Message from Santa’s elves – What trouble will they get into this time?

message from Santa's elves
Another message from Santa’s elves!

Do you remember last year when the elves took over the recorder and sent you a funny message?  I have to admit that they were pretty funny.  This year, I am letting them write you another message from Santa’s elves.  They were so happy to receive so many messages from all the children of the world that they have been asking me if they can send another.

This time I supervised them so that they did not delete the Naughty & Nice list again.  It was lucky that I had a backup.  Here is their message.

A message from Santa’s elves

Hello.  I am an elf, and I am here with my elf friend to wish you a Merry Christmas.  Wait, it is not Christmas yet.  Another elf is shouting at me.  He is saying that it is close to Christmas so we can say Merry Christmas.  So, Merry Christmas.  Wait, I said that already. Can I start again?

A message from the elves, Take Two!

Ok, here is message from Santa’s elves, take two!

We loved hearing from you last year.  When the first messages came in, we were so happy that we jumped for joy.  Elves can jump really high.  Can you imagine a hundred elves all jumping into the air at the same time?  We can jump higher than the tallest adult in the world.  Elves are excellent jumpers.

We have been busy making toys.  Of course, Clumsy has been busy breaking those toys by mistake.  He tries hard, but he can be clumsy sometimes.  Well, he is Clumsy all the time.  That is his name.  Hey, maybe that is why he is called Clumsy!

Oh-oh, the other elves are looking at me with angry looks.  I am supposed to be telling you about our brand new elf class that we are starting this year.  This is going to be the best class ever, and it will help you to finally train your teddy bears.  Yes, that is right, we are starting our very own teddy bear training class.

That means we will help you to train your teddy bear to act nice and do what you tell them to (as long as you tell them to do nice things, of course).  Well, I have to go.  I really need to go to the bathroom.  We will be back soon with our first class.

Until then, can you tell us the name of your teddy bear?  If you have any more questions for us elves, then please ask us.

That’s their message!

Well, what do you think of the message from Santa’s elves?

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What is the name of your teddy bear?  What do you think of the elves’ teddy bear training class idea?  Leave me a message here to tell me!  Or, scroll down to see what other teddy bears, oops, I mean, people wrote.

Another message from Santa’s elves:
You can write Santa a quick message here.  But, if you want a reply letter from Santa then you should send a letter to Santa from this web page.  Then Santa will reply to you fast as reindeer fly!

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145 special messages to Santa about “Message from Santa’s elves – What trouble will they get into this time?”

  1. the other elves are looking at me with angry looks. I am supposed to be telling you about our brand new elf class that we are starting this year. This is going to be the best class ever, and it will help you to finally train your teddy bears. Yes, that is right, we are starting our very own teddy elfskylar shelf flash ded daddy cod

  2. hello

    my name is slyar. my teddy bear’s names are bob and trixi. they really could use he trainning classes. i hink the classes would be cool

  3. Hi Santa Lily wants here favorite band is big time rush and she would do anything to meet them so can you make that happen for here next Christmas please

  4. hi my teddy bears name is TedTed he comes with me EVERWHERE. also I think teddy class is amazing, TedTed has been doing the OPOISIT of what isay!

  5. Hey Santa and your elves lol clumsy the elves try not to break anymore toys I know that you are doing it by mistake but please try not to break any more toys. Santa thank you for all the toys you give to everyone and thank you for giving your time to everyone to make toys and to give presents to everyone and to wrap everyone’s presents .

  6. i have a teddy bear but he’s a sloth he needs to learn to be nice tho he is kinda nice. and i got it last christmas from my Mom wan i saw him i was so happy he’s age is 1 years old. but wan it’s christmas he will be 2 and here he is. hi wait is this the elf’s and santa also ms claus!. i am a big fan. like Maya said i am not nice tho but i am kinda kind and i need to learn to be nice so can you help me?.

  7. I have a stuffed animal doggy I’ve had him since I was born. 11 years! Anyways his name is woof woof. I love him with all my, and everyone’s, heart❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️*\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/**\0/*

  8. hi I am looking for emma my elf can you give this letter to emma
    hey emma i miss you sooo much can you please keep on begingsanta to come back please i miss you so much

  9. Sounds like a fun idea I never heard of it before how can I join I would love to be an elf to cuz then I can leave all this heartache around on here and be somewhere where there’s a lot of love can I elf 2 sincerely

  10. Hey Elf You are so funny a lot one of my elf’s took my tooth fairy money so i found him and he was very funny i got a elf on the happy days And Merry Santa! i hope you have a great time

  11. I used to have a teddy bear orange green whenever images of Rights and it was black and it wasn’t straight in the light pretend my dog turn it up in name the name of the teddy bear was AndDrew
    but now I have a bunny its name provision of her her name is Ruby but if it was a boy it’s named Ruby Mister bunny

  12. I love my teddy his name is Noah i love to hug stuff so hes perfect for me i love to hug them very hard and i cant do that to my dogs or they will die:( and i miss our elfs i dont know how to spell our first elfs name but also sprinkles we miss you both:|♡

    The end.

