Flying reindeer are hard to catch – especially with a magic key!

The flying reindeer with Santa's magic key
The flying reindeer with Santa’s magic key

It was on a flying reindeer!

Scunner, my Grumpy Elf, lost my magic key.  It’s the magic key I use Christmas Eve to get into houses.  Then Scunner found my magic key!

And then he lost my magic key — again!

I’m getting worried because Christmas is very soon.  I really need that key to deliver presents with my flying reindeer.

Here’s the latest email Scunner sent me:

Dear Santa

Remember the reindeer that had your magic key stuck on its antler?  Well, we chased that reindeer for miles. Your magic key turned him into a flying reindeer!  The poor beast was terrified. It had probably never been a flying reindeer before.

Our reindeer Tumshie was going like a hero, trying to catch up with him.

Below us the ground was speeding past and before we knew it we were flying over the sea.

Tumshie seemed to have an idea, he’s awfy bright. We started climbing higher and flying in a straight line. The other reindeer has not had any training so he was weaving from side to side. I knew what Tumshie was trying to do. If we flew high enough and as straight as we could. Then we would catch up with the other reindeer.

It seemed to be working. We were soon flying above the other reindeer. But he was still panicking. I had to try and calm him down. I eased the reigns and Tumshie began to fly lower. Soon we were flying next to the reindeer.

But then Glaikit, he’s awfy daft, reached out and grabbed the key. It came away from the antler without any problem.

Flying Reindeer?

“I’ve got it!” He shouted. He didnae know that without North Pole magic the poor reindeer couldn’t fly. It made a terrified sound and started to fall.

I grabbed the key and jumped out the sleigh. It wasn’t easy but I made my body as thin and straight as I could. I had to catch up with him.

It was hard but I did it. I held onto him and slipped the key over his antler again. He gained height but I lost my hold and started to fall.

Och, I thought it was all over.

Thankfully Tumshie saw what was happening and came zooming out of the sky. I landed in the sleigh, safe and sound.

But we lost the other reindeer.

We didn’t see what direction he went in.

Dinnae worry though. I have had an idea. Can you send Professor Fumblebumble to meet us. We are in Germany. Tell him to use the secret project we were working on.

We’ll find the key Santa



This is getting very exciting and worrying. I wonder what the secret project can be?

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any ideas what the secret project could be? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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14 special messages to Santa about “Flying reindeer are hard to catch – especially with a magic key!”

  1. I love your blog santa but there is something krong whith.something couse I can’t get to see you face to face love, maddie

  2. Oh Santa your elves are funny and they make my day with all experiences in all different country they already visited trying to find the magic key.Santa and I wish good luck in your trip around the world. Time is running out.

  3. I know what I want for Christmas tiny dolls get my mom jewelry please my family is very happy about Christmas the end carrigan

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