I think someone stuck a candycane in my blog!

candycane in my blog
Someone stuck a candycane in my blog!

Oh! oh! I think someone stuck a candycane in my blog! I’m very sorry but the elves are still busy trying to fix my blog.

You can see the front page (that’s what you are looking at now). But, all the other pages are missing!

I know we’ll get it up soon so I hope you’ll come back and check often. I’ll post updates on my FaceBook page and on Twitter (@KringleClaus).

Thank you for waiting! (Like waiting for Christmas isn’t bad enough! HHHOL — that means Ho! Ho! Ho! Out Loud!)

– Santa

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73 special messages to Santa about “I think someone stuck a candycane in my blog!”

  1. Ooh… candy canes? I LOVE candy canes! Now you’re just making me hungry! Now, I want some candy danes!! YUMMY!!!! 😀

  2. Nooooooo! Oh why, cruel world! Maybe it was Jack Frost and a question- can you sled without snow? I did not snow where I live.

  3. candycane! well who done it i would search the work shop and maybe the whole north pole maybe a polar bear done it maybe scunner did it do anything you can do before Christmas! punish whoever did it even if it is a polar bear ( the bear would make a nice throw rug *wink*)then eat the meat if its scunner then fire him dont promote him dont give him a raise make him work extra hours make him work the whole year instead of 11 months all the boys and girls should be able to read your christmas blog that way they can get good presents like video games movies laptops iphones guitars recorders radios lottery tickets tvs dogs toy cars all kinds of stuff SO FIX ITTTTTTTT!

  4. Dear Santa

    I have heard lots of nice things about you and i believe in you.Would you able to send a video to me or even send me a post card please?

    Santa you are the best.
    From Michael xx


  6. dear santa all i want for christmas is an imac laptop thats reslly al i want for christmas just one thing!!!! thats easy right. oh and you can add some games if like.


    Wrote by cotton-lily’s mum PS: can i ples get spellin skillz it was ma wurst subject in scool

  8. Dont worry santa 🙂 Im so excited for christmas not only is my house fully decorated so is my ROOM we have 4 xmas trees holly and candy cane wallpaper lol (laugh out loud) 🙂
    Luve Cattie

  9. dear santa clause this what i whant on chistmas iwhant pop the pig and polkadottae set and cook ware set and tea cup carry alongpig and dream bayby and disney music set and a pink ford mustang and dream girl deluxe play set and barbie fashion and pink monster high doll and fashion doll whith outfits and littel miss dream doll and bratz daziner and a real pone my dog roxy whant a toy too a milkbone and a dog house.

    from shakyra
    to santa clause

  10. dont forgit to give toys to the vneedy kids and give them alot to it is sad because people are out on the street with no homes

  11. Im soo exited I put my cristmas tree up alredy! I have an elf on the shelf named cutie and he is cute.
    Also my cat keeps going under the cristmas tree. LOL! I like to call her a present. So I hope im on the nice list. (I try to be as good as I can) So im gonna go read some more of those silly stories (wink) Sincerly’

  12. i now you are real and can you pleaeas send me another message on hear thankyou my wish is to see the raindeers can you do that pleaeas because ever i wish somthih it never comes true and i am so sorry that you got a candycane in your blog i think i might now hwo it was the grunch and how am i doing at school

  13. Hi Santa it is so close to Christmas there is only 28 days . Did you know that i countdown to Christmas eve . Also today i might set up my Christmas tree i am so excited !!!!

  14. Santa? I know you’re real, but leave a note behind if you come to our house. Uh, and you better know where it is! ’cause I’m totally expecting u 2! (okay? That was strange…) my sock… I don’t even know if I’ll have one this year but we’ll probably have a Christmas tree. Happy Thanksgiving, Santa! Your job is getting close!!

  15. hi santa im SO glad your blog is ok i know you know me i kept emailing you telling you i want an ipod about a million times sorry santa i think for christmas im going to give you… well its like a sugar cookie and on the top of it is a hershey kiss i hope you like them santa bye Merry Christmas!

  16. there are a lot worse thing that could be stuck in your blog

    if it was a cookie it would crumble up
    or a mince pie whould make a sticky mess

  17. Hi Santa can you plz plz leave me note and a picture of you am going to be asleep but l realtime want to see you bye Santa and peace

  18. Well, I always know where to go when I want to chit chat with you, Santa. Please, my favorite wish is the second one! If you can’t buy ’em all, just buy the second wish I chose!! I’m totally pleading my mom to make handmade Christmas cookies, so you better! Just kidding, but I kinda meant it. You know… Uh, I don’t mean to boast or brag, but I’m actually on the ‘nice’ list, too! I got to be star student, which is so stupendous and magnificent!! I really thank Lindsay, my friend who showed me this web page. Absolutely telling my little sis and she’ll freak out! “May I pretty pretty please do it, huh??” she’ll say, with those gigantic pleading eyes. Catcha up later, Santa!

