Merry Christmas, 2013!

Christmas Day 2013 - One very tired Santa!
One very tired Santa!

Ho! Ho! Ho! and Merry Christmas!

Well, the reindeer and I are very tired!

It was a very long night.  But it was a very fun night!

I hope you had fun this morning too!

There are many people I have to thank for helping me.

I want to thank the elves and reindeer.  They are such good helpers.  Hurray for the elves and reindeer!

I should thank the grown-ups too.  Sometimes I wonder what I would do without them.  Hurray for all the grown-ups!  (I hope you thank the grown-ups too!)

Of course, I have to thank Mrs. Claus!  Hurray for Mrs. Claus!

But most of all, I want to thank all the children!  I want to thank you for the nice drinks and treats for me and apples, carrots and other goodies for the reindeer.  Thank you for the great letters and emails too!  Hurray for you! And “Thank you!” for watching me on the new Santa Snooper!  I hope you liked it.

I hope everyone enjoys the presents that I brought.  The elves worked very hard making them just for you!

I know there are many children I could not bring any presents to this year.  Or, I had to bring them a present different from what they wanted.

I am very sorry if I could not bring you what you wanted.  I know you really wanted it.  I am sad I could not bring it.  I know you are sad about it too.

But, I want you to always remember something.  Santa Claus and everyone at the North Pole love you very much.  It does not matter what I bring you.  I still love you — almost as much as your grown-ups do!

The most important gifts are the ones that I cannot bring.  After all, Christmas does not come in boxes and bags.  It does not come from a sleigh or a store!  If you have people that love you and a warm, safe place to live then Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

Merry Christmas Day!

Santa Claus

P.S. Did you like the presents ?  Did you like the Santa Snooper?  You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!

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152 special messages to Santa about “Merry Christmas, 2013!”

  1. santa I did not washed your your santa snooped but I think it’s nice you are very nice I know you are going to bring me raold Dah l collection you are going to bring me little toys please I’m going to be 7 santa I you

  2. Thank you so much for the presents last year. I very much enjoyed last years christmas. I’m sooo excited for christmas this year. Can’t wait. Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. Good luck on your sleghi on the 24th. Dont hurt yourself. Is the santa snooper on this christmas eve? I’ve tried to send you a letter but its not working. Send my love to everyone at the north pole even the reindeers!

  3. how ar you? santa I would like tresur pack pokimon and a toy for kity the cat
    grantur my grndad I would like picktur of granddad he has died

  4. Hi Santa and Mrs Claus and elves even the reindeer we have a elf on a shelf in our class it empted our pencil sharpener

  5. Hey santa I have been thinking my friends don’t believe in you anymore but I do know you are real and I will believe in you for as long as I can and I know that will be long. This year all I want is spending money to get things for people in need and people how are homeless. And I want a baby German Shepard boy so I can have another to play with with my other dogs. I know my moms okay with it as long as I take good care of it. WELL GUYS 25 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISMAS YAY……. Well see you when u come visit me Thursday 25,2014

  6. I think last year went realy good because i got most of the things i wanted so i hope you do the same for me this year. merry Christmas. p.s i just wanted to say that most people don’t believe in you but i do alot and i know when im grown up and have kids i’ll know that they will believe in you have a good Cristmas.

  7. santa last year my uncle past away and Samantha supported me and my family and I know that was in may but when she was here she rout us a nice letter thank you Samantha from connor ps for Samantha chip

  8. Thanks to everyone who works at the north pole.I’m Alyssa Fuehrer and I am 7 years old .Santa, when you come to my mamaw’s house in my room its panted purple,green,yellow,orange, and blue.

  9. hi Santa Claus i want to tell you what we did for our Christmas list these are the toys that Ethan.S is going to get for this year 2014 is this the toys are . 2 toys! 2 tablet! 2 bike and helmet!

  10. I loved what you got me last year,the dives did a wonderful job too.i really want to thank you and the elfs. I love you and the elves.

