorite Christmas movie would be Santa Claus: The Movie. This stars a great actor Dudley Moore. Have you ever seen it?

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