  19. hi santa,
    this is another note from me. i really like talking to you and there is a couple things i left out on my last message:
    i realllllllyyyyyyyyyy want a real live dog but make sure its small, gentle, make sure my sister will like it, and make sure it doesn’t bark very much, and doesn’t bite or jump on people because if it were th opposite, my family would not like that at all. thanks for reading another long message.

    BYYYYYYYYE!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. hi santa,
    you are the best in the world and i hope i was good. i love to talk so this might be a long message. i hade a great year and i hope you had a great one too. hows it going up there because you sound really busy. i have an letter that i want an elf on my fire place and i hope you get it as fast as you can. try not to eat to many cookies before you get to my house so your not full. you know what, i think its o.k. to eat a ton of cookies because you always have milk to make your bones better! HAHAHA!! i got really good grades so i think your proud. i have a really long christmas list so i shouldn’t be hard to pick one or two. thanks for reading this whole thing! … !!! <3 🙂 <3

  21. Dear Santa,

    You are very very nice to be giving all the people presents. But if you could give Bill a present from me for Christmas and his Birthday. Mommy would like tickets to see Reba, as she is her favorite singer ever. My Dad would like something for the PlayStation maybe the game Dead Island?? I will leave you cookies (I will buy alota cookies)

    Merry Merry Christmas Santa.

    Love Kadence.. ho ho ho

  22. i love u santa i cant wait until u come to my house to put presents under the tree ilove christmas thats my favortie holiday

  23. Hi santa
    HHHOL To you to
    i check your blog most nights after school
    i have sorted my christmas lists out already
    one of them has the things i want and the other is what other people want
    o(:∞)o ← you

  24. ho hi santa i love you so much santa please leave me a note under my pillow im the girl with the long brown hair green eyes and weres a brace just so you know to leave it under my pillow xx love you have a nice sleep and hot cho cho xx night x

  25. Santa I love you your the best and some people in my class were saying your not real but i knew you were and then in my email i sent you.. you said i know some people in your class having been saying stuff about me.. That means you really DO see everything and hear everything

  26. Hola Santa Claus….I am Dario, 8 years old, I am grateful because I am in the nice list, I will try to keep being nice, tell the elfs Hi from me…bye

  27. hi my name is alma
    i been really good this year
    im always gonna be in christmas spirit
    christmas its the best time of the year i
    i believe on you i will always will
    i really take good care of taco my dog his my little buddy i love him his the best dog

    p.s have a happy holiday and merry christmas and all the spirit comes from your hearts 🙂

    EWUT IHYER WUIETIUT IUhwthu; tw;iutw
    duitry 4w3yiue tyyiue sfgtui yeriugt dzueitgar wiudx UIFgwe tfogudwT

  29. santa i sent you a letter i dont want to sound greetey but i want to add one thing raymand origins on ps3 thanks <3 you santa

  30. Your the best.please leave me a iphone 4 and a ipad and a computer.i have been a awsome girl the entire year.for my sister a iphone and a tablet.for my brother he wants a ipod and a tablet to.for my mom she would like 5 tickets to se omega and 5 tickets to see mark anthony.for my dad a new computer, 5 tickets to the yankke game, 5 tickets to a basketball game, 5 tickets to a foot ball game and if you dont mind,for me, i want a letter from you, your wife and the elves but it has to be signed! thank you. xoxo kisses and hugs for you your wife and the elves

  31. i love u santa hope its ok with the people up there to
    for the little kitten the kitten hads to be a girl though santa we have 3 other kittys and they are all girls so plz!! santa if u can get me a 9 week old kitty it has to be a girl thanks santa love u

  32. hi santa its me my mother and i and my pet kittys kiara,elle,muffin all really want a kitten 9 weeksold my mother said it was ok for as to have a new one cause we love kittys and other pets to we try to help all animails that we see

  33. Hey santa,
    Your the coolest. You know i am doin great in school this year. did you know im now in martial arts too. yup,just had my first tournament sunday it was awesome.
    Well see ya christmas eve.

  34. Omg your the coolest. I wish I was your dauther. And you and Mrs.claus are like the funniest role models for me. When you come to are house can you leave a note because we will be in SanDeigo. Please please leave a note. and also last year I remember that your elfs came and got our stokings and you elf left tiny foot marks. And for my brother for christmas can you get him a microphone, a signed atougraphed picture of Europe please he will love it, and can you do the with shaun white please. and for my dad and signed football by Aaron Rogers please, and the Ipad 2, and a mushause chair. For my sister maddy can you get her a new phone, and whole pokemon deck of the rarest kind, and a makeup set. For my mom, the Ipad 2, atougraphed picture of sting, and a cd of sting. And for me a live puppy, to be popular, and phone.

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