  11. Hi Santa I really liked the Santa snooper, it was really nice to see what the north pole looked like! Remember only 5 more weeks till CHRISTMAS!

  12. I loved the presents that you brought me last year the scooter was my favourite thank you all so much. my brother ruairi also loved his presents he would also like to say thank you. I hope we have been good enough this year. my brother might be a little bit bold but it means a lot to me that you bring him presents I hope you all have a jolly good Christmas and a happy new year.

  13. Dear santa, Thank you for the really cool gift last year and ask mrs Claus and the elf’s where do you get the gifts. Merry crhistmas! Love Alexander


  15. santa how are you doing.what are you about mrs claus.what is she doing.i cant wait intill christmas. and i might have a card waiting on savannah

  16. Ho ho ho santa thank you for my gift last year and tell mrs clause I said well done fo keeping you warm and thank your elve by charlotte

  17. Hi,Santa I been a good girl this year. i am looking forward to you bringing me everything I want. when you arrive at my house be sure to look on the table for your milk, and cookies.I may have rice krispy treats as well. looking forward to another great christmas (2014)

  18. I would like to take a moment to thank Santa. Without him all the boys and girls wouldnt have the nice toys they have. So thank you Santa you do a great job. Thank you to the Elf’s and to the reindeer. To Mrs Claus aswell.

    Thank you

  19. Hi Santa this is Summer and I just wanted to thank you for all of the awesome things you got me last year. I also have one of your elvs tell my elf I said ”HI”. This year I want makeup.

    Thank you,
    LUV U <3


  21. please arrive this christmas around 18:00 swedish time in Umeå you know where I live
    you need to I wanna prove that you exist

  22. I love you Santa and the presents I want you to bring me is a trumpet a iPad with minecraft on the iPad and another wii disc

  23. Hey santa how’s it going. This year we will be doing a tradition were we go up to my grandmas house and not at my house. Santa all I want for Christmas this year is a apple computer plz or a laptop plz I want to connect with my friend faith on mindcraft. Well only 59 more days till CHRISTMAS !!! De u on Thursday 25 20014 on December.

  24. Merry christmas santa. See u when you come to visit me at my house or my grandmas house cuz sometimes we do a tradtion up there and spend christmas up there 74 more sleeps unitl christmas.

  25. I love christmas it’s the most wonderful time of the year and ill see you on Thursday 25 2014 I’m more exiterd than every one

  26. Santa I love Christmas so much I love the blog also that is nice I hope
    I get for Christmas I want a real baby puppy

  27. Santa! Your blog is amazing I started with the day before Christmas Eve and then I went to Christmas Eve and then I came here and I have to tell you they were all great! I love you and the elves and the reindeer and mrs Claus very much too! I hope you can bring me what I want this year if you didn’t already know I want a phone and/or an apple computer! Thx! I know there is still 71 days until Christmas Eve but that seems like no time at all to me! Love ya santa!


  28. Marry Christmas Santa. See u when u come and visit me at my house or my grandmas house cuz sometimes we do a tradition up there and spend Christmas up there. Yayayayayayahayayay only 74 more sleeps till u come yayayayay 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-). See u December 25-2014 have a grate time and be careful and don’t hurt ur self. MARRY CHRISTMAS people.
    P.s. Dose ur moms ever tell u that why r u already doing stuff that retaliates to Christmas. Anyway bye guys…………….