    1. Hello Santa my name is Taylor I really like I really really really really want a puppy for Christmas thank you Santa bye. Love Taylor

  13. Hi so I forgot my ELF’s na!e and I was thinking of giving her. A new name this year but I don’t know if she is gonna come can you send a pic of my elf

  14. Hi guys!
    My teddy bears name is bunny cause it’s a bunny.
    Other thing, I want one of you to come to my house every Christmas. All my friends have an elf come to their house but I don’t. So I really want it to happen. Ok.
    Thanks so much guys!!
    Kind regards,

  15. Dear Santa I am getting excited about Christmas coming soon this year i love you very much and I will be at my apartment on Christmas Eve this year Santa. Tell Martha that I love her very much and give her a hug and kiss from me I hope you will write me back soon

  16. Dear Santa I have been a good boy and my na!e is justin ball and I am in a residential program do you go to residential program

  17. I want a twin baby girl and a boy and I want my husband chad to quit smoking and I want a blue explorer four door. And don’t forget me on Christmas eve

  18. santa i wnt to be a elf come get me please im very short I’m good at making stuff and I’ve always wanted to meet you And the elf’s and mrs. Claus an the Frosty the snowman an Comet Cupid Donner dasher vixen Blitzen dancer Prancer and my favorite Rudolph I’ve always wanted to be at the North Pole

  19. Dear, Santa I hope that you are well if you got the lists that I E-mailed you for my loved ones and for myself all I ask is for you to visit FL, please Santa we don’t ask for much but if you want Jaci and I to bake some cookies for you we can ,and please visit Anna, Sergio and my other family they say that they got nothing from you like us so please visit Winter springs FL, from Lily P.S I hope that you got all of the Christmas lists that I wote to you. Xoxo.

  20. Hi Elfs say hi to Santa for me and the reindeers my Teddys name is Jesse Santa told me about you guys you are so silly anyways have to go bye

  21. Hi my name is Jaelyn I want you to know you never contact me before I am six years old and I just can’t wait for Christmas it is my favorite day of the year I have a nice this year so I hope and say hi to your elfs for me

  22. Hi there I’m just wondering if you have any questions about your email address and if you can please call me when you can

  23. Dear Elves,
    I am Jack and I have a sister Lily my teddy bear is called Taggy because he has loadsssss of tags!!
    Lily’s teddy bear is called Barney and she has another one called Rosie! Hope your all ok, cant wiat for Christmas
    Love from Lily and Jack

  24. Hi my name is Julianna and I have 2 teddy bears one of them is a boy and is named Ted and I have another teddy bear named vanilla and vanilla is a girl.

  25. this year i really want a scooter, hatchimals collectiblles, a german shephard (a live one of course) and a computer. Merry Christmas!!!

  26. paul onemile house hop you im frety good man it year on watch me list now all my gift for me paul santa claus is so funny day
    big roug box bule talk want for christmas thankeful you pary for you love you mrs claus

  27. My teddy bear’s name is Pink Fluff. It’s a really silly name but I was like 4 when I chose it. She is super cute! I love the teddy bear training lessons but, will they work???

  28. Hi I’m home can you please come over glitter glitter bell and buddy are you coming home to get your stuff for your birthday in Dec .

  29. Hello my teddy bears name is Tabi. So tell me something is this site legit. Cause I really want roller skates. End is the Santa Claus webcam real or is it just an act of being an actor. I am not trying to be rude t or anything, but if it’s real please. if it’s real? What is my name? I am not going write my real name down below by the way. Because. Whenever Santa Claus would give me a gift he would write me a letter with my name on it, So what is my name?

