Halloween Games – elf hiding

Halloween games elf hiding
Halloween games elf hiding

Halloween Games – elf hiding in a pumpkin!

The elves’ countdown to Halloween continues.   While the junior Elf Scouts count down the days to Halloween and the days to Christmas, they are practicing their scouting skills.

A very important junior Elf Scout skill is being able to hide so no one can spot you.

Today, the elves had lots of fun carving pumpkins for Halloween.  The elves carved all kinds of pumpkins. They carved scary pumpkins. They carved funny pumpkins. Then they tidied up their mess and toasted pumpkin seeds.

When the elves came back, they found this pumpkin.  But the other elves know that the junior Elf Scouts are always practicing their scouting skills.  That is because the junior Elf Scouts have to be really good at their elf hiding skills before they can go to someone’s home for Christmas.

A New Halloween Game – Elf Hiding!

So, when the other elves came back from toasting pumpkin seeds, they noticed something. They noticed something funny. They noticed a little trail of footprints and pumpkin seeds going to this pumpkin.

Now elves love playing tricks on each other. So the other elves started talking very loudly about putting a candle in their new jack-o-lanterns.  They even got some candles and started to put them into this pumpkin!

The two junior Elf Scouts came running out from hiding in the pumpkin.  “No! No!”, they said.  That’s when all the other elves started rolling around giggling.

That’s when the two junior Elf Scouts knew they’d been tricked.  They started giggling and rolling around too.

Then they all sat down and had some more of Mrs. Claus’ fancy toasted pumpkin seeds.  They are very good with hot cocoa and those yummy imported marshmallows I bring home for her.

And now you know why elves never hide in pumpkins!


P.S. Can you find the two elves in the photo?  Are the junior Elf Scouts good at hiding?  (You can leave me a message here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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  1. I saw on of the elve hind inside the pumpkin on the photo of this article, the other eleves I guess might hind inside the toilets.

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