    To be continued

  29. Can I say Thank you so much and don’t forget to tell mrs.Claus,Elfs,Clumsy the Elf also your reindeers if they understand

  30. Hi santa I really want it to be November right now so it won’t be as long we still have halloween and bonfire night so I will write to you every 2 weeks if I am not busy xx yours faithfully laura carter xx

  31. Dear Santa i can’twait till christmas comes. As you might know i have adopted one of your hard working elves. Named as Melvin
    i miss him very much and you and all the reindeers . Christmas is the most exciting event of my life. Ilove youall very much. Christmas this year will be in 3 monthsits coming so quick love you all.
    From Annalise

  32. to santa why don’t you like children to see you on Christmas eve whern u r delivering their presents to them will u come if I sleep up on the couch this Christmas eve

  33. santa claus te amiro mucho eres mi pefredido mis padres me regalaron un pijama de tu ropa y todos los dias por la tarde me lo pongo y pienso que eres tu

  34. I enjoyed last Christmas it was amasing.Ithink I heard the raindeers on the roof.Iam excited for next Christmas only 7 months to go.

  35. Christmas was Amazing thank you for stopping by! and I LOVE the Santa snooper its really cool once again thank you for the awesome gifts!! 😀
    Love, Grace

  36. Show details

    I hope you do get this email I know Im writing it early because then I will forget I have been really good at doing my chores So for Christmas I would really Like Iphone5s – White and Ipod touch 5Gen-White Santa Claus I hope you understand I know I will never get this I really want it bad I dont celebrate Christmas but I love it I hang up Decorations and Buy gifts Santa Claus I believe in you more than.anyone else and Im 13 Who cares if im too big I love Santa Claus and I hope you Make my wish come true Hopefully I will see Evidence of You on Christmas and Hopefully presents Please do come Santa Claus I know im not christian but I will still believe in You Bye for now xx Merry Jolly Christmasxxx

    Sofia 13,London/England

  37. i can’t believe you said a present dosent come from bags,boxes,and stores.That is the most crazy thing i have ever herd.Who dosent shop these days?Well exsept for you,you make toys by hand.My mom is calling me to go shopping,i’ve got to go.COMMING MOM!

  38. you know santa people at my old school don’t believe in you but its up to them I will allways believe in you I don’t care what they say your awesome I
    know if your real because I am nice sometimes and I think your awesome sincerely ava jayde younkman

  39. santa I am a I am a little late to say it but I love you and thank you for the presents but I know it is not about the presents it is about family and JESUS!!!

  40. I loved the unicorn you gave me! Her name’s Lavender :), after Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series! 😉 (*wink*)

  41. I liked the Santa Snooper. I know that the elves work hard making toys so I will use all my heart to love the toys they make.

  42. Thank you for putting this blog on here it’s really cool and merry Christmas to you and every one at the north pole did you get my card and did you like it

  43. hi Santa can you please come to my house for your early Holiday IF we be GOOD please please please and we will keep it a seceret. 🙂

  44. I enjoyed the santa snooper and all my preasants I got this year im very proud of you to santa you worked really hard ps; did you like the sausage rolls and chocolate buttons we gave you ?


    I just want to say thanks for the chocoalate, hair boble ana hairband and my new wii game, i absolutly love it, it’s great.

    I’m happy with what i got from you, so thanks again.

  46. Thanks Santa so much for all the cool presents I got from you this year.My dogs and cat want to thank you too for the presents you gave them.Hope you liked the chocolate bars and biscuits and milk for you and I hope reindeer liked the juicy carrot.Lots of love like jelly tots from Leanne.

  47. dear santa do you give toys on christmas eve plzzzzzzzzzzzz i want the toy i wanted i also sended a letter to mrs claus plzzzzzzzzz reply

  48. I love this website and I want to show it to my kids when I get older. Thank you for making this website. I will show it to my family. They would love it! Thank you Santa for being such a big help and getting me all I wanted. I want to give Santa credit.

  49. Santa thank you for all my presents especially the new animal trap!I love Christmas and I’m sad it’s almost over. :(But it’s okay at least I got something some kids didn’t get what they wanted but I did I wish everyone could have and thank you for the weight set!!!!see you next year

  50. Thank you for my radio for my pickup along with my books and gift card. It is all so awesome. Chance loves his Guitar and Unicycle. Sheldon has already set up his iPod. Thank you so much Santa Clause. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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