Holiday cards from Santa Claus – read one now!

Santa Claus loves holiday cards
Santa Claus loves holiday cards!

Holiday cards are one of the things I like best about Christmas.

I get to send holiday cards to all the people at the North Pole I love and tell them how much they mean to me.

This year I made my own Holiday Cards. I used card, paper, scissors, glue, fabric, glitter and some small pieces of wood.

This year, I am sending a holiday card to Mrs Claus again. I love to send it by North Pole post and then see Mrs Claus’ face light up when it is delivered to her. I always tell her how much I love her in the card. She is a very special person in my life and if it was not for her I would have a much harder time getting everything ready for Christmas.

I also send holiday cards to each of my elves. They are the hardest workers I know and I love them so much. They work so hard to make all of the toys. Without them I would have no presents to deliver on Christmas Eve. I make the time to give them their holiday cards in person. They really appreciate this.

Why Don’t I Send A Holiday Card To Everyone?

I would love to send you all holiday cards too.  But, there are too many children that I would not have the time to send one to each person.

There is Bob and Rob and Billy and Willy.
And Fran and Stan and Jan and Lily.
And Steve and Eve and Ed and Ned.
Plus Lisa, Teresa, Nissa and Fred.
And Gus and Russ and Bo-bruss and No-nilly.
And Roodaboo and Groodamoo and Sam and Sho-shilly.
Plus Garumphabout and laughaprout and Brussel Sprout and Sproutilly.
And wait, wait, wait! This is getting so silly!

What I meant to say is that there are too many children in the world to write a holiday card to each one.  There are so many names that I cannot list them all here. Of course, they are all listed in my Naughty or Nice book.

If I were to write Christmas cards to all the children of the world I would write this message inside:

‘Merry Christmas. I love you all. Celebrate Christmas with me by loving those around you. Love your family, your friends and the people around you. Especially love those who are alone today or those who need help or those who are sad, they need love the most.’

Santa Claus

P.S. If you could write holiday cards to anyone in the world, who would it be? And what would you write in the holiday card?  You can tell me by clicking here or, scroll down to see what other people have written.

P.P.S. Did you know the elves made a special webpage where you can send your own holiday Christmas cards?  They did!

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24 special messages to Santa about “Holiday cards from Santa Claus – read one now!”

  1. Hiiiiiii! You are so sweet and sour and sweet and sour like me and I love you so much and I love you so much I hope you’re doing well and I hope you have a great weekend too I Love you and love elf’s and I love your reindeer and I don’t know all the reindeer names love serenity deal

    I ❤️ u 2!
    You can ask the reindeer yourself by chatting with them here.

  2. I will send it to you, Santa, it will say….wait why should a spoil the surprise you will have to wait to read it .

    P.s I love you❤️

  3. Dear Santa I really really really really really want to puppy a real party you know that right lovely love Lily

  4. Dear santa I love you and rudolph and when you stop by London wish william kate princess charlotte and prince george happy christmas from me

  5. I’d send a Christmas card to my sister Lisa. I haven’t seen her in years and I miss her so much year round, but especially during the holidays.

  6. it wold be to my mom i love her so so much ilove her to the moon and back she loves me to i give her gifts and hugs and kisses
    you make me so so so so happy

  7. santa has the elf on the shelf come to my house because i never see one so i was just thinging about that while i was reading your story i like your storys they are funny and tell everyone i said i love them and i am doing good and hi and i hope to see them soon santa i hope your chirtsmas is good and tell everyone i said the same thing i hope they are justing sitting there writing me a letter and hope the raindeer are to tell everyone i said lol and save some cookies for the others at the north pole

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