Grumpy Elf Scunner lost my Magic Key!

My Grumpy Elf.  My dear sweet grumpy elf!  Well, today I got an email from Scunner, my grumpy elf.  I hope you are sitting down to read it.

Dear Santa,

I came home to Gloombogle and gathered my family together. I told them I lost your magic key.  Then I asked my mum, dad, my six brothers, six sisters and 36 cousins if they had seen it. None of them could remember seeing it since I came home.

We looked everywhere. All over the village. In the pub, in the shop, in the factory, in the sorting office and even in the Gloombogle Police station. But the key was nowhere to be found.

I felt awfy sad.  

Then my daft brother Glaikit remembered.  He asked if I had taken a lassie I know called Birly on a wee trip.

Dinnae be angry Santa.  I like Birly awfy much.  I just wanted to make her smile.

So, I have got out some maps.  I worked out where we went.

The first stop was London, England. It’s an awfy big city but it’s not too far away. I am leaving tonight and will be there tomorrow.

Can you ask the children if they have any ideas where I can look? I am taking Glaikit and Birly with me to help look.

Dinnae worry Santa. We will find the key. I promise.


I am still worried because I know how big London is. I do hope that he finds the key.

Santa Claus

P.S. Can you think of anywhere that he might find it? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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33 special messages to Santa about “Grumpy Elf Scunner lost my Magic Key!”

  1. I would love a pair of scooby doo socks/pajamas for Christmas please and thank you.
    I wrote our elf on the shelf a letter maybe she buy me what I want.

  2. Maybe you should look in keyholes of doors in case you forgot it there and I think Elise who commented earlier had a good idea of building a tracking device but it’s basically up to u of what you want to do 🙂

  3. can’t you use your magic snow globe to find it? if not, check on your keyring, my mom and dad lose keys there all the time.

  4. check to see if you wrapedit. If not check all the naughty kids to see if one of them took it. After that he still can’t find it make a machine to find it

  5. Did you make sure you didn’t wrap it. If not I would ld check naughty kids because they might have taken it .if you still can’t find the key make a tracking device to find it

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