Mission Impossible Halloween Elf

Mission Impossible Halloween Elf
Mission Impossible Halloween Elf

Christmas elves love candy, candy corn, candy canes and syrup.  They’d eat sweets for breakfast, lunch and supper if Mrs. Claus would let them!

But junior Elf Scouts in particular love sweets.  Junior Elf Scouts also have to practice their elf skills before they get to go to people’s homes just before Christmas.

One skill junior Elf Scouts have to practice is being sneaky.  Of course, it doesn’t take these scamps long to figure out that being sneaky is a really good skill to have.  And it is a really, really good skill to have at Halloween.  Especially when Mrs. Claus starts putting out the Halloween candy!

So, the Grumpy Elf was walking down the hallway looking for his tumshie.  (Do you know what a tumshie is? Not many people do!) Mrs. Claus had a few candy bowls out getting ready for the big Halloween party.

Out of the corner of his eye, Grumpy thought he saw something move.  He stopped. Grumpy stood very still. Grumpy took a few more steps. Then he thought he heard someone giggling.  The giggling stopped as soon as Grumpy stopped.

The Mission Impossible Halloween Elf Is Caught!

Grumpy started walking again. But this time, he turned quickly and took a photo of this junior Elf Scout doing a “Mission Impossible Halloween Elf”. The Scout Elf snaffled up as many candies as he could and then quickly disappeared up to the ceiling.  There were lots of giggles coming from over Grumpy’s head.

Even Grumpy “snickered” a little under his breath.

Happy Halloween everyone!


P.S. What kind of Halloween candy do you like best? Would you hang from a ceiling like a Mission Impossible Halloween Elf to get some Halloween candy? (You can leave me a message here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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  1. Oh yes, I know your elf quite well! That one is quite the rascal, isn’t it! But then again, all my elves like to

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