  30. Hii santa! My Teddy bear is called cuddles she’s my birthday and I also have a family of Teddy bears:big bear middle bear and small bear. See you soon! Bye

  31. Hello Santa and the Elves
    Have I been a good or naughty girl
    I’m looking forward to opening my presents
    Thank you for the certificate.
    Love from Edith

  32. big house tan paulshaw/ send me a card in mail box

    live paulshaw put me on the nice list
    I hop you have fun

  33. My teddy bear’s name is Riley because I got him at Riley hospital when I was 5 years old. I was having a tethered cord sugery then and I had to stay in the hospital for a while.

  34. red compter for santa claus Christmas evenight next year 2020 street minnosta live address im good men imon nice list
    elf pet reindeer elf pet fox elf pet dog Thursday 24 dec 2020 stopby my house lift size house tan donot miss it house

  35. well I didn’t get a teddy bear but I got a american girl doll she is really really pretty she got roller skates and other things that she. She got a dog set and a instrument set she got a chair she is sitting in the chair right now my brother has a friend over right now my mom is whatching the news tommarow we are getting are nails done oh ye my mom is back on the computer just to let you know my sister has been so naughty I don’t think you should get her presents next year good by have a great day and a great year

  36. I have a stuffed cat that I LOVE named Purrsly. Purrsly would like the teddy bear training class if you would allow it. Tell Santa that because I think Tootsie feeling lonely so I think we should have another elf to keep her company.

  37. o u know when about when elf doors start to ome ad we didn have one last year as we were to good 🙂 any advise when o date

  38. elves me nd my brother haardik finds this the best event ………………pls give us our gifts my gifts tombow brush pen set 2 bullet journal with 260 pages 20 sets of magic sheetmy brothers nice mark sweatshirts of 42 size nd headphones………………………. thank u elves

  39. My teddy bear is usually with my other stuffed animals, but his name is Oatmeal, because his fur looks like oatmeal and I really like oatmeal. This class would be the PERFECT time to get him out of the tote. For now, stay warm and safe, make sure presents are made, and I will see you soon. BYE!!!! Oh, and also, when I was young it was Christmas and I went to go to the bathroom, and I could hear something downstairs… I’m pretty sure it was you. But I was too scared to go look, so I went to bed and slept. Okay, for real this time… BYE!

  40. My elf on the shelf wanted us to read the elf on the shelf book, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t our old book from 2 years ago. So I asked her to bring it back tomorrow but she said she was to tired to go to the North Pole and find the book. So is there any way one of your elves or Your self can give our old book (it belongs to the Romano and Lamarche Family) to mistletoe the elf!!

    Thank you so much!

  41. I miss my elf’s can you send them back tonight!? Please I put some letters in the fireplace for my elves so please send them back tonight and I believe in you!!!

  42. I really want an elf on the shelf!!!!
    Scoop is my teddy’s name. #LOLBeanieBoos

  43. my teddy bear is not a real bear,he is a shark, named sharkey and some kids at school think I am a peice of idiot because I believe in santa and I miss my house in Idaho, so can you make me feel better about it?



  44. Hi there Santa Claus! I have not a teddy bear but a stuffed dog her name is Goldie! And I have two elf on the shelf’s fizzy and Bella was wondering if you can make them have babies! Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. That is so sad why??? Ooo I think I know did they get divorced I hope you can see him I know it is sad but use whatever you used to type this wish and make it come true. I know you don’t know me but I feel you and I with you till the end❤️It might be a little while before you see him but you have to ask yourself if you are willing to wait longer then not see him at all you can ask your self which one you want to choose that one never change the fact that you love your and I know he loves you too that is the beat gift‍❤️

  45. Hey Santa I love u so much I have cookies for u I hope u like um u are the best but people tell me u are not real I don’t believe them

  46. hi elves this is alinta taylor here ,

    my teddy bear’s name is lavender , she is purple also i would love to know what my elf name is .

  47. My teddy bear name is nuck for cunuck because it is from Canada when I went to Canada I don’t remember it I was only a little kid

  48. The sims. 4. Santa. Work. Shop
    . Build. Computer. Games. For. Christmas.
    Forpaul. Santa. Elf. House. The. Sims4. Speed. Build. Computer. Games. Paul for.

  49. why are you elves always being naughty to to santa you are even more naughty me . so here’s the question that i wanted to ask you santa can you please give all those families out there without a home some thing that they have always wanted . and also santa all my friends call me a little kid just because i believe in you so i was kind of wondering if maybe you could change their mind for me please santa i am counting on you santa, i mean you don’t have yo do it but it would be nice. LOVE BRIDGETTE

  50. We are going to be the best of luck with your own home and the new elf I have is named fread do you want to go to my house and send me a elf now

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