Helping Scunner the Grumpy Elf

You might remember that I had a talk with poor old Scunner the Grumpy Elf.  We found out that he might be allergic to Christmas.  I was trying to think of a new job that he could do.

Well, thanks to your great suggestions I have been given plenty of ideas to try.  I decided that perhaps he could help with the…

Ah yes, I decided that perhaps he could help with the reindeer!

‘Scunner, you like animals don’t you?’ I asked him yesterday.  He smiled and nodded his head.

‘I love animals Santa.  I have a wee dog at home called Bobby.  He is a great wee dog but can be quite grumpy at times.’

I smiled at this.  It seems that Scunner and his dog are very alike.

‘Great.  So you don’t have any allergies to animals?’

‘Och no, none at all.’ He chuckled.

‘Would you like to help look after the reindeer then?’

Scunner whooped with joy and jumped up from his chair.  He spun around with excitement.  I knew that I had maybe hit on something.

Scunner stopped spinning and looked at me.  He was swaying around a little as though he was dizzy.

‘It is quite hard work Scunner.  They need to be fed and their stables need to be cleaned out.  Basically they need to be looked after well so they are ready for Christmas Eve.’

I looked at him because sometimes people can forget that taking care of animals can be a big job.

‘Santa, I will look after them very well – I promise.’ He said and by the tone of his voice I believed him.

So, Scunner is trying his first new job soon.  I hope it works out but if it doesn’t you have given me some great ideas.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you have a pet to look after?  What do you do to make sure it is happy and well?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


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82 special messages to Santa about “Helping Scunner the Grumpy Elf”

  1. Hi Santa Claus I can’t wait to see you next year I have a boyfriend names manny he’s 22 lives Bronx New York

  2. I would like a elf on the shelf and tell Rudolph I love him so much and that he is a cutie

  3. I have a little kitten named Alex who always misbehaves!!! He claws on our expensive couch, he likes biting people alot(and i mean alot!), and he like drinking water from our cups by dipping his paw in, and then licks it up from his paws. I don’t know what to do.

  4. i have 2 cats 1 is tiger and 1 is tipper i play with the alot and when theky are sick i make sure that i give them their medicine and if they get hurt really bad i set them on me and like pet them until they feel better

  5. dear Santa in 4 days it is my birthday what will you bring me bring me something nice because i have a cold like something to cuddle

  6. my dogs name is max. I walk him, most of the time and I like to play with him a lot! merry chrismas i love you. love, Ella!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i have dog to take care of.this is very weard that she is a girl dog and her name is gir…………

  8. hi santa did yuou get my letter yet? the elves are really cute. try to write a letter to me tommorow if not you can do it some other time before cristmas. where going to get you cookies and milk and cheese for santa mouse on cristmas.

  9. Ihave a rottie and 2 golden retreevers, about 15- 16 horses 3 goats, 1 pig, 4 cows, 2 donkeys, 2 alpacas, and 1 Gunnie Pig and I make shure that they have a lot of attention, love, water, food and stuff like that

  10. I have two pets named Max and Lola, Max is a Yorkie Poo, and Lola is a Old English bulldog. 🙂 I have to take good care of them and I do! Lola is CRAZY for snow! She loves it! max not so much. 😉

  11. Hi santa we love you so much that we would come all the way up there just to give you a hug and tell the raindeer and Mrs.Clause Merry Christmas!!! Have a Merry Merry Christmas!!

  12. i have three doge and one cat i keep them well and happy by making sure they have enough water to drink and enough food to eat.and i make sure i bring one dog each day!then affter i give them treats if they were good!and they always do good!then zazoo i give him lots of food and water!and i let him outside at the right time.but we still have a litter box so he can come in on winter days and do his bissnass in the litter box i love all my pets!!!!they are alll sooooo funny!!they are the best!!!!!!!

  13. i have two dogs one is a yellow lab named boo and i have one that is a mix between a springer spaniel and a golden retriever. i have two cats one is named allie cat and one is named call. i also have 2 turtles one is named fred and one is named tanner. and thats all my pets [6]

  14. I think you should make clumsy the elf a scout elf, and should go to someones house and keep an eye out on them!!!

  15. Yes,I do have a pet cat. His name is, Charlie. What I do to keep him happy is feed him every day and make sure he has enough water. I have to say, he has always been a happy little cat! And Santa please don’t forget him at Christmas!;)

  16. i have 2 guinea pigs 1 dog and a fish i half to clean the fish’s boul and the guinea pig’s cage but the dog isn’t really mine its my younger brothers

  17. my dog is called prince but i have another one called sasha who had an opperation now i have to hlp her drink and prince he’s good some times and so cute and sasha but prince he’s so active he never run’s out of energy.

