Flu Shots

Mrs. Claus worries about flu season.  After all, I cannot be sick for the big day!  I do not want to let anyone down Christmas morning!

Yes, I have to stay in tip-top shape!  The elves and I need to be our best to make toys.  The reindeer and I have to be ready to bring gifts on Christmas Eve.   And of course, I have to stay healthy… just in case the elves want to have a snowball fight!

So Nurse Nice made a special visit to the workshop.  She came to give us our flu shots.

Some of the elves were a little worried about getting their flu shot.  Nurse Nice could see they were a bit afraid.

She made the elves feel better with a little chat.  “Elves, have you ever been sick?”  One by one, they all put up their hands.

“Is it fun being sick?” she asked.

“Oh, no!” the elves replied, “not at all!”

“Is it better to be really sick for a long time,” asked Nurse Nice.  “Or, is it better to have a quick shot now?”

The elves did not want to miss ANY of the fun at Christmas so they all asked for their shots.  They were still a little afraid, but they knew a shot was the right thing to do.

Nurse Nice then gave each elf a music toy.  They held it while they got their shot.  When they were done they all played Christmas songs together!

The elves liked holding the toy.   It reminded them to wait for something better.  They also really like feeling good at Christmas (almost as much as they like snowball fights!).

And I had my flu shot too!  I do NOT want to be sick Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think it is good the elves and I get our flu shots?  Do you think it is good to get your flu shot?   You can click here to tell me about it or scroll down to see what other people have written!


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135 special messages to Santa about “Flu Shots”

  1. Yes I want to be an elf on the shelf it’s nice to have a shot from them too too elves shots every not but not trying to Sean don’t get that covid-19 shot won’t get it have a nice day Santa Claus love robbie

  2. dear Santa its a good idea for buddy the elf on the self to get his flu shots. also i want for CHRISTMAS is interactive new born baby doll it have too be unicorn interactive new born baby dolls and also merry CHRISTMAS to you Santa and the reindeer and the elves on the self too and ms Clause . from Sabina and my family. i Which A Merry CHRISTMAS to you Santa.

  3. hi this is shae bloink and i think that u are one of the most best guys on earth exept for god jueses and my dad have a nice charismas shae bloink from michagan

  4. It is good for you to get your flu shots although when I was I think was two orthree all I had a heart attack about getting flu shots and I open the doctors office

  5. you made the right decision you can die from the flu im thankful you and the elves got their shots.

  6. I didn’t get a flu shot i got a nosil spray, it smelt like a spring meadow. But for all of you who hate shots the spray is nice.

    P.S. Santa you might want to try the spray for some of the younger elves.

  7. I am allergic to flu because they can make everybody get flu do we and i have already got a flu same as my cousin had a flu this morning when she woke up this morning i had bacon sandwich before i went to my cousin`s house to have a play and chat to my cousin and then we went to MacDonald and i had a strawbery milkshake and i will let you go because you have got to look after Mrs.claus because she has the flu i hope you don`t get the flu

  8. dear santa
    my chistmas wish lists have never came true
    but i hope all of my wishs come true this year.
    All my love from krystal

  9. I am allergic to flu shots an flu mist so i cant get it i really don’t like any shots but i don’t cry it just hurts for a couple seconds

  10. Santa Thats a good thing you got your flu shot so you will never be sick on christmas eve! I LOVE YOU!

  11. Santa remember me ALina I just emailed you on emailsanta.com
    well you are and must be cuddly

    from Alina

  12. hi flu shots aren’t bad there good they actually don’t hurt they help you stay healthy

  13. dear santa all this year ive been asking
    you in my christmas letters if i can come
    and work with you but six times youv turnd me down as your head elf so pleese
    can i come and work with you before christmas my mum calld you 9 times this week asking you if i can get an aprintaship at the north pole

  14. hi santa you told me to vist this blog and i did try not to get sick love you bye oh iv ben so so so so so so so so so good

  15. I hate flu shot and I sometimes cry but then me, my Mom and my baby brother go to get Ice cream one time I had to get it on cristmax and it hurted more then ever before and I didn’t get Ice cream beacaues it was too cold so I was super sad until the next day I got a Ice cream maker and I was as happyy as could be!!!!

  16. yes it is the right thing to do i know how you all feal i do not like shots ether i hate shots but it is what you to have to stay will i do not like to be sick ether


  18. when i read flu shots i said to myself uh-oh but the elfs toughed it out

    I think its important to stay healthy jus like santa

  19. The purple hat and the ski jacket from mrs claus they are both Cool and Awesome Presents Have a good night at The North Pole To santa from Camryn Your Friend Camryn To Everybody at The North Pole Have a Happy New Year! I like you santa and mrs claus and the elves and the reindeer thank you Santafor the purple hat and the rapping paper and the white ribbon and the card from you

  20. When I got my Flu shot it was like a pen went a like touch and it was oner didn’t hurt at all tell mrs.Claus she has nothing to worry about now worries but
    I am bummed that Christmas is over so bummed but there is always next year.!
    Love, Katherine

  21. well the claues have many things to do and we do to so we all need shots to do everything we need to do

  22. Needles can hurt a bit but you always need shots so you dont get sick on the big day santa mrs.claus and the elves AND the raindeeer also need there shot because if santa and the raindeer are sick on the christmas eve they cant make their big trip and kids like me will be sad because santa didnt make his big trip so always get your shots

  23. You always have to get a flu shot Santa!!So you wont be sick on Christmas and each day!I know it hurts believe me! I have gotten 4 shots to 1 visit at the docters office.

