Message from Santa’s elves – What trouble will they get into this time?

Another message from Santa's elves
Another message from Santa’s elves!

Do you remember last year when the elves took over the recorder and sent you a funny message?  I have to admit that they were pretty funny.  This year, I am letting them write you another message from Santa’s elves.  They were so happy to receive so many messages from all the children of the world that they have been asking me if they can send another.

This time I supervised them so that they did not delete the Naughty & Nice list again.  It was lucky that I had a backup.  Here is their message.

A message from Santa’s elves

Hello.  I am an elf, and I am here with my elf friend to wish you a Merry Christmas.  Wait, it is not Christmas yet.  Another elf is shouting at me.  He is saying that it is close to Christmas so we can say Merry Christmas.  So, Merry Christmas.  Wait, I said that already. Can I start again?

A message from Santa’s elves, Take Two!

Ok, here is message from Santa’s elves, take two!

We loved hearing from you last year.  When the first messages came in, we were so happy that we jumped for joy.  Elves can jump really high.  Can you imagine a hundred elves all jumping into the air at the same time?  We can jump higher than the tallest adult in the world.  Elves are excellent jumpers.

We have been busy making toys.  Of course, Clumsy has been busy breaking those toys by mistake.  He tries hard, but he can be clumsy sometimes.  Well, he is Clumsy all the time.  That is his name.  Hey, maybe that is why he is called Clumsy!

Oh-oh, the other elves are looking at me with angry looks.  I am supposed to be telling you about our brand new elf class that we are starting this year.  This is going to be the best class ever, and it will help you to finally train your teddy bears.  Yes, that is right, we are starting our very own teddy bear training class.

That means we will help you to train your teddy bear to act nice and do what you tell them to (as long as you tell them to do nice things, of course).  Well, I have to go.  I really need to go to the bathroom.  We will be back soon with our first class.

Until then, can you tell us the name of your teddy bear?  If you have any more questions for us elves, then please ask us.

That’s the elves’ message!

Well, what do you think of the message from Santa’s elves?

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What is the name of your teddy bear?  What do you think of the elves’ teddy bear training class idea?  Leave me a message here to tell me!  Or, scroll down to see what other teddy bears, oops, I mean, people wrote.

Another message from Santa’s elves:
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30 special messages to Santa about “Message from Santa’s elves – What trouble will they get into this time?”

  1. My teddy bear name is nuck for cunuck because it is from Canada when I went to Canada I don’t remember it I was only a little kid

  2. The sims. 4. Santa. Work. Shop
    . Build. Computer. Games. For. Christmas.
    Forpaul. Santa. Elf. House. The. Sims4. Speed. Build. Computer. Games. Paul for.

  3. why are you elves always being naughty to to santa you are even more naughty me . so here’s the question that i wanted to ask you santa can you please give all those families out there without a home some thing that they have always wanted . and also santa all my friends call me a little kid just because i believe in you so i was kind of wondering if maybe you could change their mind for me please santa i am counting on you santa, i mean you don’t have yo do it but it would be nice. LOVE BRIDGETTE

  4. We are going to be the best of luck with your own home and the new elf I have is named fread do you want to go to my house and send me a elf now

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