  18. I bet Scunner just has never had a gift before. SANTA just get him the best gift of all time for Christmas. I mean no elf can be Christmas free.p.s. but if he is he should get a job as a toy maker at a store.

  19. I had a fish called Melody three years ago but it died after two weeks:(She was a Black Moor that is a tipe of gold fish.I miss her a lot:(

  20. I use to have a dog named Sally. She died a few years back. I miss her a lot. But she is now living in heaven with my Grandfather that she loved. I can’t wait to see her one day when I go live with Jesus too.

  21. I have 6 cats. I help by feeding them in the morning when I get up. then when I go to bed I also feed them.

  22. i check on my bunnys evry day. the first time i feed them . the second time i clean there cage and the third time i play and cuddle with them .

  23. i would like yo help Scunner the grumpy elf i have 11 chickens 2 dogs and 1 fish i use to have 12 chickens but one died and i ues to have to 2 harmitcrabs but they deid but i would love to help i love helping and i will levev you lots of cookeis becaues you are so nice and i also want to say thank you so much and did you know i love chrismis because i get gifts and get to give peopol gift and it was the day christ was born and i get to see everyone happy one they open the gift love eva morgan

  24. I have two pets to look after! My yorkshiere terrior,Willy,and my cat,Penguin!

    Willy’s really timid,and hides under couches and chairs whenever somebody comes near him,and Penguin is always staring at me,and headbutting me.But I love them.

    Santa,when you visit my house,could you bring some presents for them? Willy likes cat food,and Penguin likes bells!

  25. i almost forgot to tell you if you come to our house in the chimney if you see two red socks put the i phone , and ipod in the two red socks

  26. Hi Santa!!! Well in this letter I will tell you about my pets. I have lots of pets and my family is thinking about getting one more after I leave my grandparents house!!!! Well I have a dog,Carter,(we are thinking about getting a yorkie.)2 cats,Lolly and Noodle,1 frog,Sassy,3 fish,Goldie and Spot and my sisters fish I have no idea what his name is,and 1 hermit crab, Hermie or Purple Pincher(Pincher). So you can see I have lots of pets to take care of!!!


  27. Icould help Scunner the grumpy elf.I have a very bad cold I had it sense yesturday morning.I have Gwindor Morweena faries faries in my pot at home my Grandma and Grammpa have fairies at there house.Those are all the magic thins oooooh I forgot there is one more.I have fairys in my school.

  28. I do have a pet to look after its name is chloe shes a girl and i believe her favorite holiday is christmas because you come.I bet she loves you the most because you leave her toys and you help other kids that dont have toys.

  29. I have 2 fish of my own to keep them happy i feed them. i have a hamster of my own to keep her happy i talk to her and play with her and feed her. then we have a family fish my dad feeds him to make him happy. we have 2 cats we feed them and let them out and play with them to make them happy

  30. Im bany sitting a dog for 2 weeks but to take care of her i need to feed her,walk her,and mostly play with her. It takes alot of responsibility to take care of a dog

  31. I have a hamster.Her name is Snow flake.You have to clean her habbitat,feed her,give her fresh water,play with her and all sorts of stuff.But i still love her.

  32. thank you Santa I am the Ella who gave you the idea for Scunner to help the reindeer!! thanks for using it!! Oh yes for one of the surprises on my letter can I have a blackberry curve in red with o2 please in Nenagh thank you

  33. i have 3 cats1 rabbit and 1 dog lilly ( cat) handicapped shes hops like my rabbit and titan ( dog ) he eats the cat litter gross!

  34. I feed my fish every morning and toss in some algae wafers for my algae-eating Pleco, and I try to get out and play with my Siberian Husky as much as possible.

  35. I think Scunner will like the job. If the job doesn’t work for him you could probbaly try having him help Mrs. Claus cook.

  36. to take care of my pets ,I feed them .I am
    going to help them with there letter; to rudouph to (they don’t know how to type.)

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