  24. It is not good to be sick at Christmas, this year I got bad luck cuz’ i am sick with a really bad cold.

    Merry Christmas Santa and Mrs.Clause!!!

  25. I hope i get a Hello Kitty mp3
    dog toys bones wii games board games
    arts and craft
    christmas movies
    coloring book
    christmas activity book
    Hello KItty stickers and art set
    see you soon

  26. i got my flu shot today and i didn’t cry but i used to when i was little but i don’t like them because now my leg hurts but it’s not aq big deal. i even had my surgraythis summer :)/:3

  27. i got my flu shot. but it was not a shot it was nose spray. it looked like a shot but it had no needle. but the nurse didn’t do it right so it hurt.

  28. It’s not that bad it’s just a quick pinch, just look the other way. I was very worried about mine it ddn’t hurt at all, it felt like someone tapped me. After I got it I laughed.

  29. You and the elves do have to get shots! We can’t have you get sick now, can we? Merry Christmas. 🙂

  30. santa you better be careful,if you don’t i bet mrs.claus will fix you some homemade soup of hers… love you santa ,


  31. I am glad ou and the elfs got the flu shots. even though i hate shots i would still get them because i would hate to be sick on the big day.

  32. Yes i think it was good you and the elves got the flu shots because if you were sick the elves couldn’t make the presents and you couldn’t deliver them. It is good to get a flu shot so you won’t contract any diseases and you won’t stay sick for a long time

  33. santa nurse nice shouldve made a special antibiotic with a speicial flavor for them to drink to prevent thr flu

  34. It is good that you want to stay well for the big day. Im certin that there will be a lot of disappointed boys and girls if you got sick and werent able to give them all the toys they wanted. We dont want that to happen. So keep getting your flu shot so you wont get sick.

  35. dear santa ,
    i think it is best for you to get a flu shot because,that means you wounldn’t be sick for christmas.
    p.s why do elves have pointy ears.
    p.ss how do you make the toys in 11 mounths.

  36. Santa, please remind the elves that it is better to get one shot than to be sick forever. My mommy told me that and I jumped right up there and told my doctor to give that shot and give it quick.

  37. I think it is good for everyone to get flu shots, so we don’t get sick. If we get sick the germs might spread, and its no fun to be sick.

  38. even though i HATE flu shots i still get them my nurse is really nice Too and it is very good that the elves faced their fears and got their flu shots

  39. i dont want santa being sick on christmas day or eve try to drink alot of liquids and some warm soup to and mrs clause too

  40. Dear Santa, I think it is good to get a flu shot so you won’t be sick! And it is good that you and the elves got yours!! I am very proud of you elves!! Hahaha

  41. Dear Santa,
    I am so glad you got you flu shot… tell the elves that it is normal to afraid of getting a needle. I am 6 years old and i was terrified to get my very first flu shot …..

  42. dear santa,
    I think it is awesome that u got ur flu shot! I am so proud of all the elves too. I dont want to get sick either…so i want a flu shot!

  43. I think it’s great you got your flu shot! I get my flu shot every year and it keeps me from getting sick. I bet the elves felt tired after they got their shot. And, Mr. Claus, I am SO glad you got your flu shot. I promise it will always keep you healthy for Christmas!

  44. Dear Santa,i think that if you go get a flu shot you wont get the flu on Christmas Eve.When i got the shot it didnt hurt at all.she told me to relax my arm.if you go get your flu shot,relax your arm.all it feels like is a tiny ball going in your skin.

  45. I think that it is good that you and the elves got your flu shots. Did you know that the big word for flu is influenza? That is the word I spelled correctly and won my spelling bee.

  46. dear santa i think it a good idea to get a flu shots but i go to the doctor tomorrow for my check up and meds i am sarcd about ful shots i dont want to get one

  47. i do not get flu shots, but i do think that it is good that you and thhe elves to get flu shots. does mrs. claus get her flu shots? i think that it was very kind of nurse nice to give the elves music toys.

  48. last time i had a shot was 2 years ago
    i might have another one soon
    they dont hurt much
    the needle is like a tube that drops a drop of

  49. This isn’t about the flu shot but it is about a shot. last night on 12/13/ll I step on a board that was sharp and got a 1 and a half inch splinter and i had to go to the doctors and had to get a num shot on the bottom of my foot and it hurt alittle but not to much so I guess thats how the elves felt when they got there flu shot. ( they were scared and I was scared.)

  50. hi santa! i think it is great for you and the elves got their flu shots. i recomend you give the reindeer flu shots too, you dont want them to be sick, do you santa?

  51. I had to get a shot in my leg it hurt a bit and hurt even more afterwards for a few days, but it made my leg all better at least for now.

  52. i take flu shots every ear its very sore and i cry and my nurse gives me lollys oh and santa if you have a cold its nice to have tea and lemon that makes me fell better come to say hi when you are visiting us and i can give you some so you dont get sick

  53. my mom just had her baby and on our first docters oppointment and we were sittin there and i was relaxing then my mom said i think they should get a flu shot it scared me half to death but i volunteered to go first wasnt that bad

  54. Santa,
    I had my flu shot=) well I had the mist up my nose. haha
    But, I promise you will be ok.


  55. I think its good you get flu shots because it’ll be bad if you got ill all of a sudden but I’m sure that wont happen!

  56. i hope evey one has a happy christmas p.s
    i have my flu shot it does’nt hurt well that might be me

  57. Santa were you scared? We feel happy that you had your full shot so that you won’t be poorly on christmas eve.

  58. You are the coolist guy ever i hope you never get sick. Don’t forget to say hi to mrs. clause for me ok

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