Little Reindeer — Santa needs more reindeer names! Can you help?

Santa reindeer names for baby reindeer
A cute little reindeer!

Do you know the Santa reindeer names?

Of course, there’s Dasher and Dancer & Prancer and Vixen & Comet and Cupid & Donner and Blitzen.  And there’s most famous reindeer of all!

Well, Rudolph and Clarice just gave me great news!  It is about their baby reindeer!  (You did know a baby reindeer was coming, right?)

Would you like to hear today’s news?

Well, I should start by saying something.  The baby reindeer still have not been born!

But we have exciting news!  I am excited.  Mrs. Claus is excited.  Mommy and Daddy are excited.  This is just so exciting!  Are you excited?

Big News about Little Reindeer!

Clarice and Rudolph just came back from the reindeer doctor with the news.  The doctor said everyone is doing great!  He also said there were going to be TWO baby reindeer!

That is right!  Clarice and Rudolph are going to have twins!  Wow!  I think I am going to faint!

There is going to be a little girl.  And, there is going to be a little boy!

Rudolph was so excited he jumped right over Santa Claus Castle!  I was so excited I danced a jingle bell jig!  Then I danced a jingle bell jig again! And then ALL the elves started dancing a jingle bell jig!

Jumping Jingle Bells!  Now we need even more names! Do you think you could help?

You can still leave Rudolph and Clarice a message with your names for the babies!

I will let you know any more news as soon as I can!  But I sure do hope the little ones will be born soon!  Now I think I better go sit down.  🙂

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you like this name game? Are you excited about the twins?  What do you do when you get excited during the countdown to Christmas?  (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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62 special messages to Santa about “Little Reindeer — Santa needs more reindeer names! Can you help?”

  1. I think you should name the boy snowflake and the girl Blizzard Santa I hope you read this but I have been really wanting that treasure box in my letter I sent you have a nice year.

  2. This is very exciting news Father Christmas! Is Rudolph’s wife Clarice? Also please tell me when the twins are born. Also please tell me if the twins have red noses like Rudolph.

  3. hi santa got some names:
    (boy)carter(that is also my lil brothers name)
    (girl)clair or blair
    (boy) glisten
    your welcome

  4. Hi I have some ideas for the baby names!!!I am so excited ok ok the names I came up with are: for the girl Pumpkin and for the boy Lucky. I hope you like the names and I hope there are no complications with the birth of the baby’s!!!

  5. Hey santa some girl names are sugar, coco, candy and flower some boy names are candy cane, roudouph Jr, sucker and munchkin

  6. I love these names but it is your choice! l just thought of them because i thought they were so cute! I love baby reindeer. You are lucky you have reindeer.

  7. Dear Santa

    I think you should name the two baby reindeer boy first Jingles and the girl Snow flake

    From Marko Australia Perth WA

  8. Girl: Jingle or Noel
    Boy: Hope, Joy, or Lucky
    Good luck with them!! They are adorable I am sure they will grow big and strong!!
    *P.S. If you choose these names, please you do not need to mention me!
    *P.P.S I will ALWAYS believe in YOU.
    *even if others don’t*

  9. Boy: Wynter
    Girl: Noelle
    Good Luck tell Mrs.Claus she always be sleighing get it the Christmas isnt the only tree getting lit this time of year SANTA IS!!!!

  10. house lift house do not miss it
    stop by on Christmas eve night 12/24 20019 dec tue santaclaus im on nice list
    find it on my address on the map best wards

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